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  1. Matt Crooks named in Team of the Year

    Warburton likes his CBs to be good on the ball so wouldn't be surprised at all if he was played at the back.
  2. ***Rumours thread***

    It's nonsense
  3. New strip. Out on Thursday

    Not bought a top since I was about 17 but uses to get them from that Soccer Triads site Superb quality, still wear them to 5s.
  4. It's Jason Holt & Halliday

    Halliday simply isn't good enough for where we want to be. I'm wondering if it's the same with Holt; only time will tell.
  5. Rebuilding Relationships With Scottish Football

    Never going to happen but would love a move to the English leagues. Didn't want to move 24 hours ago but fuck Scottish Football.
  6. Who is good enough for next season?

    Good enough for our starting XI? Mckay, Waghorn, Tav (despite today), and Wallace. Rest simply aren't good enough. Miller will play a big role coming off the bench.
  7. Who's to blame?....

    Everyone apart from Miller
  8. Subbing Zelalem for Shiels

    Abomination of a footballer Zelalem was looking composed and then gets hooked. Unbelievable
  9. Kenny Miller

  10. Subbing Zelalem for Shiels

    Taking off our best midfielder in the game for that absolute useless cunt of a player? Baffling decision. Would love to hear the logic behind that
  11. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Fuck off Nicky Clark Useless fucks
  12. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Can't believe that useless cunt Shiels was brought on