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  1. declaration of war

    The pope can fuck off anaw.
  2. What do I do troops?

    air rifle?
  3. The Sun

    Scottish mhedia. pedalled by tims, for tims /end thread
  4. Would rather have lost to the tarriers

    Magic isny even real man.
  5. Tavernier.

    Bad day at the office our worst of a bad lot today.
  6. Who's to blame?....

    I blame McCoist.
  7. The uneducated and the childish

    Its a bit of banter who fucking cares what anyone has ever thought of us? Instead of greeting about fuck all, the offended could have bought a permanent marker went back to said shop and wrote BIGJOCKnewco... Simples...... tarriers love the bants.
  8. Olly murs on instead happy days lol what a waste of time that was
  9. Probably just after 09:00 he did say he was on after the break at 08:45 ...... i hate radio ads!!
  10. On now 08.50 bump
  11. Fuckin shittest day ever at work

    Dont do it, think of the European away days next year your going to have to save for............ Well thats why i dragged my carcass out of bed this morning for work. Where's that no surrender attitude gone!!
  12. Danny Wilson exclusive

    Soccer? Oh aye big Danny from the Texas ya
  13. Sky Sports

    Forever in our shadow. Its what i say to the bheast if i ever have the misfortune of talking to one, along with "you wish we died coz its the only way you could get near our success !"
  14. Union Bears Graffiti ?

    Are we sure this is Rangers fans and its not those pesky mis-spelling selik fans who like UB40??
  15. Should Rangers do this?

    Looks like the snp are in again so this will probably be compulsory for Rangers fans.