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  1. Kenny millers legs

    Maybe he's finished growing.
  2. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    Agree with you there re: DP, but I think that's a bit of a stretch to say that the support had caused heads to roll though.
  3. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    Actually that's not true though is it mate, her sacking had nothing to do with the Rangers support, the only reason she was sacked was for supporting Speirs after he accused a board member of bigotry and couldn't offer proof of his accusation, it was only when lawyers got involved that Speirs was sacked and the hag followed. It appears to me that the only time the board are willing to act is when one of there own get accused, but not one of them are willing to stick their head above the parapet when it comes to the support being attacked.
  4. I think it would be a good idea to sit King Billy and MW down in any future interviews, I'm just glad that I don't suffer from epilepsy as I'm certain that their continued movement while standing answering questions could bring on a seizure LOL!!
  5. Champions League Run 1992-93

    For me the biggest factor in that CL run was the fact that we never got to have the McCoist and Hately partnership playing together for one reason or another, I firmly believe if we could have had them playing together  a couple of those draws may well have been wins as they were unstoppable that season, and if we had gotten to the final, well who knows. 
  6. Barry Ferguson

    Durant, D Ferguson and Souness, in the midfield at Ibrox against the mhanks was an absolute joy to watch, Souness guiding the kids, giving the youngsters the freedom to express themselves, oh happy days. Having watched the Teddy Berrs since the sixties, if he hadn't sustained that injury I honestly think Durant could have gone on to be a world class midfielder, he had everything a then "modern day" midfielder required, vision, an incredible engine, and the sixth sense timing for getting into the opposition box to score at the crucial moment. I still get angry even after all these years at the thought of being robbed of seeing a talent of that calibre being ruined by a nobody.
  7. Happy to sacrifice Zelalem/Law?

    As two above have said I would not dismiss Halliday if we were to sign a DM, Law has been playing very well but I'll wait until the going gets tough to be convinced on him, I'd also like to see what Halliday can do in an advanced role where I think he would be more comfortable, the fact that he has been willing to play in a DM role is a credit to him and for that reason I'd be disappointed if we were willing to discard him to quickly, not that I believe for one minute MW would as I'm certain that he appreciates the role Halliday has performed without question all season.
  8. A Guest Writer Says "hullo Hullo"

    For fuck sake what have we become? I really do despair, why the fuck do we need the club to endorse what the fans want to sing, no other club does it with their fans so why the fuck should ours, as long as we don't use Fenian Then fuck them all. As long as the club try to convince us not to sing offensive words then they are doing their duty, and as the rules stand ATM there is fuck all that the footballing authorities can do to harm us, it would then be up to individual's not to get arrested for going against the law. No matter what version is used we should not expect the club to endorse it, and nor will it, but in saying that the only time I would expect a statement from the club is if and when we do get targeted when using non politically sensitive songs, I would then expect them to ask whoever is targeting us, why is it ok for fans of other clubs to sing their versions without repercussions but our club are alone in being targeted? Whatever happened to no surrender?
  9. One For Older Bears...

    Best non Rangers game I ever attended, and before you accuse me I was with all my Thistle supporting mates, (yes there were more than two of them back then) LOL.
  10. One For Older Bears...

    There's not a hair on a baldy heeded nun No not one and there never shall be one.
  11. One For Older Bears...

    Used to love the smell of the subway walking down to the platform, then the sash bash on the way to Ibrox with the odd wee wumin tut tutting, and some of the night games when the fog came down and you couldn't see the far away goals, fuck me that was real fog back in them days.
  12. Our Finishing

    Don't think he's disputing the stats mate, like him though I'm more concerned about tight games when you don't get many chances, that is when we need a clinical finisher and though I've loved Waggys contribution this season I don't think anyone believes he's a clinical finisher, and with the chances he's been provided with this season I would really expect any of our strikers to have around the same numbers.
  13. The Billy Boys (Reprise)

    I started a thread a couple of days before D'art started this one suggesting Rebel Scum and gave my reasons for that, no problem if you missed it mate, but I would be more than happy if "The Sash and Derrys Walls" were adopted though, all other suggestions just make me think. OH..........FOR.........FUCK.........SAKE.
  14. The Billy Boys (Reprise)

  15. The Billy Boys (Reprise)