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  1. Harry Forrester

    99% sure he was at the game today with his missus(who is a 10/10) and a wee baby in a pram. If not him, then his absolute double.
  2. I'll Admit I Doubted Waghorn

    He could nutmeg a mermaid 😂
  3. 1 Player

  4. ***Rumours thread***

    Do you honestly think we could afford Ronaldo or Bale ?
  5. Andy Halliday Joins Rangers - Offical

    Undergoing a medical, deal agreed with the player
  6. Have You Ever Cried At A Rangers Game?

    6-1 v Dunfermline to win the league. My father in law died a few days before and his last words to me were 'don't worry, the boys are going to win the league'. Rather than sitting in my own seat in the main stand, I sat in his seat that day. Also, who wasn't crying at the fernando benefit match ?
  7. Andy Halliday Joins Rangers - Offical

    Is he any good ?
  8. Marvin Bartley

    6'3" ? too small
  9. *** David Smith From Rutherglen***

    I love a happy ending
  10. Next Rangers Manager Will Be ......

    I'd fucking loaf it if we appointed Warburton
  11. The Most Exotically Or Flamboyantly Named Rangers Players.

    Moses Ashikodi, Ugo Ehiogu, Makhtar N'Diaye
  12. Mccall Needs To Focus On Getting Something Out Our Strikers

    Miller hardly touched the ball today. Lots of running off the ball, but as a striker, just not dangerous enough.
  13. Massive Week Ahead

    I bloody hope so
  14. Season Tickets Whos In?

    Not only renewed for 18th year in a row this year, but also bought my son his first season ticket.
  15. If theres not a good few changes after the last performance, then he's having a laugh.