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  1. Safe Standing At Ibrox

    Safe standing wouldnt change the capacity mate as you have too fit the rail seats that lock up in place of the old seats
  2. cup final ballot

    The club have fucked it quite badly with this tbh , i never got a ticket for the semi but atleast the ballot was fair , everybody should have been back in the hat for this one too
  3. cup final ballot

    No email but signed in and was successfull £35 anyone know when the dates too collect are
  4. Marc falco in the daily record today

    Thats just when someone asks for a lager tops
  5. Who's been released?

    Hopefully him and the other boys being let go can take some heart from halliday this season and realise they can still make it in the game elsewhere and could end up back here too eventually
  6. Marc falco in the daily record today

    You mean you have a history of goading him
  7. Marc falco in the daily record today

    Ha ha im joking mate , the guy seems too do some great stuff for rangers and charity but everytime he comes on he throws a strop
  8. Marc falco in the daily record today

    Hope you 2 are happy with yourselfs @FSM @KeyserSoze
  9. Club 1872 Going forward

    Ha ha im far too polite too agree
  10. Club 1872 Going forward

    Yeah i edited my post after looking back i was wrong on that
  11. Club 1872 Going forward

    Tonight ? Yeah he did Edit - sorry actually i just had a quick look back there and i was wrong on that
  12. Club 1872 Going forward

    Nope and again we have been over this before
  13. Club 1872 Going forward

    Stop acting like an arse and derailing a thread your son started with good intentions (again)
  14. PFA Scotland Goal of the Season goes to Barrie McKay v Celtic

    Gets better everytime you see it , think longterm barrie will end up playing in that central role behind the striker
  15. Club 1872 Going forward

    There is some great threads ongoing in the bears den too enjoy , we swept up at the pfa awards , taigs being outed , all much better than covering the same shite that was done already in this thread about 30 pages ago