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  1. ****The Official Rangers v Alloa thread****

    Fuckin hell Halliday has been rotten today.
  2. ****The Official Rangers v Alloa thread****

    It would be nice to see Liam Burt finally get a proper chance today.
  3. ****The Official Rangers v Alloa thread****

    Forgot Billy King was playing he needs to get involved.
  4. ****The Official Rangers v Alloa thread****

    Blame Halliday for that not the defence.
  5. Barrie Mckay Steps Up

    The 'poor attitude' line only came about because at the time many fans were still on the side of super duper Ally and were desperate to make excuses as for why he was playing full backs & defensive centre midfielders on the wing instead of McKay. While McKay clearly wasn't as good as he is now, he was still very good for usin the 3rd division he had the most assists in the league so he did have some end product as well and was probably the only entertainment we had, then the following season mccoist decided to drop him for the likes of Steven Smith, Faure, Aird, Gallagher & Peralta. McKay played twice in the next season and in both games he came on and changed the game yet was dropped again straight away. In the first half of his loan for Morton he was pretty good an the fans were happy with him; McKay expected to be recalled because at the time we were struggling but mccoist decided against it which made McKay's head go down which is why in the2nd half of the season loan he wasn't as good for them which is why the Morton fans got on his back a bit.I would have been pissed off if Steven Smith was getting selected ahead of me as well, Sure he might not have been that mature but what 16/17 years old is?the fact is the way he was treated by mccoist was a joke and the fans were far to quick to write him off in order to justify the tit that is ally mccoist:
  6. McKay

    I hope that guy who createdRangers compilation videos for Weiss, Aluko etc...is compiling a video of all his goals, main assists and skills for an end of season compilation it will be some viewing.
  7. *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    Extremely disappointing performance (except by the god amongst men in Barrie McKay) Hopefully that's our blip out of the way and Warburtons bootssome arses so we can get back to putting these junkie bastards back in their rightful place.
  8. *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    A fucking joke, get Burt &King on.
  9. Arnold Peralta

    The board should be doing this themselves, it should certainlybe a bigger prioritythan inviting mccoist back to Ibrox. Someone needs to bring it to the boards attention.
  10. What do we need for next season?

    Don't expect a tall striker to hit balls upto that isn't Warburtons way he doesn't need a plan B his plan B is to do plan A better. I would expect Hardie to be loaned out again hopefully to a higher level than Raith this time.
  11. What do we need for next season?

    We will more than likely loose 3 CM's in Shiels, Zelalem & Law so we need another one on top of Windass & Crooks. We definetley require cover for Tav & Wallace it's a miracle neither have been injured so far. We will loose King so we need another higher quality winger to complement McKay, Forrester& O'Hallaron, I would send one of Burt or Walsh out onloanand keep the other. We will need a higher quality replacement for Clark to provide decent cover/competitionfor Waghorn as I also expect Miller to take a step back this year and take more of a coaching role. Out-- Cammy Bell Gedion Zelalem Nicky Law Dean Shiels David Templeton Billy King In-- (New Fullback) - One that can play on either side. (New CB) Dominic Ball: Loan (hopefully) Matt Crooks: £50k (New CM) Josh Windass: £50k (New Winger) (New Striker)
  12. Where is Jacqueline

    That video never gets old same with that Thai Tims Tommy Burns song.
  13. Player Ratings

    Maybe but he looked more fucked in extra time than the players who had been on from the start did! he was extremely lazy tracking back either that or he is just slow as fuck. He gave the ball away stupidly twice other than that his passing wasn't too bad and his penalty was excellent but he looks much different from when he first arrived here, the couple of games when he got Man Of The Match should have been the benchmark for him unfortunetley for what ever reason he hasn't kicked on.
  14. Player Ratings

    Player Ratings-- Wes Foderingham - 7 - Some good saves could do little with the goals James Tavernier - 8.5 - He is anabsolute beast of a player, thefitteston the park never stopped leading the way until the game had finished Rob Kiernan - 8 - He was bossing it before injury. Danny Wilson - 7 - He was far toeasily out jumped for the scums first goal other than that he was solid. Lee Wallace - 7.5 - First half was outstanding linking up with Barrie as usual bit quiter 2nd half but defensively solid still. Jason Holt - 7.5 - Full of energy as usual and got into some great positions vital for our link up play. Dominic Ball - 7 - Mopped up well and was composed on the ball butdidn't contribute much going forward but still a vital performance from the young man. Andy Halliday - 8 - Full of heart he was representing every Rangers fan on the pitch and fucking bossed it Brown was outclassed. Dean Shiels - 5 - Was the only weak link in the starting XI maybe a bit harsh as he was out of position but still he contributed nothing. Kenny Miller - 7.5 - Never stopped running and took his goal well, he isproving me wrong this season his new contract fully deserved. Barrie McKay - 9 - Was brilliant from the start, he ran at them brilliantly and his passing is incredibly intelligent some outstanding through balls and link up play with Wallace was a joy to behold. Not to mention his tracking back, energy and running right to the final whistle was sensational, then to top it off he scores a wonder goal, one of the best you are likely to see in an Old Firm match. Subs-- Nicky Law - 5 - Didn't play that well and almost put celtic through on goalbut looked to get stuck in and took his penalty very calmly. Nicky Clark - 5 - You can't fault his effort,his heart and his love for Rangers he may not be good enough for Rangers but you can't help but like him. Gedion Zelalem - 4 - He looks completely shot of confidence, he seems a nice lad andhe must have some ability within him and I hope he manages to bring it out next season for whatever team he is playing for good luck to the boy
  15. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    McKay definitely man of the match. 2nd--Tavernier 3rd--Halliday 4th--Kiernan