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  1. People believing that screenshot is real man...It's got the Paddy power logo in the corner ffs!
  2. There's simply no way back from this, how can you expect his team mates to work with him after reading that. He doesn't want to be here then he can fuck off, we've seen better players than Joey Barton come and go. Some arrogance from him, it's almost impressive.
  3. In other words: "I was completely wrong earlier and don't have a clue what I'm talking about"
  4. Here's the full game. Audio is a bit dodgy but still a good watch. Watched it the other night after talking about games with great atmosphere.
  5. How the actual fuck is that not a penalty.
  6. Fucking hell man... Elbows the ball down.. Was going in a mile. Ref is a fucking joke.
  7. Motherwell bois
  8. Get tae fuck with that patter.
  9. For fuck sake.
  10. I don't see the problem in this, its not like we went and sought this guy out, we were over in that neck of the woods and the opportunity to have a look at a player came about, where's the harm in seeing if he has something to offer us? Not to mention we most likely agreed because we we're in the process of dealing with his agent for Kranjcar why make things more difficult with point blank refusals when he asks us to take a look at a player, especially when doing so doesn't have any major impact on us whatsoever, its not like we're flying the guy over and wining and dining him, we're letting him take part in 10 days of pre season. Where is the downside? If he turns out to be rubbish he gets a handshake and a no thanks, if he turns out to be decent then we get a player for next to nothing.
  11. I like it but I don't like how it sort of just stops at the edges. I'm not sure how it's gonnae look from the sides with the Sheeting just stopping where it does.
  12. I bought one of the 1986 tops earlier this season, had a sports direct voucher that I had to use from Christmas, quality is fine, not had any issues, although i did buy a 1981 cup final top a few years ago and it was a mad fit, was dead baggy around the sleeves so i'd maybe suggest trying it on if its one of the heavy cotton ones. Oh and if you're buying as part of the boycott or whatever it wont make a difference - one i bought from the megastore came with sports direct tags etc on it so they'll still be getting a piece.
  13. Hopefully if we get him we won't have folk saying "aw they torah defence apart there!" every time he plays.
  14. You said in the Warburton thread you wish Dundee had fucked us, now you wish we lost to celtic. What a mad reaction to a defeat...Wishing you had been defeated earlier and by your bitter rivals. Mental.