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  1. We're not that far behind? Which of our players would get a game for them?
  2. Beaten by one goal, going on 5. 'Years behind' is a term used for exaggeration. We are a long way behind though, squad- wise.
  3. Exactly the way I interpreted it. He clearly implied he's meant to be neutral as he's commentating but isn't really. Not surprised people on here were incapable of realising this.
  4. He's pish anyway
  5. Gilks looked good 1v1 today, yet to be convinced by Fod in the same aspect. Fod is a fine shot-stopper from range though.
  6. The OP hasn't said he's the best player at the club
  7. Agreed. But spunking nearly 2 million quid on him is. Incredible waste of money.
  8. Wouldn't be that surprised if this were true. Played in some decent teams before and there have been quite a few players who are were consistently standouts in training but couldn't do it in a proper 11v11 match under pressure.
  9. Garner looks like he's not played football before Awful signing
  10. Not even that gutted Anyone else the same?
  11. Dodoo already done more than Mckay
  12. This is every bit as one sided as the 5-1 game
  13. How long until Garner is rolling about?
  14. We've been awful but I'd have bitten your hand off for 0-0 before the game