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  1. Sounds like he was having a wank going by this
  2. Happy birthday Fernando,keep up the fight and never surrender
  3. Ah right,didn't realise that
  4. Mind that boy got done for dressing as postman pat with a parcel adressed to tlb,this is worse
  5. The real Big Jock
  6. This,first top I ever had,loved it but the nipple rash off the badge was brutal
  7. Hard to cast judgement on last night,team were poor In second half,good positioning for his goal though and looks to have good pace too
  8. Got myself into Somerset Park,for two nil game wi Mcleod overhead kick,from Ayrshire originally and my mate was on turnstiles at the railway end,actually had ticket for it anyways so donated it to a Bear in need outside,so wasn't technically free but didn't need ticket
  9. Fair play to the Forres directors,that was great hospitality from them,there's still some decent folk out there
  10. Kiev night will live with me forever,coming out the subway and place going mental even before reaching the stadium,Gough equaliser was crazy,in East enclosure and got bruised to hell,totally worth it though
  11. He's heading for legend status
  12. Bohemians away
  13. Or maybe what the big man shouted before his tackle