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  1. 'Not being thickle' Aye right half of the posters on this forum are as thickle as it gets! ask the majority on here about Tav only two or three months ago and he was completely pish and needing replaced now he is a great fullback, ask about McKay last week and he was our best player now this week he has been shite all season and needing dropped, Kiernan after the Celic game was a quality CB with great potential and Wilson was atrocious a few months later and Kiernan is totally pish while Wilson is a solid CB. Our fans need to wake up, look past more than two or three games at a time, they need to realise that it's a long season and players are bound to have dips in form, if they didn't have dips in form they would be playing at a higher level than the SPL, numerous posters are making themselves look like fucking idiots.
  2. Foderingham - 7.5 - Very good both halves Tavernier - 7.5 - Consistantley good throughout MotM Keirnan - 6 - Didn't do much wrong but people have picked him as the scapegoat so he will take all the blame once again. Wilson - Ok performance Wallace - 5 - Very poor Barton - 5.5 - First half 3.5 second half 7. Rossiter - 6 - Decent enough overall Halliday - 5 - Poor performance he shouldn't be in the team Forrester - 5 - Just didn't turn up. Miller - 5 - Very poor other than the goal McKay - 5 - Poor performance two or three magic passes created any chances we had in the first half but overall very poor. Started the 2nd half much better but not good enough first half. Dodoo, Niko & MOH all did well, ran at the opposition, created chances but end product could have been better I would give them a 6.5 or 7.
  3. Yes he was poor today like everyone else in that first half however in the Dundee game he was our best player some of you cunts are so thickle it's unreal do you have the memory of a goldfish or something? his early season form was outstanding, he wasn't the greatest in the Hamilton game and again today which were funilly enough two of our worst team performances under Warburton he can't be expected to do it all himself and the few chances we had in the first half were the result of his vision and passing ability.
  4. Thank fuck for that Miller is still pish but I will definetley take that 😄
  5. He USED to be a centre back and in that position was on the verge of not making it as a professional he was that bad. It was only when he moved to CM that he excelled and ended up in the League 2 team of the year. Just because someone is big and tall doesn't mean they will be good at CB.
  6. Well you will be disappointed then because Crooks is a centre midfielder.
  7. Mine has been fine so it's your computer/internet connection that is dire.
  8. Is Kenny shagging Mark's daughter or something.
  9. Thank fuck for that Miller did his best to fuck it up we were lucky that it fell to Harry now let's get the winner
  10. Tom Miller "There's not been allot wrong with the Rangers performance" What planet does this fat cunt live on.
  11. Why the fuck is Miller still on.
  12. So everyone is wrong and you are right? I bet you were one of the people that were trying to hound him out of the club the first time and are now raging he proved you wrong.
  13. What a load of shite yes McKay's been poor today but have a look at the People's Man Of The Match thread on this forum and you will see McKay is ahead of everyone else or can you not see past 1 game at a time?
  14. Horrendous performance this team are nowhere near as good as the team that started last season. We have better players but the short sharp crisp passing and constant movement has completely stopped and has been replaced with slow pointless sideways/backwards passes and a static midfield/forward line. The team need to go back to basics re install Warburtons rules about no long balls whatsoever, no retarded aimless headers forward, no ridiculous 40 yard shots by the centre backs. That's the way that blew away all the teams we played so let's get back to it.
  15. Miller is wank this season