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  1. 6-2 quite correct my mistake, stay off the ganja kids. my point still stands, we hammered the junkie cunts and watching MW's brand of football was a breath of fresh air.
  2. Warburton's 1st game against Hibs? we won 5-0 .... .... just saying.
  3. got this on the stairs with a few other pics of legends and a Rangers clock.
  4. can't remember them doing this for Gretna, funny enough their ground was empty for that new club. Its all about the Rangers, simples.
  5. dhaily Rhebel.
  6. correct Albear. zombies are the UNDEAD but that's the mindset of a tarrier, they must be up there with the most uneducated fans in world football. they sang "your no ranjurs anymore" followed by "can you hear The Rangers sing" from mis-spelled banners (ffs lol) too effergies hanging from the rafters the only thing that surprised me about that was the thick cunts never set them on fire. bead rattling mongos the lot of them, bit like the OP.
  7. cunts cunt /thread
  8. Michael Mols against FC Haka, scored two, I remember thinking we've got a player here.
  9. Davie Robertson, Terry Butcher, Graham Roberts, Richard Gough, Gary Stevens. Try score against they 5!
  10. from cradle to grave,from generation to generation, rotten to the core.
  11. The only show in town.
  12. Cool story bro
  13. weird obsessed fucking orks! Probably had its phone out trying to record some songs to be offended by. I shit u not if they mhanky bastards were playing in my front garden I would shut the curtains.
  14. Uniform week. or seeing we have a lot of fans from all over Britain ppl like myself can't make Midweek games due to the fact im knocking my pan in at work........ to pay for the weekend. Could do with a new job tbf.
  15. fact of the matter is we (Rangers) were at our lowest ebb in our history, if ever their was a time when we needed good bears in our ranks it was then. A good Rangers man said at the time "we don't do walking away", (yes yes we all know what ally done) it was a rally call for us all, well it certainly was for me. Steven Davis walked away, along with the others. The difference is football players are nothing like football fans, money rules their brain, where as the die hard supporter would give his last £20 to go and watch Rangers. I don't hate ppl in general, especially not ex-players but I wouldn't want to see any of them in a Rangers top again, imagine for a second that we went through something similar again but we had resigned Davis Lafferty Naismith and Mcgregor do you think they would do anything different? would they fuck they would be off before you could say Admin 2. I honestly hope none of the players who abandoned us ever win another trophy, and I hope to fuck they are sick as cunts when Lee Wallace lifts number 55.