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  1. Willie Vass Stenny Pics

    its been around since start of last season started as a joke on supporters bus and just kept going charles green,ian black,kyle hutton,neil alexander and the wee rangers club staff have all happily posed for pics with the flag so far look out for it in the west enclosure
  2. Willie Vass Stenny Pics

    willie vass must of been quick to get that pic.not long after a stenny security wanker came and ripped it down claiming rangers security had said to remove it.spoke to rangers security who said that was bollocks and he in turn made sure flag was returned to myself with instructions to bring it to the next stenny game FAT BASTARD LOYAL WE EAT WHAT WE WANT
  3. The Home Shirt

    exact same happening to mine taking it back tomorrow
  4. as per title can meet outside ground
  5. Bluenoses who turned

    what kind of gers fan would shag a mhank????? fucking disgusting
  6. hell will freeze over before i listen to anything the rst is associated with.i still have a bag of dry powder they told me to keep and never told me what to do with it
  7. 9 ct gold rangers pendant

    no chain mate looking for £50 posted
  8. 9 ct gold rangers pendant

    can i post on the forum to sell this item ??????
  9. If you don't renew! Never come back !

    i will decide if i renew and i will decide if i come back.
  10. montrose and queens park away tickets

    trying to sell as a pair surely someone wants them
  11. montrose and queens park away tickets

    montrose ticket arrived today ready to post out
  12. montrose and queens park away tickets

    have done mate
  13. montrose and queens park away tickets

    i added on postage if its a problem just remove thread.first time i have sold tickets
  14. 1x montrose away and 1x queens park away for sale.montrose ticket will be posted friday 22nd march and queens park the following wednesday by recorded delivery.looking to sell both together for £30 posted