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  1. You are cordially invited to come and suck the pus from my nans infected piles
  2. Did you know man city done their toilets over too? Thought not,press seem to have missed that somehow........ Hope the wee Bear is ok,no need for that kind of thing,sickening stuff
  3. Anyone else thinking one nil wins at the piggery here
  4. Ally Scored his first goal against the bheast after 27 seconds,Scored 27 against them,some coincidence that,pity it wasn't in the second minute
  5. Get me a ticket and I'll get my Mrs to give ye more than a semi
  6. This is what sets us apart from the supportersof inferior clubs,well done VB,defending our traditions indeed
  7. Borrusia Legomunchandleftback
  8. Standing section? On a European night? Do yoofa know this?
  9. Women,know your limits
  10. Nice to see but saddening at the same time,Ronaldo does take some stick for his on field arrogance or petulant antics but deep down he's a good guy who does a lot of unsung charity work,I feel sadder every time I see Fernando,hard to believe it's the same guy who grabbed me and gave me a big Bearhug in a petrol station cause I had a Gers top on,memory I'll always treasure
  11. Look where bt sponsor a stand,clue for those who don't know- the most vile and shameful thing ever to happen in world football was covered up by this club
  12. If I remember correctly Mr Harris was a financial consultant for the bheasts
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/pzj_54/status/786228900602847232?p=v oh dear
  14. The main thing is the fact these players all joined said schemes after signing for the huggie tuggers,that can't just be coincidence
  15. http://williampoole.blogspot.co.ke/2013/02/wp-archives-jun-04-2012-celtic.html?m=1 only four years late with their investigation