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  1. Massive Week Ahead

    I bloody hope so
  2. Season Tickets Whos In?

    Not only renewed for 18th year in a row this year, but also bought my son his first season ticket.
  3. If theres not a good few changes after the last performance, then he's having a laugh.
  4. Ally and Ashley In Japan

    Does anyone know what school they went to ?
  5. managerial shortlist

    Numan and Ronald. I want entertained
  6. Nicky Law MOTM.

    McGregor was fantastic, he bailed foster out several times
  7. gut instinct

    At last !
  8. Something Good? Battle of Britain

    Have never heard a full house at Ibrox so quiet when Mcallister scored that early goal. And goram at elland road was out of this world
  9. Should Ally go

    Get the white hankies at the next home game. That's what they do in Spain when they want the manager out
  10. Has Miller improved the team's training and tactics?

    I think having a fit Lewis McLeod makes a massive difference
  11. The Founders Trail and Ibrox Stadium Tour Sunday 12th Oct.

    Me and the wee man went along earlier this year and would recommend it to any bear. The guys really know their stuff.
  12. WiFi and Jumbotrons

    The wifi is a waste of money IMO. I think I've only ever been able to get connected once since it was installed last season
  13. Rangers Left Peg.

    Both prso and waterreus were both right footed.
  14. Rumour: Wigan make bid for MacLeod

    tell wigan where to go. thats a joke of an offer
  15. The Rangers club membership

    Got mine there too. The wee mans hasn't arrived yet tho. Nice wee touch