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  1. I'll sing whatever song gets sung. If you're in the stands at an old firm then your job is to make sure you're loud and proud, that you're a cut above the opposition.
  2. People believing that screenshot is real man...It's got the Paddy power logo in the corner ffs!
  3. There's simply no way back from this, how can you expect his team mates to work with him after reading that. He doesn't want to be here then he can fuck off, we've seen better players than Joey Barton come and go. Some arrogance from him, it's almost impressive.
  4. Ooft, that's some ko.
  5. Olympic taekwondo is really shit.
  6. In other words: "I was completely wrong earlier and don't have a clue what I'm talking about"
  7. Here's the full game. Audio is a bit dodgy but still a good watch. Watched it the other night after talking about games with great atmosphere.
  8. I read on a comments section about one of these recent guys popping, I'm sure it was mendes , the guy was saying buying ghrp you're looking for ghrp 2 but the guy was saying a lot of the knock off or cheaper stuff is actually the less effective ghrp6. So it could be he's got dodgy shit, I'm not sure how accurate that is though, you'd think he would be able to have access to the good stuff.
  9. How the actual fuck is that not a penalty.
  10. Fucking hell man... Elbows the ball down.. Was going in a mile. Ref is a fucking joke.
  11. Motherwell bois
  12. Get tae fuck with that patter.
  13. For fuck sake.
  14. I Dunno I don't think she deserves to come straight back in and get a title shot after so long. If you're Holm or Tate I think you'd be understandably annoyed if that happened.