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  1. *UPDATE* - Jim Baxter's Scotland Shirt From '67 Is Coming Home, To Ibrox!

    This news has really brightened up my day! What an amazing gesture! :clap:
  2. Conference Call for Mr Green ?

    Excellent OP! TBH as much as i think the possibility of moving to England is remote i for one would love it to happen. Totally agree that SKY is the key for it ever happening. Let the scum of the SPL drown in their own piss!
  3. ***The Oficial Lee Wallace appreciation thread***

    Well done Lee your commitment will always be remembered!
  4. Power to the People!

    Appears that Jock might have kept a secret....
  5. That Walter Smith Interview

    The timing of Archie coming up the tunnel was just genius!
  6. Renaming Ibrox and Auchenhowie

    Re-naming Ibrox is a no no from me. We have a healthy bank balance at the moment wie no debt so dont see the reasoning in doing so. Auchenhowie is another matter tho.....
  7. What a team!

    The Rangers Shiney was always the one everybody wanted (taigs included lol). Ah remember the pure joy of getting a Rangers sticker in ma packet! Glory days indeed! :21: :21:
  8. What a team!

    Thought id post a picture of the brilliant Rangers team from 1984 which im sure will bring back memories for some of our older bears. These stickers come from Panini's Football 84 collection. Super Ally and Cooper on the same sticker! - cannae beat it! RANGERS THEN, RANGERS NOW, RANGERS FOREVER!!
  9. Green? or Walter?

    Was the best news in ages when Walter's statement came out yesterday!
  10. New Members

    Hi fellow Bears im Big Al fae Ayr and its time to say hello. WATP! Cheers!
  11. Best/worst foreigner?

    Best: Laudrup (Best ever IMO) Worst: Velička (Woeful - should never have graced the jersey)