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  1. 2x Elgin wanted

    hi mate are you still looking for elgin tickets. i have 2 home end tickets which im picking up in elgin. i help run Linwood no1 bus. let me know if i can help you
  2. have e-mailed UEFA and they informed me that rules for referees are the same whether in premier division in any country or lower divisions. so kenny do one and get tae feck. you are a anti-rangers bigot. as UEFA have said yellow card and red card fouls are the same no matter what division or league.
  3. Ross County's vote

    yes they voted against. do not forget this!
  4. Why I don't read the daily record....

    i worked there for about 7 years not as a journalist, it was full of taigs. there was a few bears but the main people were anti-rangers
  5. Buses for tomorrows game

    linwood no 1 bus going we could pick you up at stirling services if any good for you
  6. SPL team away in the cup

    can understand why people want to support the club, however if away draw in next round then for me a total boycott and rangers refuse to handle any tickets. they tried to kill us as a football club, will break my heart not being there.
  7. the vote was 29 for us and 1 against. no team abstained. we do need to find out who it was, for too long we have let others do and say what they want. NO more.
  8. Clyde tickets

    I am pretty sure it was clyde who voted not to allow us in SFL. Will dig back and get there statement,no team abstained.If it was definitely clyde then a boycott should take place.
  9. Boycott

    dont agree mate boycott best option. dont give them money
  10. League Cup draw tommorow

    my gut feeling is home draw would be best, however an away game against sphell team to get the boycott started. dont give them a penny
  11. RSC's going to Brechin - Renfrewshire area

    Linwood no1/ Erskine choosen few running a bus, times to be confirmed. you can contact us on here.
  12. Taig Showing No Respect At Founders Trail Today

    Was there with my 2 sons. the dickhead knew what he was doing,only out of respect at being at Mr Struths graveside did it stop me nutting the taig.
  13. Club 12

    Why would we go back to splhell just to help the feckers who have stabbed us in the back.Sorry but we must make it clear we are staying in sfl3.Cannot believe some are talking about accepting sanctions to get back to play in sphell. Ffs these teams tried to kill our club.
  14. Anyone Going On Founders Tour Tomorrow

    yeah me and my son going tomorrow, looking forward to great day out.Dont know who is more excited me or him.
  15. Terraces!

    Seats can be be removed on temporary measure and re-instated when back in SPHELL.Think this would be good idea but would need fans to back it.