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  1. Haris Vuckic

    Vuckic was never 100% fit when he was here. He was blowing out his arse towards the play offs. I'd like to see what he could do when he was 100% fit with a pre season behind him.
  2. "2 or 3 more"

    The goal came from Clark not being able to control a simple pass but instead take a fit and fumble it out for a throw in like a prize prick. He was a sub...our subs were complete gash.
  3. Suggestions.

    Last month he signed a contract extension with Palace to 2019. Not that we would have had a chance regardless.
  4. "2 or 3 more"

    Because we are going for the title..... We don't even have a decent bench plus are badly crying out for a fill those positions with youth then we are winning nothing.
  5. "2 or 3 more"

    We need double that. Our bench is one of the weakest in the SPFL, we seriously need numbers and 3/4 of them to be of a better standard than we have already. King needs to spend and Warbs should know our feeble bench cost us the cup
  6. New strip. Out on Thursday

    You stick to warring yer fruit of the loom polo shirt.
  7. New strip. Out on Thursday

    Wee Megan finishes at 6 and she's not interested.
  8. New strip. Out on Thursday

    Cutting about in fake gear 2 stripe cunts
  9. Up The Volunteers

    Yaaas got yer address be down in 15 so get the bud and cocaine looked out ps that second King donner is mine
  10. Our Goal Song... Madness - One Step Beyond

    Just reminds me of a drunk wummin in the red lion
  11. New strips in more detail

    Pair of stonewash Denims n the timby boots. Proddy lassies knees like jelly
  12. rangers neon led sign

    Will hang mine in the grotto
  13. lee erwin

    Down the commy pretending he knows the words to the sash. Guys a fucking scumbag
  14. Khalid Aucho

    What's that? A few cocoa beans and a fist full of dead flies?
  15. New strips in more detail

    Buying that home top ASAP regardless.