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  1. Needs to concentrate his aggression on the pitch into going forward with the ball, the way he throws himself about chasing back means hes a certain for a yellow card. Hopefully he can grab a goal tonight and boost his confidence.
  2. Stealth 'up ye's! Av got a ticket and you hivnay!!!! ' lucky bass...... Enjoy
  3. away and wash my hair? are you fuckin 10 yrs old? only person who needs a wash in this thread is the poster who wants to slag everything (r)angers cause you are fucking reeking.
  4. bollocks he scored many important goals for us (Rangers not rangers btw).
  5. Watched it in my bro's, remember standing behind the couch watching the pens and just dropping to my knees when novo done the bus, then dancing about the living room cuddling my bro like a pair of wooftas. Both of just repeating "we're going to Manchester !!!!"
  6. The future is bright the future is orange.
  7. shall we tell them?
  8. great post bud its now 2:20 am and I'm up at 7!! worth it though, a good watch and anyone in any doubt can see the class that oozed from Mols. There is a goal against Dunfermerline ( after his injury btw) about 50 mins in, if someone asked me what Michaael Mols was all about I would show them that goal, back to goal, check, touch with the left, check, .....turn on a sixpence, check, ....defender on arse, check ...., goal!... check. a player who was an absolute joy to watch.
  9. could you imagine him and gazza at Rangers at the same time? would snort council for fun up here.
  10. stella, charlie and mary jayne loyal. see what a mean tried to quote you there......
  11. I can't read that. but she does look like George and they are definitely Williams weans.
  12. That shirt does you no favours.
  13. 6-2 quite correct my mistake, stay off the ganja kids. my point still stands, we hammered the junkie cunts and watching MW's brand of football was a breath of fresh air.
  14. Warburton's 1st game against Hibs? we won 5-0 .... .... just saying.
  15. got this on the stairs with a few other pics of legends and a Rangers clock.