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  1. Regan Favours McCulloch Hung

    Broadfoots not the brightest guy in the world is he
  2. Model The New Top

    You're fucking boring ya hoor
  3. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lafferty

    His wife looks anorexic, possibly dabbling in a bit too much charlie, which is ironic given she just married a big time one.
  4. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lafferty

    His goal record for an SPL club is abysmal and at over £3m + wages he's as bad a signing as we've ever made. How much is he on per year? He wouldn't stand out for Dundee United. Burnley must have found our offer particularly amusing.
  5. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lafferty

  6. Regan Favours McCulloch Hung

    Yes, mentioned earlier in the thread.
  7. Ian Black keen on Ibrox deal

    Certainly if we don't plan on entering the opponents half.
  8. The negativity of smith is mind-numbing.

    Double post.
  9. The negativity of smith is mind-numbing.

    Casey as ever one of the few people worth listening to
  10. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lafferty

    Oh don't get having an opinion there get in the way of the sheep on here.
  11. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lafferty

    You love Lafferty? Are you a half-wit or something? Is it his atrocious attitude or his 38 goals in 138 games you prefer?
  12. Gers funding 'in place'

    Who knows and who cares? I've heard that before
  13. Gers funding 'in place'

    You mean the same debts we couldn't substain?
  14. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lafferty

    He's a fucking cunt and the exact time of overpaid loser that has ran the club into the ground. Him and his wife can fuck off
  15. The negativity of smith is mind-numbing.

    Can you back up the flippant shite you are spouting with any retort?