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  1. Right now we are lacking in EVERY department. We are starting games too slowly, our passing is pedestrian and decision making poor. Up top we are not creating enough and when good balls are put in (Tavs crosses) there has been no one on the end of them. I said to my dad at the Mwell game we can't keep having sides take the lead, that will cost us more points than we gain. Im normally fairly positive with Rangers but tonight there isn't a great deal to take from that match. At best I'd say at least Tav is back on FK duty and we have Windass and Holt to come back....that's about it.
  2. Not pissed off by it mate but I just think it's another wee snide dig. The reason I think it's deliberate is that any other tweets about tonight's game is they've tagged in the official Rangers page with it.
  3. Wee new club dig.....
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/OfficialKillie/status/769200498343813120 Another wee snide dig....
  5. Do you know how, when Rangers have gone about their business or that they didn't try to bring defwnders in sooner coz let's face it none of us really know what's gone on behind the scenes. Youve said our recruitment team has question marks them but then say you don't give a fuck about who they've approached.......bit of a strange statement to make given that it shows they have actively looked to resolve that position. Last season most of us would've said CDM was a HUGE priority aseellsnd we resolved it, many said we needed about and out striker...we resolved that too. As for whosever been linked with,what's in the press isn't always what we are going for, remember not one outlet knew about Dodoo. Also with transfers do you honestly think teams just wait til the end of their season before they approach or "scout" signings? ME stated on several occasions that the work started very early in terms of targeting players, I'd say most clubs will be the same. Again it still brings in the question you don't like....who else should we be going for?
  6. They don't though you're saying it puts question marks over recruitment and then say we've added Hill and Senderos which ignores the fact that we've tried to recruit other CBs. Ball said he had the option to come back, we tried to sign Mariapoa, then there's Lescott and Senderos You are openly criticising the recruitment despite the fact they've approached a number of CBs and managed to sign 10 other players Its strange to say we've done poorly but then offer up no alternative AND that we have actively seeker other players. P.S. In what way have we had double the time?
  7. Thing is mate at the start of the transfer window ME said striker and CB but people need to remember that transfers don't just happen. Also its not like we haven't tried before now. Ball stated he had the chance to come back, we tried to bring in Marriappa and Lescott and signed Hill. As far as I'm concerned we've gone about our business brilliantly and made some fantastic signings.
  8. Who should they have brought in?
  9. http://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/crooks-ready-return/#.V7wRpN_Zrp4.twitter Set to play for the u20s against St.Mirren.
  10. Goram Stevens Gough Butcher Robertson Laudrup Durrant Gascoigme Cooper McCoist Hateley Klos Ricksen Amorouso Moore Numan Reyna Ferguson Gio Albertz Prso De Boer I know in my 2nd team a few were in there at the nd of Walters 1st time but that's my teams from 2 successful eras. So many more I could put in there TBH.
  11. The linesman at the enclosure was equally as brutal...
  12. Compare that to some of the email responses fans have had from the BBC for example that is really good. However I don't see the point complaining about Sutton, he has on occasion been (tried to be) complimentary of us and the way we try to play. He is most likely on board there because he is a bit of an arse and argues with all around him. His tendencies will always show through bt are we really going down a route of complaining about him having an opinion? Oh and if he annoys you that much go on to Twitter and askh about his film companies......
  13. Will end up being something like those "loyalty" payments you see players getting even when they've just left.....
  14. Totally agree mate MW is without a doubt a great talker and I would bet has a great "sales pitch" Tell you what if anyone had told me we'd sign Barton, Kranjacar and the likes of Rossiter and Dodoo and to be even linked with the likes of Lescott before the end of last season I'd have laughed at them.
  15. I'm taking the piss anyway mate.....rant away. Moany Bastard Loyal.