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  1. That part always has and always will come with the territory of being Rangers. Our players & staff have simply got to be up to it, or else be prepared for the inevitable consequences.
  2. In any match he was 'punditing' on, which involved Sean Wright Phillips, he was completely incoherent, if the lad was having an indifferent game!
  3. Springsteen
  4. Clint Hill - long term plan! Behave yourself!
  5. And lost the lead three times!
  6. Shocking mate. They'll be pumped for a while on being the first team to stop City this year. Can only hope for a bit of overconfidence on their part.
  7. Sounds like a bit of a carve up. No bookings - was anybody actually trying?
  8. Yes, amazing the twists & turns! Almost a 'sliding doors' moment, maybe? Yet to resolve itself whether that is a good or a bad thing! To be continued........,
  9. Knew it had a 'one' in it!👍
  10. It was the first division (or Div 1) when we went unbeaten,but your point is still valid. It's a question of perspective - at that point we had a team that was a sledge hammer to crack a nut, which should have looked a whole lot better given the talent available. This year, we're just promoted, with a team of (relative) bargain basement signings from last season & a new clutch who, for one reason or another are not able to string enough games together to make a meaningful impact. Currently, the first priority is establishing ourselves in this division, which means a focus on results. Let's get real here - for now, if the results are ok, none of us will give a toss about what it looks like. Once we get used to winning again & being competitive, then we can start to worry about style.
  11. Hope so! 👍 Just not sure what will turn around to make it happen....
  12. Yes - I'll regurgitate the stat I've been fed about converting 2% of our chances. Against an average of 12% for teams in general. Not sure that's entirely fair though, as I don't actually believe we create that many clear cut chances. Bags of half chances, I admit, but not so many in the clear cut category.
  13. Sounds like a plan! (or as good as anything that's going!) There's another stat going around that we convert 2% of chances. Get that sorted & we're on the way towards doing what you suggested!
  14. Indeed - I think we thought we knew about how good the rest were though!
  15. After 7 games, no SPL team has spent less time in a winning position than Rangers. Pick the bones out of that...