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  1. Millers been good but McKay & Keirnan deserve it more than him.
  2. Waghorn

    He's had two poor games in a row, it's not the end of the world, give him a break ffs. As others have said its perfectly natural even the best footballers have dips in form! he had one earlier in the season aswell, it only lasted about 3 games but it's completely forgotten about.
  3. *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Ball wasn't the reason for a lack of creativity at the weekend he wasn't the problem, it was the diabolical performances from Nicky Law and Dean Shiels neither of whom got in the game at all. Ball did his job well enough, he's not the long term answer to that position at all but he didn't do to badly.
  4. Did you really expect Wes to say   "The Centre backs have been fantastic all season, they don't get enough praise. Big Rob Kiernan and Dom Ball have been fantastic all season, but that Danny Wilson has been a bit shit at times."
  5. Man of the Match

    The "sponsors" whoever they are always seem to pick some bizarre choices for MOTM it's as if they just pick names out of a hat. Wes, Keirnan, Wallace & McKay were the only good performers today, McKay would be my choice today marginally ahead of Keirnan & Wes.
  6. Suggestions.

    We should definitely be keeping a close eye on Craig Sibbald and Vaulks from Falkirk.
  7. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    Thank fuck for that the only good performances were from Wes, Keirnan, Wallace & especially McKay but great cross from Tav at the end and a good header by King Billy.
  8. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    Fuckin yaaaaaassssss
  9. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    Definetley his worst performance this season.
  10. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    I'd get Burt on for Shiels because at the moment we still don't look like creating anything Burts another player that can run at the opposition.
  11. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    there has been far to many poor performances Tav, Wilson, Law, Shiels, Miller & Waghorn have all been poor. we need to change it up and by that I don't mean putting Nicky Clark on.
  12. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    We really need a replacement for Wilson in the summer.
  13. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    McKay is the only one who looks like doing anything. We need to get King, Burt or Forrester on 2nd half.
  14. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    Shiels and Law just aren't getting into the game so we are struggling at the moment.
  15. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    That would have been a goal and a half