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  1. Hopefully get some spare cash for over Xmas
  2. I fucking hate Howard Webb
  3. If I remember right he doesn't have much good too say about Souness , sure he starts off saying he doesn't want sympathy and pity then pretty much a sob story of excuses after that
  4. I might still have my copy kicking about the house somewhere mate , if I come across it you can have it
  5. You said a controversial banner , don't think it's much of a leap , if your willing too hold it why aren't u willing too make it ?
  6. Tbf too legal beagle 'don't know if this is his point ,he can obv answer for himself' but I don't think it's right too expect /ask other ppl too risk arrest , being put out stadium etc for a banner that your not willing too make/ hold yourself
  7. Who was the Govan stand linesman ? Cunt played the ball too Wes about 85 mins too stop us running down the clock (don't think I've seen 1 ever touch the ball before) then missed a blatant hand ball about 5 yards from him just after it
  8. £320 winner yesterday , us , Chelsea and arsenal result rush , first decent winner in fucking ages
  9. So you couldn't just message and say you had a free ticket and didn't need the 1 I got kept for you
  10. Did you go too the game
  11. I would rather my mate wasn't £27 out of pocket ya fucking wank , I knocked another poster back as well because you said you wanted the ticket
  12. This cunts needing banned , was supposed too get a ticket off me yesterday and never showed , my mate who I was selling it for is now £27 out of pocket
  13. Copland was fucking brilliant yesterday
  14. Fuck up bp9
  15. Where the fuck are you cunt