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  1. Can't wait for their south Africa flag protests
  2. Can't take credit for writing the article,guy is a spot on blogger though
  3. We know you nose this forum for stories,here's one for you https://themanthebheastscanttame.wordpress.com/2016/08/17/if-jew-knew-their-history-part-3-padraig-podge-mullan/ Before anyone says Bears Den,yes it is,this is the kind of anti-semitic hatred and bigotry espoused by fans of a so called club open to all,indeed it is,open to all the dregs of humanity
  4. Facebook is shit for cunts anyway
  5. At least they're shouting instead of shaggin them
  6. Just meant his bitter whining demeanour
  7. The Caucasian collymore
  8. Seen he was booked now,fuck all compliance tit can do,mutton should just stick to spitting at lawyers
  9. Was he booked,never seen game at work
  10. No quarter No mercy No surrender
  11. Brendan loves a cock in a frock
  12. It's pretty pathetic,obviously the poor wee cocksuckers have nothing else to do,more to be pitied than mocked
  13. Maybe the rhag should investigate why a certain church is excluded from the current paedo investigation
  14. Square slice on a roll wi some Mexicana cheese if that's any help