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  1. I have no idea how Jordan Thompson is so highly rated on here! he has hardly been seen in a Rangers jersey and in his short time it's not as if he stood out massively and from what I gathered he wasn't a world beater on loan. Yet people on here seem desperate for him to succeed compared to the other young players we have. Dont get me wrong I hope he does succeed and maybe he will but all the posters being 100% certain he is good enough is rather bizarre.
  2. Barrie is our best player.
  3. McKay 1st Place Foderingham 2nd he made numerous great saves in the first half that kept us in the game.
  4. Holt doesn't look the same player as last season you would think he would step it up considering Barton, Rossiter, Windass, Crooks & Kranjcar have all come in and play in his position.
  5. You not seen McKay's passing.
  6. Same managed to catch the replay though.
  7. Tav & Waghorn are pure pish man.
  8. Chris Sutton speaking more sense than the other commentators what is happening in this world.
  9. Fuckin hell who turned the football on at halftime. Windass is gonna be great this season, poor from the god Barrie McKay but he is a god so who are we mortals to judge?
  10. McKay is incredible.
  11. Good to see he has listened and got a haircut he looks like a sexy bastard now.
  12. About time two of Windass/Niko/O'Hallaron came on.
  13. That Tavernier is pure pish man
  14. What a load of fucking shite, I meant look around November time as it was halfway through their excellent form, both Tav & Waghorn played well untill around the time Waghorn got injured. There is a reason Waghorn scored 28 goals in a fraction of the season, you seem to have the memory of a goldfish however.
  15. Haven't you realised how thickle our fans are many on here can't seem to look past 5 or 6 games at a time considering how push our team supposedly is its a wonder we won the league last season.