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  1. The sooner fans and the management/board realise and accept we are miles behind them the sooner we'll win the league again. Denial and a lack of change and we could struggle for years.
  2. Unable to accept that that lot were decent tonight. And actually calling out people who did. Delusion.
  3. I'm a cunt indeed. You're a deluded cunt though.
  4. Or maybe you're like 12. Would explain your posts.
  5. Meanwhile we're getting skudded off some sheep
  6. 'All the best Joey. Fantastic move' Followed by a blue heart 🤔
  7. Pretty sure he made a tweet to Barton when he signed which suggested the complete opposite
  8. Garner header, Garner fresh air shot and Holt from about 13 yards out were all good chances. We also had a header just past the post at one point (can't remember who it was, might have been Waghorn). On top of Waghorns other sitter. I'n sure there were a couple more
  9. Like Diego Costa but with every ounce of ability removed
  10. How shite must Dodoo be in training?
  11. Been the better team in 6/7 games this season yet have 2 wins. Says it all.
  12. Looks shite but I'll give him time.
  13. Don't rate him at all Even when people were raving about him at the start of the season he specialised in losing the ball.