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  1. Total pish. I walked up that road 15 minutes after the game with thousands of other fans and vans were stuck in the traffic along with plenty of other cars, no lights and no sirens. Plenty of Rangers fans sarcastically cheering at the Police turning up 15 minutes late. You'd think that if there were mob mentality it would have picture/video evidence all over twitter etc. since Saturday given how closely Septic fans follow our actions. I won't hold my breath waiting on it...
  2. Rangers FC statement

    No prisoners taken by the board there.
  3. Oduwa

    Always thought he slowed our play down when he got the ball which was frustrating. Very talented but not sure he'll be missed during the rest of the season.
  4. Nicky Law: I’D Love To Stay

    Would be a useful player to have the squad next season
  5. Scottish Cup Draw.

    Happy with that. Good chance to see just how far we've come under Warbs so far.
  6. Scottish Cup Draw.

    Preferably an away tie or an easy one because I'm going to Prague that weekend
  7. Warburton Live On Bbc Radio Tomorrow Night.

    Was looking forward to listening to him tbh even if it is the bbc
  8. Matt Crooks

    Seems to be Fifas rules rather than us speaking to them (which we are entitled to do). Probably hoping we'll pay a small fee and get them this month rather than for nothing in the summer.
  9. Matt Crooks

    We're talking to both of them apparently but the Accrington owner doesn't seem to be happy about it.
  10. We Will Never Forget.

    To absent friends.
  11. Your Pic Of 2015

    Some good photos but probably Lee Wallace telling us not to believe the papers and kissing the badge after we beat Hibs at Easter Road. (Won't let me upload from my phone)
  12. ***the Official Rangers Vs Hibernian Thread***

    We had too many passengers in the team on Saturday and can't afford that against Hibs.
  13. ***the Official Falkirk V Rangers Thread***

    That would be a good result considering the way we've played today.
  14. ***the Official Falkirk V Rangers Thread***

    Not with crosses like that from Tav though
  15. ***the Official Falkirk V Rangers Thread***

    A goal is coming!