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  1. Love this, will be on at 10am Aussie time yaaaaassss
  2. Smash being the operative word...I didnae say "limp over the line and fall in a heap"..!
  3. Going to smash through 40,000
  4. This
  5. Think this is a decent backup
  6. In a new world where the fucking hero of my childhood rapes us for his managers salary, I can have nothing but admiration for Wallace.
  7. Strange times.
  8. what is the joke with only selling S and XXL!??!?!?!?!
  9. When the fuck they selling these ffs
  10. Mooy is playing shite tonight. Must be distracted by the big contract he just signed for us...
  11. Keep seeing the following out east 83LL 3ND5
  12. Fucks sake, never thought this would actually happen! Buzzing!
  13. Still seething over his step over on the weekend but he is a bear so goes with best wishes always
  14. Kiernan is a fucking bombscare
  15. The fuck is Miller doing. Put your fucking foot on the baw