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  1. Spazzy defending again
  3. Yup
  4. Starting to lose patience with Warburton
  5. Same. great range of passing
  6. McKay looks like he's playing in midfield. Think he's better there
  7. Time for McKay to do something
  8. Forderingham Tavernier Wilson Hill Hobson Holt Halliday Windas O'Hallaron Dodoo Miller Never happen but I'd go this
  9. Anyone able to advise best places.
  10. In America for this. Alarm set for 705am. Will get to watch the last day in Dallas. Any Bears reccomend places we could watch?
  11. Never a winger
  12. Is it me or we going to miss out signing him
  13. Yea I remember doing them back in the day
  14. That mob are shite. Sad thing is they'll get by this mob and spend money to bring players in.