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  1. He's just a black Harry Potter
  2. Conor owns another desperate little bitch
  3. Real's keeper is fucking woeful
  4. Going for 55.... More like going for a teabagging behind that pit then gettin yer arse blasted
  5. Haha fat old prick
  6. You can dissect it all you want in the end it comes back to the fact we are pish
  7. I don't even know where to start with this shite
  8. you are truly deluded
  9. Can only judge on what we have seen. Petulant diver so far with zilch ability in the attacking are of the field. For the money we paid it looks like we have been fleeced, that being said he doesn't look like someone who can lead the line in our formation. 4-4-2 sort of striker
  10. Location: Aberdeen I feel for you brother
  11. In a piss poor league. The standard is complete dug shite in Scotland which says everything about where we sit at the minute
  12. Mowbary stuff sick of the excuses, results and points or the result will be the same as the above
  13. OP's a banger but the board are as to blame as anyone for the shambles we find ourselves in.
  14. We didn't even play that well today. First half was misplaced passed and no bite up top while second half we missed a sitter and scored a pen...we conceded 2 goals though. Folk are talking about it like we were knocking it about creating chances galore, it's absolute nonsense
  15. What signs? Cuffing lower league sides? Other than that it's been: Beat in the Scottish Cup final Draw at home to Hamilton in league opener last minute win against Motherwell at Ibrox Held on late to win at Dundee Draw against 10 men at Killie Smashed 5-1 by the tims Beat by the sheep today so please tell me these signs!?