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  1. Who Is Your Most Disliked Rangers Player Ever?

    Don't get the point of posts like this :-(
  2. Don't panic Mr Mainwaring, fuck sake, I hate this shit, we have a squad that will be strengthened, Man U, City, Chelski have all fucked up, it happens, it's football, even the great unwashed got rinsed (no pun intended) yesterday in a one trick pony league. WATP
  3. Ok To Go Over The Ball ?

    Watched this about 20 times now, at no point was he in control, he misses the ball completely and kicks the block halfway up his shin, the lad was lucky not to get a broken ankle, the red was 100% spot, how the hell can that be downgraded to a yellow....My Gosh!
  4. Spfl To Hold Crisis Talks On Friday.

    Another fucking kangaroo court by Regan, Doncaster & Lawwell, total fucking joke, they will hit us with something that's a given, my guess points deduction to enable HIV's to gain the initiative and put us on the back foot.
  5. I was looking at the three protagonists in the HMRC decision and I notice in a former life that John Drummond Young worked on behalf of the Inland Revenue, is this not a conflict of interest, given the current nature of events? James Drummond Young was born in Edinburgh and educated at John Watson's School in the city. He studied Law at Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge (BA 1971), Harvard University (Joseph Hodges Choate Memorial Fellow, 1971–72; LLM 1972) and the University of Edinburgh School of Law (LLB 1974), and was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in 1976, taking silk in 1988. He served as Standing Junior Counsel to the Department of Industry from 1984 to 1986 and to the Inland Revenue from 1986 to 1988, and as an Advocate Depute from 1999 to 2001.[1][2] He is co-author with John St. Clair of The Law of Corporate Insolvency in Scotland, first published in 1988 and revised in 1992 and 2004.[3]
  6. The Time To Unite Is Now More Than Ever

    Well said, this needs to be our one and only focus..............
  7. Man U Aka Rangers

    Is this a fucking wind up or are narcotics involved ??
  8. Gbh On Nathan Oduwa

    In all my years of watching football I have never witnessed a more calculated and horrific game plan to injure a fellow professional footballer as was witnessed last night on Nathan Oduwa, the lad was lucky to be able to walk off the pitch at halftime after the tackles from Gibbons etc. The ref was totally out of his depth in recognising this predetermined game plan and didn't even card the ugly buck toothed bastard when it was a straight red. The whole game was a total farce with WWF wrestling moves and deliberate handballs being the order of the day. I hope the SPFL review this game and take retrospective actions, but it's The Rangers, so I very much doubt it......
  9. Care Not To Lose Focus

    I think there is a bit of point missing here, if you think there won't be negative shit just round the corner that will cause us grief, then your sadly mistaken, but hey ho rip the pish, 😜
  10. With the current energy and all round dynamics currently surrounding us, we must take care not to lose the momentum we have worked hard to achieve. There is a danger here that our detractors are pushing all this shit out now to destabilise us. I'm all for justice, but the mhedia must not be allowed to derail us on or off the field, as we know they are all shitting themselves re the Rangers that are breathing down their rancid stinking unwashed necks.
  11. Rangers Are Coming To Get You!

    Very strong and honest words, Chris M, Alistair Lamont and all those other shysters, could learn a little about the "real" truth.
  12. Go-Pro Angles Of Taverniers Goal

    Quality, moving to quick for the keeper and a pretty awkward angle too, but who cares 6 point gap on our supposed closest challengers WATP
  13. Mono-Paced

    Eau de shit stirrer ------ :-(
  14. I am glad that we have decided to grow a pair and start fighting back against these twisted morons, I hope it's the first of many, the mhob at Pacific Quays think they are above reproach, well let's just see eh!
  15. Anyone Else Worried About Next Season?

    Sick of this glass half empty pish, lets base our comments on facts rather than assumptions for change and see how we get on!