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  1. The Captaincy

    This thread shouldn't even exist.
  2. SPFL Championship Team of the Season

    I know it's been said but how the fuck can the POTY not be in the team of the year?
  3. Barton £20,000 a week

    Genuinely not that fussed what his wages are. Has already stated he's not here for the money but for the challenge that lies ahead. For the quality he should bring alone he is a good signing. Also think that he may be a catalyst for other players joining. Our club and management have shown real ambition with this signing.
  4. Joey's at it already ...

    https://mobile.twitter.com/Joey7Barton/status/735178383978418177 he is gonna be gold.
  5. Tom English on R Scotland

    It is true that most of them and fans of other clubs hate us more than they love their own club.
  6. Tom English on R Scotland

    Fuck every single one of the rhabid hating bastards! If songs offend them that much then they better turn down their tellies when we are on and stay the fuck out of Ibrox, coz its gonna be a cauldron next season. The last thing you do is poke a bear. We have dealt with enough pish over the past 5 years but no more. No more do we pander to any cunt.
  7. Rangers FC statement

    Best statement I've ever seen from our club and excellent that they've backed our fans as well.
  8. Is the board inaction today

    You not think they might be involved in ongoing investigations and have been advised not to comment further?
  9. The uneducated and the childish

    Not that bothered by the Sevco pish BUT I would say that BetFred are now a sponsor of Scottish Football and it doesn't look good on their part despite the apology.
  10. Niko kranjcar

    Spot on mate.
  11. Niko kranjcar

    Fucking legend.....
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/JohnMasonMSP/status/732678348539826176
  13. Niko kranjcar

    You seem like a lone voice on this one...
  14. Niko kranjcar

    SDoW was s short term fix for us, an older player brought in to shore up a team that was failing. He took our team to s European final and won a good number of trophies in a short space of time. He was a figurehead and a leader, Rangers class. For me Lee Wallace is a future Rangers legend also.
  15. Niko kranjcar

    Of course he does.