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  1. Another good performance but it's down to Warbuton to keep him interested and not of him about fitness
  2. any links? kodi box fucked and waiting on a new one
  3. Foderingham Tavernier Hill Kiernan Wallace Windass Holt Halliday Forrestor Waghorn McKay
  4. score for fun up here
  5. Not good enough.
  6. Organising a defence.
  7. All the best. Good Rangers man, honking coach.
  8. you can fuck off
  9. Haliday needs his head out his arse
  10. XI: Foderingham; Tavernier, Kiernan, Wilson, Wallace; Halliday, Holt, Zelalem; McKay, Clark, King:
  11. Awful news
  12. Defence needs a kick up the arse. Sort it out Weir.
  13. Just a lack of concentration
  14. He's a prick