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  1. Ill be at @born a blue nose bit looking for some smack
  2. If we can get him fit he will be a player for us. Thats the main worry though as we saw at QPR
  3. Its Lafferty isn't it
  4. Harry doesn't do it for me, think we have better
  5. Sorry BNB Althogh Sutton is wanting niko
  6. like me at McDonalds at midnight
  7. Why we still need a goalscorer in
  8. Kenny and Harry training ground please
  9. Needs improve on that
  10. Nikos passing
  11. Sweet volley into bottom corner from outside the box
  12. Harry has been a bit rubbish tonight, MOH should get on soon hopefully
  13. What a disgraceful tattoo Bent as fuck
  14. Would have MOH over Forrester going by what I've seen so far
  15. Probably wee Declan and Bluepeter9.