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  1. Yes because that's how football works
  2. Even if he had a fucking shocker I'd never judge a player on that shite pitch.
  3. Beefy Some right fucking morons on this forum
  4. Loved big Mohsni Him lamping that cunt was one of the highlights of the lower leagues
  5. There's a comfortable difference between what his talent deserves and what we will eventually get. Even if he's the POTY I can't see us getting much more than 4 million for him (given our financial state), even if he has the talent of a 7+ million pound player.
  6. 800k and 10 million are both equally ridiculous
  7. He can do it all. Stupidly talented and you can tell he has that arrogance which should help him go far. A midfield with him, Kranjcar, Barton, Windass etc is mouth watering.
  8. Dynamic midfielder who will add goals. Looks a player.
  9. Black would have to get near him and that wouldn't happen
  10. Still early days but Kranjcar is the best player in the country.
  11. Did pretty well when he came on but can't say much more than that. Excited to see him play though.
  12. Disappointed that Windass isn't starting.
  13. After he's had a break (assuming he does), is it looking likely we won't see him till the end of August? Would rather they got put out and he was able to integrate with the squad.
  14. I highly doubt the FA are losing sleep over losing out on him
  15. He's number 4