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  1. Club 1872 Going forward

    No reply to this Bump? 4 hours ago, texaslad said: Isn't the time to question before the leap is made,have you had cast iron guarantees of us being being listed and a NOMAD appointed or is that left to another day. There is no hinderance to applying for a listing/NOMAD the ongoing court cases have absolutely no bearing on the clubs ability to trade normally and efficiently as Mr Blair is duty bound to confirm if you ask him,have you asked him will you ask him. Also have you clarified resolution 10 with Mr Blair and if it is still the boards intention to pursue that avenue,rendering those outside of the boardroom shares no more than wallpaper. Surely these areas should be clarified before anything is amalgamated, not to do so is very poor business acumen we have had enough of that to last eternity.
  2. Club 1872 Going forward

    @Louden_Greg if I remember correctly, you stood for election to RF because you felt we weren't getting enough transparency ive seen you post a couple of times about meetings, and not once read anything from the minutes! was it all talk to get elected Gregg? or is it top secret at the mo?
  3. Club 1872 Going forward

    Yeah mate, but im waiting til next Vote to see if i will continue
  4. Club 1872 Going forward

    So, the question is Who said he could represent Club1872 when we havent even voted its Board yet???????? Surely Ricki would have been the Logical choice (if any) for presenting the Club1872 case............ NARSA‏@OfficialNARSA Also attending, as a guest of @RangersFC to discuss the progress and next steps regarding Club1872 is @ChrisGraham76.
  5. Club 1872 Going forward

    Doesn't anyone take any minutes at these meetings? or are they all Hush Hush? i pay my monthly direct debits, so why are we not hearing anything....
  6. *****The Official Rangers v Peterhead thread*****

    It's KiernanI'm more worried about, guys a bomb scare at times
  7. an interesting take (RF)

    see the usual wee Clique all rounding on the guy who wrote that blog, well they are guessing who wrote it.. FFS supposed to be Adults and they are acting like a bunch of schoolboys. How the feck can Chris Graham be part of our new Group when he is seen lowering himselfdown to these tactics
  8. Club 1872 - Unified Supporters Group Proposal

    Lifted from DoTheBouncy: The Case for No BY LOCUTUS59 –POSTED ON MARCH 23, 2016POSTED IN:MEMBER'S ARTICLES Rangers First membears are to vote on the biggest decision in its short history. Whether to remain wholly independent or to join other groups as part of Club 1872 CIC. The rationale is that by joining together into one group it would have a greater voice within the club and with the Scottish media should the new group wish to express an opinion. It also proposes, with members of the new groups consent, to directly fund Rangers through capital projects etc. On the face of its an idea that isn’t without appeal to the majority of Rangers supporters. The rather optimistic projections of new membership surges also make the proposal sound like another decent reason to vote yes to the proposal. As with most things in life the devils in the detail. First there’s the fact that the democratically elected Rangers First board, along with their RST counterparts, will cease to exist and be phased out. A new elected board would oversee ALL aspects of the new CIC while RF and RST without any directly elected boards would remain but as subsidiaries with no input whatsoever as independent groups. RF would be the sole share buying entity ( though how this can be legally achieved given many RST members own Buy Rangers shares which are effectively shares in the RST and not RIFC and which can be surrendered and monies refunded to the holder). In the new group the RST would act as spokesmen/women for Club 1872. Both these aspects have cause me great concern but not as much concern as the influence the current RIFC board have over the proposed group. If the endorsement of the club is so potentially important then the question needs asked why haven’t they openly supported RF the way other clubs have done with their share buying groups ? RF went as far as offering RIFC an interest, security free loan which the club not only knew about but were active in developing only to have it ungraciously declined because it came from RF and not the new proposed group. It should be noted that I felt this offer was not in the best interest of RF membears so strongly I resigned rather than have ant part of it. RIFC have literally project managed the set up of this group while at the same time taking the official line that it is independent from RIFC. The proposal was formulated by Chris Graham , former RIFC director, and James Blair RIFC company secretary and aided by Richard Atkinson. While there are some fans who have issues with Dave King or the other directors of RIFC I am most certainly not one of them. I think the current board have done remarkably well given the absolute shambles they inherited and will have to deal with for the foreseeable future. My issue is that giving so much control or influence to any RFC board is inherently dangerous no matter how philanthropic they are or seem to be. Many thought Craig Whyte and Charles Green were good guys so much so one was given an honorary life membership of a fan group. Can you imagine what could happen if another Charles Green, Craig Whyte or god forbid Mike Ashley became the leading shareholder with the new group at their command ? No one lives forever and even the most ardent supporter of the proposal must recognise that RIFC is still vulnerable to hostile investors now and in the future. RF was set up to secure the long term future of Rangers Football Club for generations of Rangers fans to come to protect Rangers from these very people. The spin being put out, no doubt ably supported by professionals, talks of fan unity and bringing the fans together under one group. I believe RF have already done that with membears from RST, VB, UB, TBO, SOS, RSA and many who are members of no groups already working together to safeguard the future of THEIR club while remaining independent to express their POV through their individual groups. Rangers First works, it owns 3.52% of RIFC stock and is the 8th largest shareholder with funds at its disposal that could take it to 5th. Before anyone says there are no shares available RF were offered 1.2mil well within our price range in Oct/Nov 2015. These were declined on the advice of James Blair and no investigation into their owner or any conditional offer was made. There will be shares out there for sale if RF are prepared to make offers on them. That said it was and should remain RF’s policy to buy direct from RIFC is available and in the past we have not only taken our full allocation but increased our % while directly funding the club. RF recruitment has stalled and to a degree declined in no small part due to the time spent on this fan group but the very support the new group is saying will come from the club could have the same effect in restarting growth in RF again if forthcoming. This along with the mostly new board could offer RF a brighter future. If its not broke but could be better then improve it don’t ditch it
  9. Club 1872 - Unified Supporters Group Proposal

    tbf mate, the Unions corrupted a lot of the working class in the 70's with their walk outs etc....and lots of good labour guys didn't like what was happening, Rab is a bit right re Scargill, like red robbo, the workers were getting fed up with walk outs, strikes at the drop of a hat etc....don't get me wrong tho, British management was as much to blame at times, but, Thatchers Tories! I was idle for over 18 months and then they closed the Steel industry followed by the mines, told to get "on yer bike" if u wanted work....all the work was down South, resulting on 2 of my brothers going South to get work...
  10. Club 1872 - Unified Supporters Group Proposal

    We are going off the topic here, so we will agree to disagree over that b@ of a woman Btw, I'm 59 so remember her years oh so well, and Callaghans pps... no way a working class man supported them note the word Working class lol can't let this go only working class who supported Tories in the 80's were because of their Protestant beliefs against a catholic Labour Party in their eyes.
  11. Club 1872 - Unified Supporters Group Proposal

    I'm no snp supporter, but she devastated Scotland's working class, hated the woman big time....only people I ever heard who supported her were the upper class, middle class and the plastic middle class
  12. Club 1872 - Unified Supporters Group Proposal

    FFS Rab, that's even worse, a woman who nearly shut Scotland down..
  13. Club 1872 - Unified Supporters Group Proposal

    Naw,thatsthe famous Bear RM your calling a joke
  14. Club 1872 - Unified Supporters Group Proposal

    I'd say he's easily led
  15. Club 1872 - Unified Supporters Group Proposal

    Going by Twitter, RST seems unanimous for Yes.... see if the new Club1872 Board are majority RST members, watch the DD's fall