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  1. It seems to be back to the same old story with The Rangers boards, don't mention any lies about the club or staff and we'll keep shtume, mention the fans and they can deal with it themselves. I'm really starting to get pissed off with the return of the "mr nice guys" approach from our board at a time when we should be standing shoulder to shoulder.
  2. Stewart Robertson Interview

    I really thought after the first statement from the club that finally it was "gloves off", but that appears to have been short lived, this interview is just us going back to being mr nice guys again, the club should be on the front foot right now demanding satisfaction not hoping for a proper outcome.
  3. I was talking to my mate on Sunday and I kid you not while discussing the aftermath and the general political situation now developing in Scotland re: republican influence against the PUL community, we both said at the same time if they're not careful this could turn into another Ulster, probably far fetched, I bloody hope so.
  4. more hated now than before demotion

    Good post mate, I tend to think along the same lines, before I left Scotland back in '95 for Canada I never really hated any other clubs supporters except for the "one" set of coarse and even then it was the club rather than their fans I hated(I had a good few mates who were tims), and I honestly never felt like I or the club were truly hated by others, disliked and envied certainly, and I understood were they came from, but at least I could have a civil conversation with most of them, even c****c supporters. Since I immigrated I've watched from afar at the disintegration of the behaviour towards our club culminating to where we now find ourselves, for long enough being so far away from it all, I at first didn't believe it could possibly be as bad as the reports we were getting from fan forums etc. I thought that out fans were exaggerating, but by listening to my brother, brother in law and friends back home it became apparent that what I was hearing was true, the dislike has morphed into pure bile. Somehow we need to get some friends back that we lost in the game, so how do we go about that? it's no use saying we don't need anyone else to help us, I say yes we do, being the lone wolf howling at the moon isn't going to get us anywhere and if we are not careful we'll find ourselves even more isolated , it's understandable while the wounds are still raw our fans saying "fuck them all" but at the end of the day, we're going to need support from within the game to rid us of the cabal running it at this moment in time, it's going to be a long hard struggle but if we wish to isolate ourselves then we will never get to play on a level playing field. While I would hate to give up on the so called "offensive songs" ,I've belted them out myself for more than 55yrs now ( I started around 5yrs old lol)it would be a clever thing to do as you say, it's not about what Scotland thinks but it goes globally now and we need support wherever we can get it, like you said not singing these songs won't stop the hating but it would allow the club to support the fans in a way that they have been unable to do in the past as they could not be seen to condone them, and they could then go on the attack without having the sectarian brush tarred upon the club, I can but dream but I don't believe it will ever happen anytime soon.
  5. 2015-2016 - Season Review Video

    Yir some man so yi ur.
  6. Rangers FC statement

    There's the gauntlet thrown down you fuckers, well done to the board, you have our complete support on this, now let's see those bastards attempts wriggle out of this statement of intent.
  7. We are getting the blame from the tims

    More than a few of their virgins have had weans.
  8. 11 arrested

    Probably a bunch of guys caught pishing in closes.
  9. The Sun

    I hope that you are ready to accept the blame for what happened yesterday pal, unfuckingbelievable reporting.
  10. The Sun

    You'd think a couple of weeks after the hillsborough verdict they would have learned but...........
  11. Reagan Apologieses to Rangers

    What fucking investigation is required you morally bankrupt fuck pig, Stevie Wonder could plainly see what happened yesterday, along with Hibs fans you and all the rest of your cabal are also complicate in what went on. If you and your band of shitebags don't have the stomach for the appropriate action required then get yourselves to fuck as you are not fit for office, you and those other degenerate's over at the SPFL have never been slow to pillory us even without any fuckin' evidence, but when the whole world got to witness the disgusting scenes from yesterday all of a sudden you require a full investigation?, get yourselves to fuck we don't want your half hearted apologies, just do your job for once, because if you don't someone will probably get seriously hurt sometime in the future as I suspect this Rangers support have finally had enough and if you and your band do not act swiftly then the blame should be squarely laid at your stinking fucking door.
  12. Whilst I agree that that the SFfuckin'A will also punish us, they had better not attempt to share the blame in equal measures, and this is where I expect the board of The Rangers had better be prepared to get down and dirty and call out the Hibs fans for instigating a potential riot, unfortunately it is only the fact that our players and management were assaulted that will have a massive bearing on the boards reaction, if that had not happened I would not have been surprised if they had meekly turned the other cheek but now they will be forced to come out with more strong statements condemning the Hibs fans, the security arrangements and the non reaction of the police, unfortunately because some of our fans reacted as they did (and I don't blame them for doing so) we can expect some sort of punishment from the corrupt cabal that purports to run our game. The police on the other hand had better make sure that they prosecute those scumbags who assaulted our players and management otherwise they will have opened a real can of worms the next time some other fuckers decide to have a go with us.
  13. Just a question mate, but in what way do you think that the SFA could prejudice any legal action taken by the police and courts?, surely they are two separate entities, the SFA could/should punish Hibs and the police charge the individuals involved. If the SFA were to be let off the hook and not allowed to hand out punishment until the courts had handed out punishment etc it could take forever for them to make any decision and by then the rest of Scottish football would have conveniently diluted the whole scenario as in Motherwell last year, punishment must be handed out swiftly IMO.
  14. This is happening

    It's taken around 20yrs but this is surely the line in the sand, no more mr nice guys, if the board doesn't finally come out all guns blazing and condemn the dilution now being spun, and confront the reptiles perpetrating said spin then we will be doomed to continued vitriol forever, and if they don't then we will deserve all that the haters throw our way. Today's statement was a good start but they must come back quickly to squash the statements that are beginning to surface and go on the attack, we had players and management attacked FFS. My biggest fear is if they don't then I can see major problems in the not to distant future (it probably is to late now anyway) with our own supporters taking retribution of their own to away supporters, and I for one wouldn't blame them if they did, but that would only give the cunts who have the audacity to call themselves journalists fuel for their fires. It is now time for this board to declare that enough is enough and we will not be taking any more shit from these bastards otherwise like I said above we will deserve everything we get from now on.
  15. Hampden memories.

    One of my most memorable days out at Hampden was when the Harry Wraggs fucked the mhanks 4-1 in the league cup final, coming from Maryhill most of my mates were Jags supporters back then, it was an incredible day out, there was a bunch of Thistle supporters all gathered together in the Rangers end surrounded by the mhanks and when the first went in the dhims just shrugged their shoulders same as they did when the second hit the net, expecting their heroes to stage the comeback, when the third went in that's when it started to get ugly with the first of the fights starting, and by the time that the cunts went four nil down before halftime it became all out war, I've never enjoyed myself so much being in a fight with that lot as I did that day it was hilarious 'cause a few of our guys had come tooled with broken car aerials and if you've never seen the damage a broken car aerial can do to human flesh then take my word for it, you never want to be on the receiving end of one LOL. they were like men possessed swinging those fucking things tearing into the bastards, man it was a sight to see, the wankers thought the Jags supporters would shite themselves because of the sheer numbers on their side, but they got a hiding off the park that day as well. Maryhill was a good place to be that night. Sorry OP that it's not Rangers related, I realize it may not be what you were looking for when you started this thread but it was an enjoyable day at Hampden none the less.