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  1. The only show in town.
  2. Cool story bro
  3. weird obsessed fucking orks! Probably had its phone out trying to record some songs to be offended by. I shit u not if they mhanky bastards were playing in my front garden I would shut the curtains.
  4. Uniform week. or seeing we have a lot of fans from all over Britain ppl like myself can't make Midweek games due to the fact im knocking my pan in at work........ to pay for the weekend. Could do with a new job tbf.
  5. fact of the matter is we (Rangers) were at our lowest ebb in our history, if ever their was a time when we needed good bears in our ranks it was then. A good Rangers man said at the time "we don't do walking away", (yes yes we all know what ally done) it was a rally call for us all, well it certainly was for me. Steven Davis walked away, along with the others. The difference is football players are nothing like football fans, money rules their brain, where as the die hard supporter would give his last £20 to go and watch Rangers. I don't hate ppl in general, especially not ex-players but I wouldn't want to see any of them in a Rangers top again, imagine for a second that we went through something similar again but we had resigned Davis Lafferty Naismith and Mcgregor do you think they would do anything different? would they fuck they would be off before you could say Admin 2. I honestly hope none of the players who abandoned us ever win another trophy, and I hope to fuck they are sick as cunts when Lee Wallace lifts number 55.
  6. MW and DW are taking shots on the karaoke as we speak.
  7. Love your enthusiasm bud but Dont think you can't sing our songs! "we'll sing the Sash and Derrys Walls surrender or you'll die for we are the Brig'ton Derry boys!" Hullo! Dont mention the pope or fenians ....sorted ....Sing it loud sing it proud.
  8. Whit bout ra uniforms man?!?!
  9. Square sausage roll before I set off then liquid diet for the day and a fish supper from the Tartan on way home. Works for me.
  10. @Johnny Dangerously don't worry about it bud that patter is shite (one of my da's) easy mistake to make, the other Huistra made a thread to change his username and went with the first post in the thread.... Me.
  11. I actually collected my tickets from 6 but im sure if I dropped any money it would have hit me on the back of the head!! I was only picking up tho so never even got my wallet out only had to give my name.
  12. all the names you could have picked and you go with the first post in your thread. still reeeeeeekin.
  13. you go back to kerrydale and ask them.
  14. Worth a fiver, only because its us... The treble kings. hard to win a treble tho.
  15. Hope it rains. I'm at work. . .... I agree this season could be very special, wont get carried away before a ball is kicked tho, should be a good test on Saturday against a very good Burnley side. It will be nice to see if we can keep the ball and dominate a team with a bit of quality and its a big test for a bit of a shakey looking defense. (i know we haven't conceded a goal but I'm still not convinced)