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  1. No one would believe he had a missus...
  2. Cutting about like a boss
  3. Last season we were playing good football though and didn't look utter shite. Thats the difference here.
  4. Did they say it was acceptable to drop points to the worst sides in the league before September? The football we have been playing since the season started has been awful compared to last season. Away trawl through the boards for those quotes. You and BP9 continue to bait other rangers fan all you like though, pair of weirdos
  5. You backed Ally till the death, why is anyone going to listen to what you say
  6. That's my big fear, he just doesn't seem to learn from his errors.
  7. 3/4 place is an utter disgrace and a total embarrassment. If that happens the manager will be gone and King n his cronies chased to fuck
  8. Trouble is even if we do we could be 7 points adrift
  9. Miller was one of our better players in the championship and arguably our best in the first division. He's not good enough for the top flight because of age and the need for clinical finishing more an ever.
  10. Even worse when MOH a lightning fast forward player was on the bench.
  11. He's fucking shite. He nearly cost us again when he tried to dribble the ball to the half way line and got caught. The boys a complete Donkey.
  12. Needs to just sit and he can't play if Rossiter is playing. With Holt ahead of him I can see it being more successful. He needs to stop tweeting pish and start delivering though, otherwise he will be a laughing stock in the Glasgow goldfish bowl. Bigger characters than Joey have crumbled here
  13. Kiernan fucked it too, the both of them looked like tits If it were up to me neither would be allowed to wear our shirt again
  14. OP you are either pished or blind. You tend to blame the defence when a fat as fuck immobile lump like Boyd danced past your centre backs and slots it in the back of the net. Wake the fuck up
  15. Night and day eh.