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  1. Videos that cheer you up :)

    For some reason I was sure it was night before,my bad
  2. It's Erskine - but without that annoying govanblue!

    Didn't know about the text number,now fools like me without bank cards can put wee drop more in when possible
  3. Videos that cheer you up :)

    Unless I've got mixed up Mols done his knee in Munich the night after
  4. Videos that cheer you up :)

    Remember what karma did the night after though
  5. Police Scotland tonight

    Just read through last few pages,thank fuck I'm a godless heathen bastard,saves hassle
  6. Police Scotland tonight

    My country of birth is broken,I'm proud to be Scottish,proud to be British,this is what my great grandfather died for at paschendaele,for our freedom to express ourselves,the German kaiser and the nazis years later wished to enslave us,Britain said no,we're not having that and took it to them,now our own Parliament wants to take these rights from us,do what Wilhelm and Adolf couldn't achieve,if I wish to decry an organization that has hidden paedophilia and murdered countless millions throughout the ages,or decry an organization that murdered soldier and civilian alike then that is my right,a human right that this government would love to erode,did he die for nothing? Did they all die for nothing? It's nearly 100 years since the somme offensive began,thousands mown down by machine gun fire,braver men than I'll ever be,they did it for us and these bastard hypocrites will fawn on July first,it sickens me
  7. We hate them but respect must be shown to Hibs

    Definitely a double bagger mate,stay safe
  8. *****RM POTY Nominees

    Tough choice,every one on here that's stuck by the club deserves a shout,so well done one and all,Dart for his insightful posts,Jules for his excellent videos,but my vote is for Govanblue for his tremendous work for Erskine,totally selfless and a nice bloke too
  9. Rangers v Arsenal 89.

    My memory is vague from that game too,was my eighteenth birthday and I spent it ratted in the east enclosure,best place I could've spent it
  10. Friendship Trophy For The Old Firm

  11. Which Ibrox legend are you?

    Wee Willie Henderson
  12. One of my favourite pictures

  13. One of my favourite pictures

  14. One of my favourite pictures