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  1. BBC Complaints Dept Replies to a tim

    This is the link to the Trust findings : http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/bbctrust/assets/files/pdf/appeals/esc_bulletins/2013/apr_may.pdf The judgement was made after I went through all the BBC appeals process over a 2 year period and was knocked back at every stage! my complaint was that they ( BBC Scotland ) kept saying that RFC 1872 are dead! I wanted a "distinction" between Club and Company!
  2. BBC Complaints Dept Replies to a tim

    karma is real!!! They can take it all the way to the Trust like I did but wait! The decision is final!!!
  3. Livingston programme editor resigns

    Don't think he has paid the full price yet!
  4. Livingston programme editor resigns

    Works Edinburgh City Council (pensions)wrote/edited program and also called us h***! @ajscrawford1987.
  5. The BBC Telling the Truth.......,

    Don't you just love it when you are proven right!!!
  6. Sky Sports News

    should say "Can't remember why but felt scared it infects" ! Not been on for a bit and this will not let me edit or do smilies on my mac WTF!
  7. Sky Sports News

    I can’t remember why but felt scared it infects! Lol!!!
  8. Sky Sports News

    I knew I did this for a reason "This post is hidden because you have chosen to ignore posts by The Dude."
  9. Another new group springs up

    So that's the part you mean! thanks for clarifying as I had no idea "Wtf are you on about"
  10. Another new group springs up

    And you would know! I right! !!!
  11. Spence cleared

    No he was not!!! That is not what the Trust concluded! They said: The Committee noted that it had been acknowledged by the Editor of Sport at BBC Scotland that the comments by Jim Spence describing John McClelland as “the chairman of the old club, some people will tell you the club, well the club that died” could have been better phrased within the live piece and had apologised for any offence caused by it. The Committee also noted that the Editorial Complaints Unit had agreed that the words could have been better chosen and had stated in its finding: “The ECU has acknowledged that there was a degree of ambiguity in the words used by Mr Spence and we agreed with BBC Scotland that his comments ‘could have been better phrased’. However, we remain of the view that his comments have to be considered in the context of the discussion that was taking place which was entirely about the composition of the board of The Rangers International Football Club plc and the running of The Rangers International Football Club plc.” The Committee agreed with this view and noted that the Adviser had extended her apologies on its behalf for any offence that had been caused by the words of the presenter. http://downloads.bbc...ns/2014/jan.pdf Therefore he was wrong to say "club" as the Trust accepted, he was not “cleared” as they (three levels of the BBC ) had to apologise also as the Trust would have been unable to take the remedial action called for by most complainers (sack him) the apologises from the Editor of spot, the ECU and the reviewer were sufficient! definition of apology. 1. an oral or written expression of regret or contrition for a fault or failing. 2. . an expression of regret for having committed an error or rudeness. 3. an expression of regret at having caused trouble for someone. Are we clear now!
  12. Implosion over ASA Ruling

    Timmy response!!!
  13. VB investigated according to DR

    Not very good at it then!!!
  14. VB investigated according to DR

    Read the VB statement from VB admin in my post above! or do you work for the RFC hating media also????
  15. VB investigated according to DR

    See ET have joined in on the deflection from the GB by trying to bring VB into something that has no fact! *** ADDENDUM from Admin *** For the avoidance of doubt, and as pointed out on a number of previous articles, @VBCommunication is the ONLY official VB Twitter account. We have not created a “Death List” or "Hit List" - which is the lie being spouted by the many Rangers-haters out there. In particular we would like to single out Scotzine Editor, serial Rangers-hater Andrew Muirhead for his vicious attack on us, twisting what any reasonable person considers an attempt at humour, from an unofficial Twitter account. Mr Muirhead has a history of distorting the truth when it comes to his favourite obsession - The "offending" image that is currently circulating has been doctored from an original one we used in an article from February of this year. The original article highlighted those people and organisations (the logos of the BBC and ESPN featured on the original graphic - Is it even possible to 'kill' a company?) who, through their actions, we considered to be the enemies of Rangers FC. The doctoring of our image was carried out by persons unknown, therefore beyond our control, however we would like to point out that our original graphic did not intend to, nor did it achieve any unwarranted attention towards our football club at the time of publication, and that anyone attempting to associate the club with this doctored version now is simply clutching at straws. It is never our intention to harm our club in any way. We also take exception to an inaccurate report in today's Daily Record which claims that our group are “Ultra's”. Our membership comprises of many individuals who form a significant part of the wider Rangers family – Vanguard Bears do not claim to be "Ultra's"