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  1. Holt better than Barton ffs
  2. The Lionbrand part better not be true...
  3. Ffs . "deal not long enough"
  4. . This. Most of the taps from that era did
  5. Ban this tarrier
  6. That was stressful
  7. We need a goalscorer asap, to state the obvious
  8. I can't recall the last time our defence was this bad in the top flight
  9. Thank fuck for that
  10. Last 10 minutes of this is going to be hard to stomach
  11. This is hard to watch actually
  12. Pedicabo pontificem
  13. Warburton will know this week the pressure of being Rangers manager.
  14. Chequebook time. Have to.
  15. The fuck is going on with McKay no having a number, only just noticed