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  1. Fair enough, but keeping CD's back smacks of worrying more about what they'll do to us, rather than confidence in what damage we can inflict on the opposition. Agree that there's a limit to what balls you can put into the box but, if you've got the right delivery & the right guy on the end, it's easy pickings. It can be made to work with practice (which we should have learned from Hibs) - we seem to be practicing these short efforts a lot, without any great return, as yet.
  2. Hope it's not a popularity contest....
  3. You beat me to it!
  4. I would add that he didn't exactly look overjoyed at getting off the mark! The new Negri, perhaps?
  5. It's not exactly a 'planned move' when it rebounds off the defender, as it did!
  6. If 9/10 are taken short, that's hardly variety, is it? Not averse to them, but we are completely predictable, making it easier to defend, as well as giving the defenders confidence that nothing will come of it. We need to shake it up a bit, even if it's 60/40 in favour of short ones - you've got to keep people guessing at times.
  7. Good point - perhaps that's why he was an irregular starter at Doncaster. Needs to get over that because, let's face it, EVERY game is an event when you're lucky enough to play for us - some handle it, better players than him haven't. But you're right, I'd far rather players were trying too hard, than pitching up here & thinking they've made it.
  8. Hope so. Lots of positives to build on, but we really must make sure that's what we do. Folk will say 'wait til we gel', but they said that last year. We were never really better than in the first 2 months of the season, apart from Xmas v Hivs & the scum game. I wouldn't like to see us turn into a sort of 'blue Arsenal'.
  9. Think something different up front is a must. We're missing so many chances, it's almost embarrassing, especially given the cannon fodder of the last 3 matches. Teams who can defend a bit better & then snatch the odd chance are going to give us a headache if we're not careful.
  10. Not sure the ref's outfit of yellow & black is ideal tonight....
  11. With an arse that size, it's hard not to be!
  12. Nice one! Wasn't there that time but I recall it being a brilliant game! I suppose it makes a difference when you get to lift the cup at the end of it, although I was at the LC shootout v the Arabs &, while I enjoyed the win, I didn't think it felt quite the same as the other wins I'd been at.
  13. Hope so!
  14. Extraordinary! Bit like the Motherwell game this season, but a few more goals added!