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  1. all the names you could have picked and you go with the first post in your thread. still reeeeeeekin.
  2. you go back to kerrydale and ask them.
  3. Worth a fiver, only because its us... The treble kings. hard to win a treble tho.
  4. Hope it rains. I'm at work. . .... I agree this season could be very special, wont get carried away before a ball is kicked tho, should be a good test on Saturday against a very good Burnley side. It will be nice to see if we can keep the ball and dominate a team with a bit of quality and its a big test for a bit of a shakey looking defense. (i know we haven't conceded a goal but I'm still not convinced)
  5. probably de-funked because the tarriers need to have the equal ........... 'c*lticpedia'...... bit to close to home for them.
  6. Neil McCann take your pick. Cooper for Fleck above was it McCoist ? For Gazza when Gazza burst a gut from the half way line to get on the end of a header against the micks.
  7. I agree with the OP @broxi if im honest, i have noticed this in a lot of modern football, a prime example would be England in the euros over playing little triangles without a cross at the end of it,the ball going front to back side to side... for me the cross I'm referring too is when a player beats his man gets near the by-line and whips a ball in (not lofted or dinked or punted or lobbed ) WHIPPED with pace at chest height. We would definitely score more goals .....ive watched and played the game for long enough to see that it works. Not saying change anything, just don't be scared to mix it up
  8. Kevin Muscat, not that Rangers seen much of his antics.
  9. Ian Black
  10. Aye get yer boots on kingaling heard he has a sweet left peg. Im sure Hill isn't just here to make up the numbers maybe have a look at him in a game or two before weright him off......and spend a fortune.
  11. Hope Ronaldo has lost some beef.
  12. Somebody skelp him with an umbrella ffs.
  13. Nothing like a kneejerk reaction in the bears den after a 0-2 away win. Miller is a proven spl player, the rest are not, for me until the rest prove their selves I would start Kenny every game. Say for instance we get a penalty at san giro i think i would be more confident with Miller taking it than any other player. doubt him at your peril
  14. 0-2 win lets have a moan about summit.
  15. Pretty much the same op couldn't care less about any other team in the world tbh, its all about the Rangers and who we are signing. I haven't watched any Scottish fitba in 4 year unless we're involved.