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  1. No Post Match Interview

    An extra 30 seconds wouldn't have made a difference,what I'd like to know is where were the bookings for the players who ran into the crowd,we've had a guy sent off for less
  2. Help Your Fellow Bears

    https://mobile.twitter.com/Jens1872/status/734623210487025664 Some handy information for any bears in bother
  3. PFA Statement

    The worrying thing is the whole country knows what happened and they still try to cover it up,north Korea would be proud
  4. Lee Wallace assault culprit.

    Nice of Dibble to let him go after cuffing him,restores my faith in the law
  5. First Minister condemns violence

    You'd almost think she'd been shamed into it by a club statement......
  6. Hivs Statement

    Barest minimum the shameless bastards could give,not surprising though
  7. 'Wings Over Scotland' on the cup final chaos.

    Spooky similarities there, just saying
  8. @talkSPORTDrive

    The SSfa knew too
  9. Peter And Nicola.

    Honestly thought this was Gerrard Kelly
  10. Goram got attacked at beaster road too
  11. Radio Jockland

    Deflectors set to full,it's okay to be a junkie spoonburner cunt intent on causing trouble and attacking players,but don't say any naughty words,this country is fucked in the head
  12. Hardly surprising they were allowed on the park

    Shame his name and face is in it,shame......
  13. Time to unite

    For too long there's been factions still arguing amongst us,it now has to stop,we've seen what happened today,utterly disgraceful stuff,already the bheasts of social and mainstream media are trying to distort the truth,there's a war coming next season and we must be ready for it,they will try to kick us from pillar to post,division causes weakness unity is strength,an attack on one Bear is an attack on us all,be it in the press or in the streets,be strong,be ready and as always NO SURRENDER
  14. The Animosity Against Our Club

    Should be on the dole Monday morning the cunt,wonder if he'd be congratulating a bunch of people running into his corrupt little enclave and assaulting his staff? I doubt it