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  1. Only player who looks like he will create something when he's on the ball.
  2. Agreed on Rossiter. Not seeing 'it'.
  3. Boyd ya fat bastard
  4. A race without Semenya wouldn't have gone through 400m in 57 seconds. This changed the race completely as everyone had to react to her. I'm not saying Sharp would have been on the podium but the race became almost a time trial. How races are run benefit different people. Take the men's 1500m which was won in 3 mins 40 something, horrificly slow. Kiprop the pre event favourite finishes way down due to the slow pace. Athletes resond differently to different types of races.
  5. The race would have been completely different without Semenya.
  6. Gets better the less he plays
  7. She has internal testicles with no womb or ovaries. Baffling that she's allowed to compete.
  8. Created both our goals
  9. Only won that because of Nico Has to start from now on.
  10. Got big Nico to thank for that
  11. We are fucking brutal
  12. Utter pish Always wonder how people as technically brutal as him make it through all the age groups and into the first team
  13. Say hypothetically she runs 1.53 in a diamond league this year/next year (she's capable of far faster than 1.55) would you still not really have an issue. Or is the advantage only 'fair' when she's not smashing records? Her ability shouldn't even be a factor in the decision. Her genetic make up should be enough to rule her out.
  14. She shouldn't be there. Was hoping she'd do the 400m though and crush everyone for a laugh.
  15. You do realise we have Rob Kiernan and that useless prick Danny Wilson at the back?