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  1. Post match: Postives to take. Learn from it. Train well, prepare well.
  2. Fitness levels?
  3. our midfield is anonymous
  4. Who really gives a feck who gets booed, been going on between fans of Rangers/them for a long time
  5. Never noticed this last night, but clocked it this morning on my Twitter timeline: Shannon Elizabeth @shanna**** RIP Ryan Baird. You will be missed big man! You saved my mum and other people on that bus I wish I could thank you for that 💙 This guy saved others, RIP Big Man ......
  6. So sad, RIP to a Fellow Bear
  7. Very poor second half, in fact, crap
  8. Here's hoping for a full recovery.
  9. we always seem to be lost in the final third
  10. I'm out, guys an Idiot
  11. There has never been a Rangers man in charge since John Lawrence, and the nearest to come close was David Holmes, not David Murray
  12. Quote from someone who was there at a meeting..... Two hours later, we had listed the 17 companies providing services to our club, all had David E Murray as majority shareholder. We did calculations based on provided figures reference the club's stationary contract serviced by Primus(guess who owned Primus). We reckoned for every pound being invested by Murray, his companies were taking £11.70 out. Leaving Millers, I burst the balloons. I spent five years on a mission to burst everyone of David's balloons, it was meagre reward offered in a doleful off tone.
  13. Your either one of them, or a fecking Idiot Murray never spent one penny from his pocket, it was the BOS money
  14. Take yer heid out yer ass
  15. I heard it was 17 companies and who was the main man of these Companies ! Him