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  1. Shame on you,he's a fucking legend
  2. If you are reading this Mr sutton (If you can actually read)
  3. I'd love to know how this one guy was pulled up,it's standard septic procedure,chuck one lamb to the slaughter to make their fetid club look like they're trying to weed it out,have they found the bloo stained banner holders yet? In a season ticket area,it's not rocket science,that big fuck uefa banner,one guy held that up apparently too
  4. When I played Sunday league that wouldn't even be a free kick,whinging pansies these professionals
  5. On the Forrester tackle,mutton,the ref dealt with it so whinge all you want that's the decision,pish stained mcnally had a twatter meltdown too
  6. #stripthemiracles
  7. Heckler & Koch
  8. I trust Mr sutton will receive a lovely welcome tomorrow evening.......
  9. Has she not worked it out,if you hang about twatter with rancid nationality confused bigots and yestapo nazionalists then you'll be treated accordingly? I've taken some horrendous abuse myself of the plastics online in my time but I don't feel the need to go whine about it for sympathy/publicity/attention,ignore her,daft wee lassie
  10. See if I hadn't missed this game I'd have been sooo offended so ah would have,but I was too busy painting my toenails and watching mamma mia
  11. They didn't even know till Lee Wallace grassed him in
  12. Who'd have the baws to break it to Ethel?
  13. You might not be far off the mark there,Joey was due to miss Saturday and Tuesday to do book promotional stuff anyway I'm sure