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  1. Sure morata played against madrid
  2. Same as hazard , overhyped to fuck because he plays down there
  3. Sterling giving brenda another bung
  4. I fucking hate you ya wee mongo bastard
  5. Hope city run riot
  6. Yeah me either , thats the point tbh
  7. U ever had problems spending english notes in glasgow ?
  8. I think the boy said he had changed his money too though
  9. Fuck protests its riots we need
  10. Hope you dont have problems with loads of foreign currency tonight @Louden_Greg
  11. So we can chase the tarriers all over hampden next month without any problems
  12. Cool i thought it was about him/his son/agents but not something i know much about , Yeah i think some of it could just be agents etc overplaying what they can get done and who they can get involved for them etc but i dont think the papers would be running the stories without being sure about some of it
  13. Is that not why he didnt speak to the bbc
  14. Real score about 2 mins after my post , ronaldo