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  1. I'm 58 and pre-date media hype by decades! If things are changing on the pitch when our manager says so, he should be saying some different things or at different times!
  2. It's s worrying prospect. All we can hope for is progress. I appreciate that will mean something different to every supporter.
  3. Given the way players are dropping, a biggish squad looks like a good thing! Brings it's own problems, in that you've got to make the right selection for the day! May be interesting for the squad dynamic, given where they've all come from!
  4. Personally, I thought it was going really well last year, then it began to decline after we brought in the loan guys late in the summer window, and got worse after the Xmas window. We have a bigger squad than ever, now!
  5. Now, you've touched on another nerve here. How much has MW actually been given to spend, and how does that budget fit in with who he'd really like to bring in? He's not said much, but I sincerely hope that he hasn't been hung out to dry by the board, in respect of what transfer funds have been made available to him.
  6. Completely agree that an early managerial change could do more harm than good, but there has got to be an adjustment in expectation, both from that side & on ours, about what we're up against. And if this season demonstrates that we're closing the gap on them and we're in with a shout of stopping 10 in a row, then I, for one, won't be complaining. (as long as we make the step up next year!) I know we're settling in, at the moment, but we've had s dream start in terms of our first few games & haven't made as much of them as the talent in our squad might suggest. A good result next time out will settle a few jitters.
  7. Yes - the semi was great, we went toe to toe with them & they couldn't find a way past us. If I appear over critical, it's as much because we'd done all the hard work, then failed to get over the line. Bit of 'Euro cash' would have come in useful, too. But look at the likes of West Ham - getting into the group stages isn't easy. Although I'm bloody certain we could have done better than Hivs....
  8. A good result in the next match will be very much a game changer! Will do wonders for the squad, restore a lot of faith among us & will sow a lot of seeds of doubt among that lot!
  9. Getting to the cup final was a disgrace when we got to play a team from our division, who couldn't even see our smoke, yet we let them get their greatest result in 100+ years. So less of the 'brilliant job so far'. Adequate enough in terms of getting us up. But didn't even match Hertz from the year before in any objective measure.
  10. The likes of the lads are fine,Rossiter looks good, I know someone who's played with the other, so I'll reserve judgement til I've seen a bit of him! But yes, the way forward. Not so sure with the older end. Like it or not, our league rewards athleticism & 'engine'. Noted many other posters who've commented that our play is way slower than last year. Not sure if we have a blend that will suit us - could we have got guys with similar experience, but a bit more energy at the 'experienced' end of our signings?
  11. Taking time to change infrastructure is ok. At top team level, there is a very specific deadline in which the tarriers need to be stopped. That places NO reliance on infrastructure - who, if anyone, develops all or most of their top team players? An Ajax style culture will be nice, but if that comes at the expense of that lot getting 10 in a row, it will kill me and a lot of other, better Bears. So, sort the main aim out, and get on with the side game in the background. Edit - Oh, 'revamping the infrastructure' is business speak for frittering around at the edges, while not addressing the real issues.
  12. I know. For me, he has the best football brain in our squad, so I always want him to do well (and it pains me a lot when he doesn't). I worry that he may not have the physical attributes to hang in there - hopefully he'll be back ready soon enough & we can see how he gets on.
  13. You're spot on - up till he got injured - just after Xmas. After that, not so much. Now, count back to Xmas - almost exactly 8 months.
  14. That's the problem with Friday night fitba - it's great when we win, gets the whole thing off to a shite start if we don't.
  15. Catch 22 - there is NO cash without CL qualification. Pick the bones out of that....