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  1. Facial Recognition To Punish Fans

    was phone in on radio shortbread about it,hijacked with timmy pish as usual,apparently Morton had bricks thrown at them now,why must they lie?
  2. The Regent Pollokshaws Road?

    Irene is a cracking woman,even gave my wee girl a tiger outfit,loves her punters and they love her
  3. The Regent Pollokshaws Road?

    it's open
  4. The Regent Pollokshaws Road?

    I'll pop down and check shortly
  5. Facial Recognition To Punish Fans

    this is just another police state tactic,personally I've nothing to worry about but that's not the point,if you want to take a picture or film your kid at a nativity play you need prior permission from other parents that it's OK,now kids go to games,I take it they will need to ask permission of the parents with them before filming? if not then surely it's a breach of rights,I know I don't want some stranger filming my kid without my consent
  6. Tell The Big Policeman If You Get Frightened At The Football

    thumbs coupon scares and offends me,who do I phone
  7. A Guest Writer Says "hullo Hullo"

    we live in a country where people hear four lads and two seconds later they're on twatter bleating it's the famine song,it's ingrained In the mope culture to whine about anything,if they can't spot the different lyrics there then they'll never spot one word changed,sad but true. On the plus side,come next season,they'll know we're back,they'll know us by our fucking noise,time to turn Ibrox back into the cauldron of old,still hear that sound of all stands belting songs out on occasion,we all expect our lads to give all for 90 minutes,time we did the same
  8. Who Is Your Most Disliked Rangers Player Ever?

    Big DJ's moisturising regime is doing well
  9. Francesco Stella

    ausie plays in oz shock
  10. Spfl Board To Discuss Sectarian Chanting

    the decision will be changing one word and it's ok,necks it is then
  11. Green And Whyte At Court Today

    wonder if he's declared the funding to hmrc
  12. Offended?

    My guess is they'll say Arab doesn't mean Arabian in this context,yes,in the same way fenian doesn't mean Catholic,let's see the fuckers squirm out of that one
  13. Osman Sow

    so Warbs finally worked out his mrs pressie,two silk purses it is
  14. Happy New Year Bears

    happy new year all,fingers crossed we'll be three points clear in another league this time next year
  15. New Years Games Against The Soapdodgers...

    not a classic this one,one nil at the stadium of blight,Spackman scored,game was scrappy as hell but by god were we in fine voice,never heard timmy the whole match