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  1. Ally on the board, paulo Sergio as manager

    Away to fuck ya fuckin moron
  2. Our next shirt sponsorship deal.

    Barcelona actually get paid 125 million to wear Qatar Foundation on their tops.. Its not a charity
  3. Scottish national team playing this weekend.

    Just seen Serbia at 9/5 to beat Scotland... Easy money
  4. Scottish national team playing this weekend.

    This This And Fucking This!!!! Fuck Scotland Hope They Get Fucked
  5. Players Are Embarrassed

    Give me fuckin peace
  6. David Healy

    He would have been a decent striker in the 3rd division dont know why he left he knew he would have got a decent crack at it this year
  7. Rhys McCabe Explains Why He Quit

    Another fuckin bigheaded wee prick thought he had made it before his time cant see his career getting off the ground.
  8. Falkirk Fans Bricking it.

    Beat me too it lol
  9. Faure Signs

    Hope the lad settles in well. Never a better time to build a young exciting team that can grow together over the next few years.
  10. pic request

    We should advertise this on billboards all around the country
  11. The Tom Vallance Painting.

    Great Painting
  12. When Facing Queens Park

    Can easily see an away support of around 25 thousand at this game. Would love for us to take the full stadium and AGAIN have the worlds news writing about our fantastic supporters
  13. Get well soon jukebox Durie

    Get Well Soon Gordon
  14. The £1 ticket rumour!

    Would love this Would be sweet revenge and a total kick in the balls for any SPL team thinking they wer gona cash in on our loyalty only to be told.. 'here is your half of the ticket revenue, £25,000'
  15. Bill Leckie

    Leckie is a fuckin cunt of a man.. Amongst other things hes sayin why is it 'Charles Green freezes falkirk ticket prices' and not 'Rangers freeze falkirk ticket prices' Basically still saying he is playing the fans..