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  1. Gedi the good guy

    If true the good ppl of Glasgow can only apologise to Zelelam for the stench. Clatty wee boot.        
  2. If Carslberg Did Weekends

    Your not wrong I had a tenner on Ross County @7/2 yaaassss!!
  3. Who was the player you idolized?

    When I was boy any time I had a ball at my feet I WAS Ally McCoist (with added running commentary Archie McPherson style!!)              
  4. Our Squad And Dk Investment

    I don't think we are too far away, although we will know better if we get a good cup run with a good couple of tests against an aberdeen or the scum,if players are found hiding or excel we can only wait and see, if we had this team against the tarriers last year we would have gave a better account of ourselves imo. Europe is a long way off, I would say you need at least 11 international players to make any significant impact. Build it and they will come. Next season will be a step up there's no doubt about it, and the top players (well internationals) will be attracted to playing at a high level. If it was me I would maybe bring in a couple of experienced pros in the summer and see how we go.
  5. Davie, Oh Davie Cooper, Davie Cooper Number 10?

    You could of played the great man in goal he would still get you a winner. He was magic .
  6. Who Is Your Most Disliked Rangers Player Ever?

    A thread to slag off Rangers. Reeking. Some ppl should pick up a dictionary and look up the word SUPPORT ....the clue is in the title.
  7. 1 Or 2 Experienced Players Wanted

    Surely Govou is experienced enough now.
  8. Rebel Scum

    Man utd have their own version of the song/ tune, which is sang on champions league nights so to say the tune is banned is just bullshit.
  9. Jason Holt Song?

    TBB works for all.
  10. Lets Not Change The Words

  11. Lets Not Change The Words

    What song is it tho??
  12. When I Die And They Lay Me To Rest...

    Posh spice is a slapper her fanny is a killer when she's shagging Beckham she thinks of Kenny miller
  13. New Years Games Against The Soapdodgers...

    Bomber hurdling the advertising boards at the piggery. Will stay with me forever.
  14. Rebel Scum

    Ive always sang "we'll sing the sash and derry's walls , surrender or you'll die" The original Doesn't matter what the words are people sing what they want its called freedom of speech. Most football chants are changed, there's times when im in the comfort of my own with no one to offend and completely change the words of follow follow 'up the falls, derry's walls we will follow on....Dundee Hamilton fuck helmund and the taliban, if they go to Syria we will follow on.. cause there's not a hair on a badly nuns fanny....... No not one since the Boyne was won... U get the jist.. Good luck to the polis trying to prove what ppl were saying on cctv lol do the have professional lip readers in the force now?? Fuck it sing what u want and where a scarf! Altogether now......
  15. Rebel Scum

    "there's too many of them"