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  1. From the CCTV footage and testimony from onlookers she certainly seemed to know what she was doing and who she was with. But aye she was so legless she forgot everything and was brutally raped. Absolute pish, the jury finally saw through that pack of lies. Just a sham it actually had to go this far and an innocent man lost his freedom and career due to some lying bitch.
  2. Yup. Will never get those years back and what will happen to his false accuser? Fuck all because she is a female, it's disgusting.
  3. Said it from the start when we got the information instead of paper headlines. Disgrace how he was hung by the media, hope he sues them all to fuck.
  4. That's what happens when we haven't played for a bit!
  5. I don't see how such a league with the 'second tier' of European clubs would sustain an audience which will still be solely focussed on the biggest leagues in the land (English, Spanish, German and to a lesser extent Italian). The players will still be moving to the cash rich clubs in Qatar, China and the States while the ones who want to play at the highest level will remain in the big leagues. What kind of finances would a European league with the 2nd tier clubs offer? Would they even be eligible for a CL place or any European football? If not would it make more money potentially than staying in a smaller league with the potential of CL football? Personally I don't see anything changing any time soon, there will be plenty of huff and puff talk like the story today but at the end of the day I've heard it all before many times in the past decade and more.
  6. Not anytime soon. Do you honestly think say in the next 5 years we wont be playing football in the Scottish leagues?
  7. Naw, we canny. No because it's shite though. It's worse than's an embarrassing effort from all involved. Burn it and kill it fire ffs
  8. Stuff of fantasy. The same was said 15 year ago...then 10 year ago then once again when we were demoted. It sounds great and I'm sure clubs have been itching for this for well over a decade but nothing serious has ever been attempted or proposed from it. Don't expect anything to change anytime soon.
  9. No before the wee dark boy who went to Leeds!
  10. Managers make bad signings, happened to the very best like Ferguson and Mourinho. On paper it was a decent move for us, however JB let himself down like he always does. Mark maybe thought the moron had grown up after his stint in France then in the championship. Sadly JB let his cuntishness shine through, not the managers fault for taking a risk that could have worked out fantastic.
  11. Maybe if Joey wasn't a complete cunt he wouldn't get suspended...
  12. No one gives a fuck. Fuck twitter and fuck Barton.
  13. 16 year ago? Fuck sake man
  14. You saved Bartons statement to your notes? Fucking hell