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  1. Morton game moved

    Hope the lad & the rest of you have a great day!
  2. Morton game moved

    Only bright side is if they've moved you to the Leicester end... Seriously though, that is really bad news. I can only see this sort of thing getting worse. Hope you can make the best of a bad job.
  3. Squad Rotation Versus Alloa

    Yes. Re Holt, he may just need a bit of game time to get back up to speed, but was nice to see him back again.
  4. Squad Rotation Versus Alloa

    Nice to have a few permutations - the team has seemed to pick itself, bar an odd injury here & there.
  5. Replay not on the telly

    Am I imagining stuff or wasn't there a game on Alba one night, at the same time as a CL match?
  6. Scottish Cup Draw

    Amazing :lol:!
  7. Scottish Cup Draw

    You could see it in the bowl before they even started!
  8. BBC

    Yes! (lol)
  9. Using mobile on here

    Mine's just an IPhone 6. We'll need to make sure we get it right first time!
  10. Yesterday's Game Compared To Embra Derby Today

    Indeed. Hope it hasn't given them something to build on, though!
  11. BBC

    I believe he did it from his office - they had a good laugh about him not having to come out in the cold.
  12. BBC

    Had Sportsound on in the car on the way up (for team news only, you understand), but the same rider was given. Rhob MacLean was, apparently, going to give 'live' commentary, from a live feed to the studio, due to the above 'ongoing situation'! Anybody listen to it &, if so, how did it turn out?
  13. Yesterday's Game Compared To Embra Derby Today

    Very realistic summary. I'm out of likes for today, I'm afraid.