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  1. I'm sorry but there's no case for that this evening. The amount of times they let the ball bounce in the air instead of attacking it was incredible. There was a period around the 20 minute mark that there were two or three occurances of that happening. Just not doing the basics right. Plus letting Boyd outpace you.
  2. It's a fucking joke. We've not kicked a ball since we beat the tarriers back in April. Ultimately the buck stops with the manager. Hopefully he sorts it out.
  3. Fuck sake. Thats a disgusting fucking tackle. Rightly off.
  4. Pretty optimistic about this one. Provides a threat at set pieces at both ends of the pitch as well.
  5. Yes First time he gets into the box and that happens..
  6. In there auld yin. MOH has to score there
  7. Fucking brilliant pass
  8. Was just going to suggest @The Godfather's Rangers snake tattoo as well. Cracker of a tattoo.
  9. Great goal, shocking challenge in the build up though.
  10. That's a fucking belter of a statement. Surprised at just how bold the Club went with it but finally shows we're not going to sit on our hands when scum are taking shots at us. That part about that sturgeon.
  11. Got a track record against (ex) tarriers anaw...