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  1. Are the Glen definitely showing it mate? Been hearing all sorts but no one knows what the score is with it. If it's a stream like the cup final then I'll be watching it in Coasters, if not definitely the Glen
  2. Don't think he means we'll be in the same group mate
  3. I'm not even sure myself where we're gonna watch it but right now Markies is the shout. Coasters is good for football but I don't get on with the owner. JCB, I fucking love the Clarry but I think that's because it was the only place that let me in when I was 16/17 haha. Avoid the Woodside at all costs, or whatever it's called this week. The Lorne for closing but, always good for a sunday
  4. The Tartan will have the best atmosphere mate but it's fucking tiny so you might have a hard job getting in. Markie Dans is probably the best but mate, that's where I'll be anyway
  5. £50 -3 at 2/1 and £5 6-0 at 22/1
  6. That was excellent from McKay to keep it in
  7. Daily Record just put it on.
  8. If he wanted to come here so much then surely he wouldn't be having a medical and would've immediately declined any talks with them. Unfortunately he hasn't and that for me says a lot, he said he wanted to come here and only here, so why in the fuck has he shat it and went to them?
  9. He's having his medical the now, can't see this turning around and him rejecting them
  10. Fuck it, we're winning this no bother! Mon the fucking rangers!
  11. I fucking love big Daly, don't get me wrong the big man was never going to score a record amount for us or play the greatest football ever but he did a job. Was absolutely fantastic when he came on against the tims and should've got more games this season. Didn't realise he'd had such a decent record (23 in 53 games I think). All the best Jon!
  12. I think Clarks just nervous as fuck, it's weird watching him play because he's always in a good position but it's like as soon as re ball comes to him he shites it. I like him, think he's a decent player but he needs someone to knock it down for him to run onto
  13. Fuckin Sunday games man, fuck sake
  14. Just the one mate. I haven't been on the bus this season at all because of work, it's a fucking nightmare.
  15. Even then mate, most of the boys that play for both of the teams support us. A fucking Catholic shinty team :lol: You are right though, our supporters clubs seem to falter after a while but these things happen. Some people don't get on with certain others so it's only natural really. Majority of the town is Rangers, absolutely no doubt about that