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  1. *****RM POTY Nominees

    Alan Stubbs is a nacker lyte, as well!
  2. Steven Thompson (ex player)

    Did a decent turn for a couple of clubs down here in between us & Saints. Over 500 games, in a 20 year career - a well earned rest beckons!
  3. Good point - the downside of having a 'lean, tight' squad!
  4. How can anybody be certain of a place in the cup final, on the back of the last 3 games?
  5. Just a bit, mate! However, strongish bench - be good to see if they can turn it around.
  6. Well, they need to be back by the end of May!
  7. Fuxsakes Gers! Soubds like it's been coming, from you guys' comments....
  8. I had £10 on it, as well! Didn't have the excuse I was drunk, though! More a case of 'if Hertz can do it, so can we!' 2 games left to make it happen!
  9. We hate them but respect must be shown to Hibs

    Cheers! Not half, mate! I expect the Hivs will give us a few laughs along the way, though, if the last few weeks is anything to go by!
  10. Congratulations Barrie McKay

    He seems to have been around long enough, in all his various spells!
  11. Congratulations Barrie McKay

    I'm very old myself, mate!
  12. We hate them but respect must be shown to Hibs

    The years you mention above had crossed my mind. Better Gers teams than this one have done just the same thing as we've seen in the last couple of games. Interesting few weeks ahead - we saw how the spoon-burners blew it by having a few days off between the regular season & our play-off ties last season - they were still on the beach! We could be up against a team with a bit of momentum by the time the final comes around, or one with an even bigger downer if they're already dumped from the play-offs by then. The SC semi showed how ourmanagement can get the team ready for a specific game, but it would be wrong to expect them to be able to turn the form on & off like a switch. Expect a few twists & turns, between now & May 21st!!!
  13. Congratulations Barrie McKay

    Kenny Miller = OPOTY
  14. Which is, indeed, a shame - given their own, er, blemished financial record since! Anyway, we've found out who our friends are in that period. Almost a pity thatwe're just about to leave them behind, but we need to get back where we belong!
  15. Bit of a sea change there. I was in their main stand for the Easter game on their way to almost winning the league in 86. We were in amongst at a ratio of about 1 of us for every 5 of them. They won & at the end most of us were shaking hands with our neighbours & wishing them well for the last few (ultimately unsuccessful) games. Fast forward another 5 or 6 years. Piss wet, midweek game, while we're heading for 10 in a row. Working up that way& we could only get tickets in the Wheatfield Stand - in amongst them again. Durrant had got back in the team again & was having s pretty influential spell. He was a particular target for abuse & I'll never forget the amount of 'where's Neil Simpson when you need him' & similar vitriol that was spouted his way.