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  1. Police were unprepared on Saturday.

    I know i will probably sound like a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut but i find it a bit of a coincidence that for weeks we had the obaf act come under a lot of scrutiny , talk of it being abolished etc Then we have saturday were the match commander has 1000 officers under his control but allows a pitch invasion by not putting a cordon of them around the pitch and this will now be used as a reason why it is needed
  2. Rangers FC statement

    Superb statement
  3. **Assaults on our players - evidence thread**

    Do a drop ball near the tunnel doesnt bring wes from his goal , yesterday was nothing too do with the ref , its the police and stewards job too prevent it and they totally failed and thats where the blame lies
  4. Reagan Apologieses to Rangers Petition too ban hibs from cup/europe ,too be sent too hampden
  5. Rod Petrie

    His place at the sfa is untenable , fair play too the journos aswell having a go at him
  6. What do I do troops?

    Could prob throw a brick from there
  7. **Assaults on our players - evidence thread**

    Thats not just goading , there is quite a few attempts too get into the stands
  8. A wee bit of "overexuberance" for you......

    Their team had just won maybe the only bit of silverware they will get in a lifetime and their only thought was too try fight with Rangers fans , tragic bastards hate us more than they love their own team
  9. **Assaults on our players - evidence thread**

    Fuck off ya bovril
  10. Hampden vandalised by tarriers?

    Some even starved too death for fuck all
  11. Hampden vandalised by tarriers?

    Some of its BANG out , the way johnny went out too tho i suppose
  12. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Its unbelievable , i love it though , love how much we get under everycunt in scotlands skin
  13. When Saturday Comes

    Just finished my second vodka , and cracked open a can of bud , stomache is in bits tho
  14. Hampden vandalised by tarriers?

    Did they get johnny doyle in too put up some lights