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  1. Pre Match Songs

    lol you have obviously been no where near an orange hall in your life if you dont think they two songs are not Rangers songs then ffs I think you are on the wind up.
  2. Pre Match Songs

    who the fuck are rangers mate? Its Rangers in these parts! and there is no mention of Rangers in the billy boys I just assumed you knew the words, obvs not. hullo hullo we are the billy boys hullo hullo you'll know us by our noise, were up to our knees in fenian blood surrender or you'll die for we are the bridgeton derry boys!
  3. Pre Match Songs

    if penny arcade and simply the best are not Rangers songs then this can't be either by your thinking Rangers Robert? is this marching through Georgia?
  4. For our home games next year.

    I like this one.
  5. dp

    didnae post
  6. Rangers Radio

    Killing RC ....... ......Im in.
  7. Memories of Europe

    Villareal. stayed in Benidorm leading up to the game which was packed with bears, remember the night before the game the square was a massive sash bash, the spic coppers lined up on both sides then there was a loud rendition of rule Britania and before I knew it the coppers charged us with batons!! Then an onslaught of pints and plastic tables and chairs getting launched! I got whacked right across my lower back from pedro plod and never spilled a drop of my pint! Although i had massive bruise for about a week or two! Then travelled up the nxt day in a convoy from the golden last pub, first thing we saw when getting there was a big Rangers flag hanging from the top of a hotel. Turned round and this bus is driving past with a gaping hole in the window turns out to be the Villareal team bus! great trip only spoiled by the end result, think lovenkrands missed a sitter aswell. Also got our picture taking by the sun and we were in the paper on the day of the game with a nice king billy 1690 flag behind us.Good times
  8. The Daily Shit Stirrers at it again

    I'm outraged! Its no our fault yer teams fuckin mince!
  9. Micky Duffy snubs Rangers guard of honour

    Tavernier trade mark strike?? did this journo see the game? it was a header.
  10. Worst Football Songs

    think this thread needs some fans actually singing!! there is a Rangers one in there near the end, "theres only one vikki pollard" aimed at some fat hearts munter. stick that one in ....well why not!
  11. 2 Years Ago today

    RIP Sandy Jardine oozed Rangers class. gone but never forgotten, we'll still be talking him up in 100 years time.
  12. all spoke with Rangers class. I have that extra bit of man love for Lee Wallace, In my eyes, in years to comehe will go down as the greatest ever Ranger.
  13. Kirk Broadfoot. microwave legend. King Bilel (for that hook alone) and jig
  14. Zelalem v Alloa

    I like him. He is the kind of player who can control the pace of the game, not many players have that in their locker. Only criticism is, he sometimes slows the pace down at the wrong time, and thats where the groans in the crowd come from, Thats down to a lack of experience, A few have said he can't handle the 100 mph of Scottish football and I get that. I think he has the potential and skills to be a great player. Our fans are not ones for patience tho. He reminds me of a young Barry Ferguson with more skill but less grit and determination. Wouldn't mind seeing him in a Rangers strip in 6/7/8 years time.
  15. Barrie Mckay Steps Up

    Cunty thread.... Cunts pulling up cunts for being cunts.......Its not big and its not clever....Now show us your c... .......camels hoof