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  1. Still hurting

    Another point lost among all this - you mention Hivs deserved to win. With one exception, everybody I've spoken to or seen on here has been ready to acknowledge that they deserved it. Says a lot for our ability as a group to handle defeat with a considerable amount of graciousness & maturity. Unfortunately the furore surrounding he aftermath means that has been lost entirely to the wider world - if you didn't know better, the coverage has been made to show us up as a bunch of bad losers.
  2. Still hurting

    The first lot of games were in my first season as a ST holder - what a start! At least things got better as the season went on. Disappointing that this season started like a house on fire then, apart from standing tall against the beggars, ended on several weeks of low notes.
  3. Still hurting

    Just kidding, mate! Very healthy attitude - wish I could adopt a bit more of that - I'm sure I'd be a lot better for it! Would be easier to take if we didn't have the constant sub-plots in the background.....,
  4. Still hurting

    Less of the Jan 17 bit - that's my birthday!!!
  5. Still hurting

    Was thinking about that earlier - given the occasion, the noise, the quality of his strike, etc, it's amazing he remembered his routine!
  6. Still hurting

    I'd agree with that, especially if we'd been up against a top flight team. Given we were up against an outfit we'd left in our slipstream, I'd like to have reinforced our status as the top of that particular pile, rather than giving kudos to a manager we'd widely derided.
  7. Still hurting

    It was fun at the time, but I got this growing sense it was building towards something that wasn't going to be good for us! Even the (scant) consolation that they'd 'Hibsed it' while winning the thing, soon got turned into another stick to beat us with, even though we'd done nothing wrong! Would have saved us a whole load of heartache in all sorts of directions, if we'd just gone & done what we do best!
  8. Still hurting

    Scraping the bottom of the positives barrel, but I've got to admit the Euro bit may be a blessing in disguise. We've been talking of Europe like it was the good old days - we're going to get a better level of player in & go deep in the competition! If you look at how West Ham & Southampton got on with getting through to the group stages, what sort of realistic chance did we have? Hivs'll be back before the schools!
  9. Still hurting

    Completely agree. There are things you just can't allow to happen & letting them break the hoodoo, at our expense, was one of them. Maybe we'd all got too carried away with the 'Hibsed it' thing (hands up, I was one), maybe it was the break. Whatever, while scoring a couple of crackers, fact is we've been off our usual game for weeks & it was particularly disappointing that we couldn't raise ourselves for a final. Can't say I'm at all happy that Hivs have Made it 3-3 for the season (if you treat the Petrofac with the respect it deserves, they're ahead). Management need to take a lot on board & make a lot of good decisions over the summer.
  10. League cup: Rangers Group F

    And get Billy King back for a one day loan!
  11. League cup: Rangers Group F

    Haha! 8 group winners & 4 best runners up get joined by the 4 Euro entrants to make a last 16 which is straight knockout, as we've had til now. Draws in the section phase will be followed by a penalty shoot out (no ET), winner of which gets an extra point!
  12. League cup: Rangers Group F

    Indeed - especially with the home/away bit being decided behind closed doors. Unlikely, I think, but just suppose we got paired with the Tims tonight, then found out on Monday that it would be at the Brendanbeau. No chance of that being rigged, is there......
  13. League cup: Rangers Group F

    I believe it's one game v each - dates to be announced Monday, apparently.
  14. League cup: Rangers Group F

    Don't worry - they won't last long!
  15. 4-3-3 Or Maybe Something Else?

    Haha! Yes - bit tongue in cheek, but there is a difference between how many you concede when your midfield is strong & either pushing them back, or stopping them getting up the park.