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  1. Rangers First Election

  2. Fans (membears) can be easily led it's been proved in the past and can happen again, something smells in all of this, I'd hope I'm wrong, but my gut says otherwise.
  3. New elections will have to take place, then IMO we will see the canvassing hell bent in getting in who the Club want sitting on a new merger board
  4. 95% did vote to look at merging, but as I say, what does RF gain merging with RST? nothing IMO, the sins is correct, I forgot a member of RST with be part of the discussions of merging.....CG. i honestly hope this is NOT a Club/RST stitch up, for which I think it is
  5. What have RF to gain merging with RST? IMO Nothing! Who wants it?.  IMO RST Why? cause they be left out of discussions. What should be done?.  IMO Nothing   keep RF Indepent
  6. From Graham and Ronnie   The Rangers International Fans Consortium is a shell company set up by Ronnie Johnston and myself to do two things.  Firstly when we set it up we felt it was inevitable that Rangers First was going to lose its independence and there was nothing we could do to stop it. We mentioned it to many people we respect and admire.  However we received a lot of encouragement from a them and a variety of other people to stand for the board of Rangers First on an independence ticket.  Knowing that Ronnie and I would come under attack from some who have had nothing to do with Rangers First and wanted nothing but failure for the CIC from the start it was an arduous decision, but one we were very glad to make. As stated in the pledge we have made with other candidates we still believe the success of Rangers First came from It's independence and will in the future. Secondly and this was my personal point of view it showed the folly of a catch all merged fans group. What was to stop at any time now or in the future two or three like minded people getting together setting up a company, constitute it properly, call yourself a catchy name and try to persuade other fans to join. It's the very origin of Rangers First and indeed all other fans groups.  Rangers are a broad church with many many different point of views about fan ownership, media relations and even who to play up front on a Saturday. We believe, and so do many many members of Rangers First, that there is a need for more than one organised fans shareholders group. Rangers fans should have a choice.  Ronnie and I will of course fully respect the decision of the members of Rangers First and if the merger goes ahead try to ensure any new body is completely independent.  However like every Rangers fans should do, given our recent history, we will continue to question and if we believe a merged group is not run independently and without interference from any board of the Club reserve the right to see if other Rangers supporters agree with us. We sincerely hope we never have to activate the Rangers International fans consortium And finally we would like to ask everyone to respect all candidates and vote for whichever candidate they think best represents their views  Graham Campbell  Ronnie Johnston
  7. Merger Talks

    Alan, I agree with a lot you have said on this matter, but, you are coming across also a wee tad jealous that you weren't asked! Why don't you ask RF with whom you are a member what process was used to choose who meets with Club re the merger?
  8. Well said RFC mate, left to some on here we would still have the Sleazedales and Co
  9. Penny Arcade

    Love it, if not played too much before beginning of match.... And love when abroad and its sung by a singer and half the audience join in and the other half don't know where to look.
  10. ano, Aberdeen lol   half way down
  11. Play the Topic TL not the man mate and didn't the late Hugh Adam tells us this as well
  12. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    Welcome to Rangers FC MOH, 100% support from us Bears 
  13. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Not good enough, we got to win this league this season, no time for passengers