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  1. Don't think that's what the OP is saying, I've been wondering the same thing myself for quite some time ie: where is the young talent we should be coaching? they all seem to be either let go or farmed out, and none seem to be good enough to break through into the first team, now I do understand that MW has transformed the youth set up and it may take time for that to come to fruition however it is depressing that wee have to bring in young loanees from England because apparently we cannot produce good enough talent from our own country.
  2. Fuck me, I read that as you trying the hotel so that you might try collapsing and dying LOL
  3. I don't think you read my post correctly mate I was advocating the exact opposite, if you read my post again you will find that I support our fans go to away games and support the team and let the haters know that we are the big fish in this pond, I just said do not give the bastards anything other than the cost of entry.
  4. Of course in a perfect world all Rangers fans should boycott all the away games in the SPFL, but unfortunately that would hurt us just as much as them in the fact that although we should be good enough to beat all those arseholes that tried to kill us off any team needs supporters to encourage them, it works both ways, we support the team and they try to reciprocate by trying that little bit harder, so fuck them all give them the blue pound but by fuck lets rub it in good style and let them know that they will always be minnows and that we are the big fish in the pond at every opportunity. What I would like to see is that our supporters refuse to purchase any goods at their grounds, pies bovril, programmes etc, and if you want a pint before the game don't go to any old bar but find a pub that is recognized as a Rangers friendly pub to enjoy a drink in, starve the towns of the clowns who chose to attempt to kill us off as well. Never forgive, never forget.
  5. Are we talking Watergate or Linda Lovelace here ?
  6. Oh so it's ok for us to invade the park and rape our players but as soon as opposition fans invade and assault our players we are up in arms, I know what option I'd prefer. Naw not rape you buggerer.
  7. That fucking idiots' been hanging out with his Tim fans for way to long that he now thinks like them, just shut the fuck up you fuckin mong.
  8. That's the very game mate, thanks for helping an auld yin out.
  9. I do seem to recall him taking over in goal for Chris Woods, and I'm also sure I was at that game, but my memory Is very hazy and I can't remember who it was against, senility is definitely creeping in lol!!
  10. Like all above I loved Ian Ferguson but I'll always wonder what he would have been like as an attacking midfielder, when he played for St Mirren he played further forward and I thought he looked like he could have went on to be world class, I always felt that we held him back a bit in that respect, however I'm sure Fergie didn't dwell any in that respect as I'm certain he would have played anywhere he was asked just as long as he could pull that jersey on and play for the Teddy Bears.
  11. I no longer consider them to be journalists, in my opinion they are just ordinary workers shit scared of getting on the wrong side of their bosses/owners and losing a well paid job that they are willing to give up on any shred of integrity that they may have once possessed and no longer care that what the write has any semblance of truth.
  12. It seems to be back to the same old story with The Rangers boards, don't mention any lies about the club or staff and we'll keep shtume, mention the fans and they can deal with it themselves. I'm really starting to get pissed off with the return of the "mr nice guys" approach from our board at a time when we should be standing shoulder to shoulder.
  13. I really thought after the first statement from the club that finally it was "gloves off", but that appears to have been short lived, this interview is just us going back to being mr nice guys again, the club should be on the front foot right now demanding satisfaction not hoping for a proper outcome.
  14. I was talking to my mate on Sunday and I kid you not while discussing the aftermath and the general political situation now developing in Scotland re: republican influence against the PUL community, we both said at the same time if they're not careful this could turn into another Ulster, probably far fetched, I bloody hope so.
  15. Good post mate, I tend to think along the same lines, before I left Scotland back in '95 for Canada I never really hated any other clubs supporters except for the "one" set of coarse and even then it was the club rather than their fans I hated(I had a good few mates who were tims), and I honestly never felt like I or the club were truly hated by others, disliked and envied certainly, and I understood were they came from, but at least I could have a civil conversation with most of them, even c****c supporters. Since I immigrated I've watched from afar at the disintegration of the behaviour towards our club culminating to where we now find ourselves, for long enough being so far away from it all, I at first didn't believe it could possibly be as bad as the reports we were getting from fan forums etc. I thought that out fans were exaggerating, but by listening to my brother, brother in law and friends back home it became apparent that what I was hearing was true, the dislike has morphed into pure bile. Somehow we need to get some friends back that we lost in the game, so how do we go about that? it's no use saying we don't need anyone else to help us, I say yes we do, being the lone wolf howling at the moon isn't going to get us anywhere and if we are not careful we'll find ourselves even more isolated , it's understandable while the wounds are still raw our fans saying "fuck them all" but at the end of the day, we're going to need support from within the game to rid us of the cabal running it at this moment in time, it's going to be a long hard struggle but if we wish to isolate ourselves then we will never get to play on a level playing field. While I would hate to give up on the so called "offensive songs" ,I've belted them out myself for more than 55yrs now ( I started around 5yrs old lol)it would be a clever thing to do as you say, it's not about what Scotland thinks but it goes globally now and we need support wherever we can get it, like you said not singing these songs won't stop the hating but it would allow the club to support the fans in a way that they have been unable to do in the past as they could not be seen to condone them, and they could then go on the attack without having the sectarian brush tarred upon the club, I can but dream but I don't believe it will ever happen anytime soon.