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  1. Fucking this I can just imagine the looks of pure confusion and retardation on their faces as they don't quite know what to do.
  2. That disgraceful article cannot be allowed to fly! The Herald should be made aware exactly what 'Gerry' has said and with the publicity that will come from it I can't see him being in a job for very long. As for the 'lawyer' I don't know who he works for but I'm sure whoever they are they won't like the publicity that will be coming their way either when it gets out they have a hate filled bigot working for them. Rangers need to highlight this disgraceful article with a statement on the official website Gerry Braiden cannot be allowed to escape justice by quickly deleting the offending text.
  3. .
  4. Yeah true but you would have expected based on last seasons form that Hill, Miller and Barton especially to have been more than good enough for Scottish football it just didn't turn out that way.
  5. It's funny how last season people we obsessed with us signing 'experience' but now it's the likes of Barton, Niko, Hill, Miller etc... who have been our weak links this season (or rather they changed our style of play to a slow boring one).
  6. This is the short sharp crisp forward passing we have been crying out for let's hope we can carry it on to our next game.
  7. Team for our next game should be... McKay Waghorn O'Hallaron Forrester Halliday Windass Hodson Wilson Hill Tavernier Foderingham
  8. BT Sports used to be ok commentator wise now they are worse than Sky.
  9. Hopefully this is the game that kick starts out season. Not sure our confidence could have survived another loss/draw.
  10. Dunno what Barrie McKay is doing there he is pure pish and not Rangers class.
  11. Why do we have to put up with commentators that blatantly hate us. I can't think of a single Rangers fan who commentates on our games it's always cunts like Sutton or Walker.
  12. How the fuck have we got another injury. We all expected CM to be out strongest position now other than CB it's our weakest. Hopefully Windass & Holt have just been taken off as a precaution if not then Crooks will have to step up.
  13. Angela; I'm sorry if you have misunderstood the Rangers support but we don't hate the Irish and we don't hate Catholics. What we do hate is bitter twisted plastic paddys who have a massive chip on their shoulder and live in a bubble of self righteousness and continually spout lies about Rangers and Rangers supporters. So go fuck your self you stupid cunt👍
  14. Embarrassing. All we can hope for out of this is that it will give us the boot up the arse we needed.