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  1. we are a run of the mill average team, nothing more , nothing less...even at this early stage we can see this is where we are gonna be...unacceptable IMHO
  2. Is the big chap proving a point to MW? I know I let everyone down at the piggery, but I will make you play me in the SF.....
  3. Amen brother
  4. Only shot on target was penalty.....pish poor tbh
  5. Neutral venues for semis - just checked LC rules on SPFL site
  6. I would lrt him cool his heels
  7. Front 6 that started must go again Saturday
  8. Gattuso
  9. 6 yard box tap many last season ???
  10. Deedle and Jock.....the men who took me on my journey as a young Rangers fan in the 70s...a European trophy.....cup finals every year....trebles.....and plenty of aggro.....great men, great days
  11. Its on youtube, the guy who does all the old rangers 70s games has it
  12. 1970 v them, first, and the end of the drought...nuff said
  13. Agreed
  14. Just to put some context here, ah live in Dalry, mainly full of bears, and a few killie fans here too, every one to a man used to follow us..they and this tit..