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  1. Is MOH ineffectual because he gets no game time? OR Does MOH get no game time because he's ineffectual? That's the dilemma with those on the fringes. Unlike Barrie, who's getting bags of game time & still playing crap!
  2. Was that the Linfield game, where Kenny was 'back' because he got 4 or 5? Mainly set up by MOH!
  3. Often largely the same personnel, but this side looks miles away from the outfit that stormed it for the first couple of months last season. Even allowing for the step up in level.
  4. Back to his 'going for it' tactic from the Beggardome, again without the players to see it through. Penalties may have been an option if we'd continued to keep it tight (& ride our luck!).
  5. Very true. Aided by the ones who DO play, failing to get better, the more they play!
  6. It was next to him all last season - he didn't have far to look.
  7. He's had a full season. Is he a bit slow, or something?
  8. Agree with all apart from the Europe bit. I'm only dubious about that because of the difficulty in getting to the group stages, where the money might be made - it's not like it used to be & if the likes of West Ham can't qualify, I'm not sure how we'd fare that much better.
  9. If his brains were made of dynamite, there wouldn't be enough to blow his hat off!
  10. I was just about to look that one up!😂
  11. That's quite a bleak outlook, mate, but I can see that being feasible.
  12. Good news.👍
  13. Dunno, but he'd collapsed round about the 80th minute and had been worked on for quite a while before they took him down the front. Hope he's ok.