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  1. Would rather have lost to the tarriers

    You said in the Warburton thread you wish Dundee had fucked us, now you wish we lost to celtic. What a mad reaction to a defeat...Wishing you had been defeated earlier and by your bitter rivals. Mental.
  2. Warburton

    Fuck sake man some people need to get a grip. The job Warburton has done this season has been fantastic. We've had some bad performances but when you consider the team that he inherited and the time he had to sort it out he's been outstanding. I don't think anyone would have turned their nose up at the league, petrofact beating celtic and getting to a final if it was offered at the start of the season.
  3. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Yeeeeeoooowww!! !!!!!!!!!!
  4. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    How many times do they need to tell cunts we're in the lower divisions and it's our last game I'm the lower divisions. So much for not wanting to limp over the line. Poor end to the season need to get it sorted for the final.
  5. Championship Player Of The Year.

    How can Tavernier not even be nominated, the stats speak for themselves. Think Wallace deserves it the most, consistent all season, maybe if Waghorn didn't get injured and put a few more away it would be a bit harder to call but right now as it is i'd say Wallace. It will be ridiculous if it's not a Rangers double for manager and player of the year.
  6. Foderingham isn't good enough

    Fuck up
  7. There's a mole in the ranks....

    That is fantastic, been watching it for about ten minutes giggling my heid aff
  8. *****The Official Rangers v Peterhead thread*****

    This pitch will be an absolute shambles by the semi final on Sunday.
  9. *****The Official Rangers v Peterhead thread*****
  10. *****The Official Rangers v Peterhead thread***** Rangers TV
  11. Ex players congratulate the champs

    That Emilio sansolini picture is cracking.
  12. Ex players congratulate the champs

    It's because of the ricksen connection mate.
  13. *****QOTS v Rangers Official match thread*****

    Fucking yaaaasss!!!!
  14. I agree with his take on it, if we start paying over the odds now teams will ask for that wee bit more again the next time. It's ok saying, "aye but its not millions", but it's the principle of it for me, we pay more this time then the next time its not £100k more its £150k, where do you draw the line? Far better to nip it in the bud straight away and say we have a valuation this is it take it or leave it, why should we pay more than we think a player it worth, we do it once then every team will expect to get that wee bit more out of us. Cant believe after all we've seen from the manager we still have folk questioning him and his methods, do you really think someone like him would be sitting at a club getting no support from the board etc when he could walk into a job down south?