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  1. IF they are serious then the only option is to withdraw from the Scottish Cup. From the wording of the statement and the lack of SFA action then surely that's the main option they have.
  2. Aye on another day when the mhedia are blaming our fans for the full 100 seats broken at Pittodrie and the video shown of a sheep fan being hit by a chair from their end is blamed on us.......how's about get tae......
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/DougyG9/status/779771527864680448 heres the first line of enquiry......
  4. Also said there was minimal contact with Craig Gordon's Kung fu kick the other night.
  5. Sutton saying people know he's unbiased.....wasn't he saying WE the other week when the tarriers won in Europe.....
  6. See if Garner doesn't start on Sunday and we win I doubt anyone will give an actual fuck.
  7. I'm actually glad we have them before the league game at Ibrox.
  8. Oh look Lawwell saying the tarriers were offered him in May....
  9. Get him the right kind of service and he'll score the goals.
  10. Who remembers the Harry Forrester threads last season.....
  11. As far as I'm aware anyway the SPFL can't tell clubs what to do on this matter. If I'm right in thinking this was their argument regarding s minutes silence and poppies for Rememberance day. If they ever did try to enforce this is EXPECT the club to tell them where to go. I will never get the minutes applause thing for me the minutes silence is more respectful and allows reflection on what happened.
  12. Can't believe this is actually being asked as a serious question. This is and always will be a minutes silence. Fuck them, what do they really have to do with it! This is about us remembering, respecting and celebrating the lives of our own. Those cunts will always act like scum in this situation but why the fuck should we change this moment for them.
  13. The hatred towards us has without a doubt intensified especially since 2012 but if anything my feelings towards my club have grown stronger watching the hatred pour out against our club and its traditions. I understand the sentiment in the OP but cannot agree that it would want you to give up on Rangers. Rangers have in my lifetime always been the most hated side in this country and always will be. Sure the acts lately have become more vile and yes there is uneven policing of football but it shouldn't stop you following your club. You give up and you also miss out on us getting back to our rightful place in Scottish football. The best GIRFUY to all of them will be 55.
  14. Graeme Souness kick started a revolution not just for us but in Scottish football. We started that season poorly but went on to win the title, wearing the strip design we have now after a period of decline at our club we reclaimed our rightful place at the top. At the beginning of that season we sat 4th after a few months but during the season our team gelled and went on to win the title. Lets hope history is in some ways repeating itself!! WATP!!
  15. We've had MW,Walter and Ally talk in the past couple of days about managing Rangers and when success should be achieved/targeted. Listen to Walter and MW, both seem to know that it has to be done in the short term, there is no other option. Ally in fairness says Rangers fans expect it straight away but that it will probably take longer. For me it just show the wrong mentality for a man to be in charge of our club(thankfully now he isn't). I would say though the Ally threads now are quite tedious. He was an awful manager but a figurehead. I watched today the Ian Andrews OF game and was reminded of his talent as a player. Younger Bears will probably think he was just a goal scorer but the guys hold up play, on field intelligence etc was superb....,The managerial period is still raw for me but when you look back at that player, by fuck what a player!