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  1. Well whoever allocated him doesnt know their job either
  2. someone said to me that Findlay hasnt a choice in the matter as a QC........ surely then he could state a COI if that was the case! money talks
  3. another one who is only interested in their own bank balance
  4. Don't think that was ever in doubt. It just needed somebody to outline in detail all the circumstances behind the ban etc as I said repeatedly on here - believe at least 1 person has now done that........Christine?
  5. who is the cic regulator? Chilcott ?
  6. Better to wait for info from the CIC mate, as for IP email looking from the U.S. what if someone had used tunnel bear vpne !
  7. How are they picked Ross?
  8. You Tube just type in Rangers v Annan
  9. This is important, did he ?
  10. wondering if Gough will have the neck to stand for this? tell you what, if D'art stands and doesnt get voted in, im out
  11. imo meetings should definitely be held at Ibrox, not a pub
  12. What was you username before you were barred?
  13. we should have a concrete answer by end of week
  14. #DundeeUnited's Stephen Thompson, #Hibernian's Leeann Dempster & #RaithRovers' Eric Drysdale are up for the two Championship positions. This the same timmy thompo who resigned last season in disgust!!!!
  15. If not Robertson, then it MUST be Ann Budge