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  1. Warburtons style of play

    NINETEEN league games we won out of 36 last season....take a minute to let that sink in....
  2. Waghorn and Forrester

    If Waggy is back for the final it means KM doesn't carry all of the striker workload by himsel, McKay is superb at what he does but our front 3 just now lack a big of killer instinct. If we get Waghorn cutting in from the right again it's a HUGE weapon from us and we also haven't got close to the partnership he and Tav had.
  3. ST Renewals Out Today

    I bet there's more chance of you lot buying a ST for Ibrox than the Adam Johnson Arena anyway you mhanky bastard!
  4. Waghorn and Forrester

    By the time the final comes round he'll have been out 6/7 weeks
  5. Alex Gilbey

    Well he certainly seems to like Rangers. Put up his support before the SF and retweeted posts from the official Rangers page etc... Doesn't really count for much but this could be why Peopme are linking him.
  6. Waghorn and Forrester

    Heard somewhere it's 6-8 weeks recovery for his injury, time the final comes round he'll have been out for about 6, so I'll keep the fingers crossed on that one.
  7. Police Scotland tonight

    Just as well the didn't hear my boy getting caught singing TBBs at his nursery two days after we beat the mhanks......
  8. Waghorn and Forrester

    I think that we need one or both back in contention for the final. Waghorns movement and goals are missing and not having Forrester reminds me of earlier in the season when Holt was out injured. Weve seen Rangers teams after clinching titles dropping off in the past however there is no magic switch to get energy levels and form back on track. Having said that these two could significantly change our energy levels and play. Hibs as much as they tend to bottle it also tend to cause us problems which means we need to be at the levels we were for our game at Ibrox in December, the SC match v Dundee and our victory in the SF against the mhanks.
  9. ST Renewals Out Today

    Cheers mate, missed out the season before due to work (or lack of it) ah well as long as I've got my ST sorted that's all that matters.
  10. ST Renewals Out Today

    Will the ticket office be able to opt you in??
  11. ST Renewals Out Today

    Will phone the ticket office to get on it.
  12. ST Renewals Out Today

    Can't seem to join up to CCCS for away and cup final games.....
  13. Zelalem v Alloa

    There is a player in there and should bulk up awe bit over the next couple of seasons. Obvioysly has huge self belief given his penalty against the mhanks and if you noticed yesterday he grabbed the ball straight away at ours yesterday only for Halliday to say it was his. His movement is excellent IMO and will probably go on to play at a decent level.
  14. Tav on Twitter

    And guess what folks.....the courageous record is already running with it....
  15. On My Way To The Game Today.

    We got up (like the gentlemen we are) to let 2 women have the seats because the bus was mobbed, when they got off we sat back down and he said "Oh I thought you'd away and left me". Ive spoken to several players over the years but have to admit this was a genuine WOW moment,to meet someone from that era and of that status was just brilliant.