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  1. I agree. I can't see Warburton lasting the season and Eck will take over until the summer. I get the feeling he'll walk rather than be sacked especially if results in the home games against Hearts, Aberdeen and Celtic in December are poor and the fans turn. He already seems to be struggling to deal with the media pressure, not sure he'll handle if the fans turn.
  2. I'd take the easiest game possible tbh and have the best chance of making the final.
  3. They were asking about Barton and he said "Can't talk about an internal matter." but they kept asking and he said if you keep asking when i can't answer i'll just leave and then they asked again so he left.
  4. The performance was better than they have been but if he is happy dropping two points at home to Ross County then he's not going to last the season imo.
  5. If he doesn't rate him then why the fuck did he pay half a million for him?
  6. If he's tore in to a couple of players then its probably hard to take for them to take seeing as Barton hass done fuck all but talk a good game since he's got here but he's probably not said anything worse than what some people have said on here about the performances of certain players.
  7. After some of the utter shitebag performances of some of the players during recent years its good to see that there are clearly people who care about the team and striving for better.
  8. I think he is the man to lead us forward just now but he needs to be more ruthless in his team selections and pick players on merit. The next few weeks will be the bigger test coming up against the Sheep & Hearts away if he doesn't come through those then I'm not sure many of us will still have faith in him. Obviously it would've been brilliant to win the league this year but as far as I'm concerned anything less than second is utter failure given the money we're spending on the team in wages etc.
  9. He's not the greatest midfielder we have but he does make a lot of intelligent runs off the ball creating little bits of space for other players to move into when we are going forward. There is no one in the team doing that just now at all.
  10. The favourite who are underperforming needs dropped as its becoming very deja-vu like with McCoist and McCulloch, Law etc. MOH, Forrester, Windass, Waghorn and Garner all need to start.
  11. Reckon I'd rather be part of some sort of Northern European league than spend the next 5+ in the lower leagues of English football. Away days to Amsterdam, Brugges, Copenhagen etc over Yeovil any day.
  12. Total pish. I walked up that road 15 minutes after the game with thousands of other fans and vans were stuck in the traffic along with plenty of other cars, no lights and no sirens. Plenty of Rangers fans sarcastically cheering at the Police turning up 15 minutes late. You'd think that if there were mob mentality it would have picture/video evidence all over twitter etc. since Saturday given how closely Septic fans follow our actions. I won't hold my breath waiting on it...
  13. No prisoners taken by the board there.
  14. Always thought he slowed our play down when he got the ball which was frustrating. Very talented but not sure he'll be missed during the rest of the season.
  15. Would be a useful player to have the squad next season