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  1. This. No more stop gaps/loans.   These players need to be good enough to come straight into the first team and make us a better side.
  2. March will be a fun month

    We were miles ahead of Hivs before and they pulled it back in under 2 months.   Be stupid to say the leagues done after what happened a few months back.
  3. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    Although it does make we wonder about King. Where does he play now? He didn't come here to sit on the bench as he had that role at Hearts. Be interesting to see how these attaking minded players are going to fit in.
  4. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    He's not a striker. He's lightning fast and links up well from what I have seen and heard. Waghorn didn't have a very good strike rate either when he joined remember
  5. Broxi / mega store

    The store both online and in store have been woeful since I can remember.  
  6. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    I don't ever remember us greeting about a 100-200k in a fee. It's buttons ffs. It's basically paid for as soon as we get promoted.
  7. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    Is Murdoch's loan till the end of the season?  
  8. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    No sorry can't agree with that. Why would he fair better in a better league against better teams? He's not good enough for top flight football and he never will be. A championship player at berst and that's about that
  9. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    Why would they take Clark? He's a terrible footballer.  
  10. Suggestions.

    Well it's true...
  11. Suggestions.

    Aluko is on upwards of £20K a week.  
  12. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    To the dole office now you ugly whore of a female.  
  13. Nope. They were desperate to sell and the valuation was 190, they wanted 180 and we got it for 170.   We got a cracking deal so not pissed off in the slightest.  
  14. I bought my house with our first bid. We bid 10k less than what it was going for and they accepted. I'm not really pissed off tbh......
  15. Mark Warburton: Barrie McKay Is Just Brilliant

    Means something else over at the giro dome.....