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  1. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    Same folk as usual trying to cover the cracks of that shite performance and result. "Players trying not to get injured" "game means nothing" "We will pump hivs" arrogance and dillusional views, we have been woeful ever since we beat the taigs. Warburton has 3 times said we would put it right but it's the same thing time after time. We have a chance at European football but we are playing like its a forgone conclusion and we will just turn up n lift the cup, it's going to bite us on the Arse. You can't just switch a button and play like world beaters over night, it's all about form and ours is stinking. If the Rangers that have played the last 3 games turn up in the final we will be left to look like utter tits.
  2. Pochettino agrees new contract

    How many managers stay at clubs for over 3 seasons? If Warburton is successful he will move onto England that's pretty much a certainty while if he fails to be no 1 in Scotland he won't last very long here. Either way he's not staying here for 6 or 7 years that's fantasy stuff
  3. PFA Scottish championship team of the year

    Disgrace it's not our starting 11 tbh.
  4. Hateley the CB?

    Nah. Like us mere mortals he's watching X Hamster chugging like a freight train.
  5. Novo doing the rounds

    Just down from the parents house. I'll take him to the golden fry for a pizza crunch then the live lounge for a bouncy.
  6. Sadly or worryingly some seem to think you can go on a run of poor performances and results and suddenly by magic turn it on in a final. I presume those people have never played football at any level because you can’t just flick a switch and start playing like you had done months previously. We have been terrible since the OF game and we have been getting beat or dropping points to teams that are the worst in this division. If the players have ‘switched off’ then we are in serious trouble come cup final day. But aye everythings fine and we are “pyoor gonna smash Hivs cause we ir ra Rangers!” Engage the brain people ffs.
  7. No they don't. Hearts certainly didn't last season either. Each player should be playing to ensure they start the cup final or prove they should be first team picks. This whole 'there's nothing to play for' stuff is absolute pish. It's that sort of arrogant attitude that will cause us to fuck up the final, let's just hope the players don't feel the same as some posters on here.
  8. What a shite attitude that is. See if it means nothing then don't sell tickets to watch it then, reimburse the fans who travelled if the team are not going to even put any effort in. Anyone who say's a Rangers game "doesn't matter" is deluded.
  9. ****Official Livingston v Rangers thread****

    Manager needs to kick some arses. That's 3 games on the bounce we ha e been utter pish. We will get skelped in the final if we are as passive as this
  10. Probably need a good few especially IF we are to have European football. Can’t have a sparse squad when playing in 4 competitions. Windas and Crooks bring the numbers up already but I expect a few to go like Bell, Templeton, Law and Clark. We also have the two loan boys with probably only Ball having the chance of staying next season.
  11. Europa League Second qualifying round

    Bit early for this mate. I know you are confident but if our last 2 games are anything to go by the cup is certainly no certainty. Things like this come back to bite you on the arse, I’ll wait till the full time whistle before looking into all of the Europa stuff.
  12. Feeder club

    It has it’s pros and cons really. Look at Vitesse with Chelsea, they get some of the more talented youngsters in Europe but their fans are not happy because their team is ripped apart every season when the player gets recalled or put somewhere else. You essentially can’t have a bond with those players as you know it’s a short term thing and their heart might not be entirely in it. Financially it’s beneficial to the club as you get support from the parent club on top of the obvious loans and reduced fees when bringing players in. For fans it’s not ideal as being one of the biggest clubs in the world you don’t want to be seen as some English clubs bottoms feeders. If anything we should have a feeder club but away out in Europe somewhere but we are not in the situation to do that just now probably.
  13. Feeder club

    All Scottish teams are feeder clubs to these English clubs in a sense. As soon as we have a player doing well especially in Europe then they are off to the EPL. As an official feeder club I doubt it would happen.
  14. Conor Hourihane

    Don't care how good he is, if you call this club scum then you can fuck off and chew on a tattie. Inbred mutant cunt. We don't need a vile rancid Rangers hater in our ranks.
  15. The Last Red Lion home game

    Only been going to it for the past 2/3 year but hands down the best gers pub I've been in. Not the most modern but you can't beat it for a sing song, bouncy and allowing our lads to be themselves!