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  1. IMO it's up to each individual whether they buy or not, my Grandkid is crazy for one and will probably relent for him, for myself, it's a no goer but no one should feel guilty in they want one
  2. Wonder if Dingwall will tell Kodi half of us are banned
  3. Don't think that was ever in doubt. It just needed somebody to outline in detail all the circumstances behind the ban etc as I said repeatedly on here - believe at least 1 person has now done that........Christine?
  4. You Tube just type in Rangers v Annan
  5. What was you username before you were barred?
  6. Jane Hamilton........ the DR's answer to Kevin McKenzie
  7. wish they had added " we call for Petrie to stand down from his SFA position" as well
  8. It's Kiernan I'm more worried about, guys a bomb scare at times
  9. It's a Managers place to see what housty was doing second half with his first sub, did the same last time, spotted weakness of Tav defending and that's where the damage was directed, we need a McCall type in midfield to grab the game by the scruff and not let standards drop, no leader IMO, and something we really need to look at for next season.
  10. A No for me just now mate, it smells.........
  11. and that deserves a Thread? wtf!
  12. Love it, if not played too much before beginning of match.... And love when abroad and its sung by a singer and half the audience join in and the other half don't know where to look.
  13. Welcome to Rangers FC MOH, 100% support from us Bears