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  1. Just a thought but as he's been doing this like forever, maybe he's being told to do this, why won't the stubborn MW play him on the right where he is obviously more comfortable, I hate this obsession of playing right footers on the left and vice versa, it's okay on occasion but not permanently.
  2. I'm getting feelings of déjà vu, it's like the early 1980's ATM, investment was needed then, investment is needed now, unfortunately we are not as attractive a proposition now as we were then,I just can't see anyone with serious money being willing to put their cash into the SPFL. Hate to say it but it's looking to me like it's going to be a long road back.
  3. Valencia fans throwing bomb making equipment.............................heavy waterLOL!!!!
  4. a A magazine I read back then has always stuck in my memory, there was a full spread picture on the centre pages showing all the scars and recent bruises to his body that he had received playing football, it was like a patchwork quilt, he really did take some abuse but then it was a real mans game back then and though he looked skinny he was strong as fuck and kept coming back for more. I also seem to remember Harris saying something along the lines of "it doesn't matter how many times I clatter him he just gets up and comes back for more".
  5. Only reason I bought cable was to watch the EPL in full HD even though I knew it was crap last year, only kept watching because of the Leicester story, now I'm locked in for another 2years and only a few weeks in, I can't be arsed watching it anymore.
  6. Up there with the best to have played the game, I can only imagine what he would have been like playing on the carpets players get to play on these days, even on the mud heaps teams played on back then he seemed like a ballet dancer, great great player.
  7. Ibrox will still be standing for many years after their rust bucket has corroded into dust.
  8. First time I've watched Arsenal for a full 90mins this season, I think that it may well have been the last, I'm getting so bored watching the English premier league now I'm seriously considering not watching it anymore.
  9. Someone's been paying attention at school, I can only see two spelling mistakes here LOL!!
  10. You probably have a point here re genius players, but IMO Baxter had way more of an influence in games than Coops ever did, plus Baxter was playing from midfield as opposed to Coops out on the wing and therefore was more involved being in the engine room of the team, when Slim wasn't in the mood he was probably more hung over rather than he couldn't be bothered LOL.
  11. I'll probably get grief for this, but first let me say that when Cooper was in the mood he was indeed a genius, but the problem for us supporters who watched him from the beginning is that for a lot of the time he seemed to go into moods and just went through the motions, he was tremendous when he first signed for a couple of seasons but time seems to have blurred a lot of memories as he should have done a lot more with the talent that he possessed, although in his defence he was always a couple of moves ahead of his teammates at that time. He could be a moody cunt at times, he wasn't nicknamed "the moody blue" for no reason but it wasn't until Souness took over and better players were brought in that IMO we got to see the true genius of Davie Cooper, it has always been one of my regrets supporting The Rangers that we never got to see Coops for longer than we did in a team with players who could read his game. I did admire Cooper but my favourite #11 was wee Bud, never had Coops ability I know but I just loved the wee man.
  12. Mouldmasters, ohya bastard.
  13. Did you enjoy your sleep Rip.
  14. Ah, cheers mate.
  15. Before sutton started off on DJ he mentioned that DJ said something about him last Wednesday, does anyone know what it was DJ said about him? just curious to know what it was that gave that cunt the excuse to to start the argument.