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  1. Hateley the CB?

    Might have been a good idea, that is until he played there, let's just say that he was no DJ.
  2. Rangers Vs Celtic - Video

    You're some man Jules, absolutely brilliant, now you've given yourself a mountain to climb, as in how the fuck are you going to top that?. Never mind you don't need to.
  3. a view from china

    Chinkies on Charlie are way better thanThaitims LOL!!
  4. The Chairman's Reaction

    I think you are being deliberately obtuse here, after the state we were in last year how on earth could you blame anyone at the club from saying that sellic were the benchmark that we had to strive for, like it or not they are stilltop of the heap at this moment in time (one game no matter how sweet the result doesn't alter that) so in trying to achieve that mark it meant we would then become top of the heap. now of course when we reach that point I would be surprised if King would be content in saying "job done", I firmly believe he would then want to take the next step and have us advance our position and to thenhave us as the benchmark for the rest to attempt to achieve. One step at a time.
  5. Talksport (Durham) Just Starting - Warburton On Later

    While I agree with your statement it should also be remembered that Walter Smith was also seen as an assistant manager, but the fact that DW's (and MW's)family arestill located down south worries me somewhat
  6. Our fans

    Cannot see a thread about our fans so I apologize in advance if there is one,but a special thank you to each and every one of you who were there today, you never stopped singing from the first minute till the end, it came over loud and clear on the telly and it must have been a tremendous boost to the boys on the pitch. I think I may have heard that lot maybe once or twice at most but for most of the game all I heard was out wonderful support and the anthems that they were belting out, so take a bow each and everyone of you, I'm so proud to say that this is my team and that you are my fellow supporters. NO SURRENDER. WARP.
  7. Mark Warburton

    I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive going into this game especially with a weakened team, but MV gave the players he had all the confidence to go out and play and to enjoy themselves, the fitness levels of our boys compared to the mahnkies are a credit to him and the backroom staff. I couldn't believe the difference in fitness levels today watching the scum struggling near the end and Bitton waving to the sidelines wanting to come off even though they had no subs left also told me a lot about the difference in character between our teamand them.
  8. Andy Halliday's having a party........

    Watching him at the end when it was over and the pride he hasfor The Rangers showing all over his being, myson made this comment "although Lee is our captain this is Andy's team", I just knew what he meant.
  9. An Error Occured

    Get this regularly on my iPad, especially if the thread contains a lot of videos, annoying as fuck.
  10. Parkheed, felt like I was in the 3rd. world.
  11. Can just imagine MW getting a text/phone cal,.................haw Mark ye gotta read this hahahaha!!!!!
  12. Well that's me fucked, ah gie in.
  13. How old is old enough?

    Hope she's paying for a ticket for the kid, we can't have her sneaking the wean in under her coat now can we. seriously though another example of how women have wrecked it for men going to the fitba', I suppose she'll be telling everyone around her to "ssshhhhh, the weans sleeping".
  14. Hugh Burns as Tom Mllers sidekick

    Had to laugh yesterday when Hughie didn't realize he was watching a replay of a tackle by Thomas on Halliday, he was saying that the game was being played without to many wild tackles but that Thomas had gone in a bit late, then up comes the replay of the tackle and Hughie says "there's another one" LOL!! , Tom starts to laugh, and you could almost sense Tom giving him a slap on the head, brilliant.