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  1. Jane Hamilton........ the DR's answer to Kevin McKenzie
  2. Rangers FC statement

    wish they had added " we call for Petrie to stand down from his SFA position" as well
  3. Rangers terminate retail deal

    All that kit branded and waiting to hit the shops will have to be recalled and debranded what a curved ball from our Board
  4. Club 1872 Going forward

    Hearing Chris Graham isnt going 2 the NARSA convention in Vancouver
  5. Club 1872 Going forward

    lol he wanted to go over to the VB site, wonder if he is still posting in it? or, was ever accepted .... ps...also my point was why be a paid poster and get yourself banned?
  6. Club 1872 Going forward

    Can't argue with that Lets hope he is the right man to take us forward tho....
  7. Club 1872 Going forward

    Bad at his job then getting banned
  8. Club 1872 Going forward

    Nah,maybe anti CG, Housty, PM, DK etc....but not paid.... christ, I remember some thought Bawsburst was a paid one lol
  9. Club 1872 Going forward

    FFS LegalBeagle !! people paid on here to drum anti board, anti club1872 etc.... bollocks
  10. Club 1872 Going forward

    @Louden_Greg So what's the timeline of Club1872 going forward towards beginning of next season ?
  11. Club 1872 Going forward

    No reply to this Bump? 4 hours ago, texaslad said: Isn't the time to question before the leap is made,have you had cast iron guarantees of us being being listed and a NOMAD appointed or is that left to another day. There is no hinderance to applying for a listing/NOMAD the ongoing court cases have absolutely no bearing on the clubs ability to trade normally and efficiently as Mr Blair is duty bound to confirm if you ask him,have you asked him will you ask him. Also have you clarified resolution 10 with Mr Blair and if it is still the boards intention to pursue that avenue,rendering those outside of the boardroom shares no more than wallpaper. Surely these areas should be clarified before anything is amalgamated, not to do so is very poor business acumen we have had enough of that to last eternity.
  12. Club 1872 Going forward

    @Louden_Greg if I remember correctly, you stood for election to RF because you felt we weren't getting enough transparency ive seen you post a couple of times about meetings, and not once read anything from the minutes! was it all talk to get elected Gregg? or is it top secret at the mo?
  13. Club 1872 Going forward

    Yeah mate, but im waiting til next Vote to see if i will continue
  14. Club 1872 Going forward

    So, the question is Who said he could represent Club1872 when we havent even voted its Board yet???????? Surely Ricki would have been the Logical choice (if any) for presenting the Club1872 case............ NARSAā€¸@OfficialNARSA Also attending, as a guest of @RangersFC to discuss the progress and next steps regarding Club1872 is @ChrisGraham76.