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  1. Halliday Red Card Video

    He had celebrated Barrie McKay's strike in front of the Morton fans, but television footage did not capture any kind of offensive gesture. <---- BBC
  2. Coppers In The Gf1

    why do people moan about this ? you are filmed pretty much every time you leave the house, CCTV remember that. If your doing nowt then whats the problem let them film the best fans in the world
  3. Paper Throwing...

    you think the fans were of Rangers class last night ? honestly ?
  4. Snp Anti-Protestant Bigot Update

    Black is also an SNP mp so to ignore her and just focus on O'Hara is like painting all Rangers fans as Bigots because we have some in our ranks .....
  5. Paper Throwing...

    paper or not ... its a total embarrassment that we are throwing paper at players just doing their job ! when the paper runs out i wouldnt put it past some fans to throw whatever they have to hand and as for keeping the ball .... another embarrassment, i'd rather win the game on the park then run the time down in the crowd .......
  6. Rangers Bar In Kos?

    cool cheers for the recommendations ill send her to all they places while im watching the game and she can report back lol
  7. Rangers Bar In Kos?

    sound better no be a set up and i get my head kicked in haha
  8. Rangers Bar In Kos?

    panoramic suits i think its called
  9. Brendan O Hara Petition

    people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones .....
  10. Kenny Miller, Nicky Clark, Kris Boyd

    instant judgment because of a name ... fs
  11. Brendan O Hara Petition

    funny this petition considering the amount of times iv seen taig,tim and fenian on this forum .... its shit like this that makes me despair at what football fans have become, running to tell the teacher when the boy says something mean
  12. Rangers Bar In Kos?

    Im gonna be on honeymoon for the play off finals anyone know of any Gers Bars ill be able to watch us get back into the top flight in Kos ?
  13. Vanguard Bears Statement On Bigotry Within Snp!

    im guessing you dont know how westminster works then ? 50 snp mps vs 200ish of tory and 200ish of labour ... yeah no one to challenge the SNP , i think you need a kick in the haw maws
  14. Vanguard Bears Statement On Bigotry Within Snp!

    they cant call a ref unless Scotland ask for one, personally i want scotland to be independant have never hidden that fact but it doesn't mean fuck all to me supporting Rangers.. and yes i know alot will hit out with "its a british club" bla bla bla heard it all before, people talking about tactical voting to keep snp out.. what does that tell you ? it tells you that Scotland feel they would be better off with SNP looking after scotlands interests in westminster within the UK WHICH this country voted for but you want to then deny the right to have say ... cant have your cake and eat it im afraid and tactical voting clearly shows you know fuck all about politics if you are happy to vote for anyone but ...
  15. Vanguard Bears Statement On Bigotry Within Snp!

    its hilarious to watch people bang on about sectarianism using sectarianism, personally couldnt give a flying fuck if your protestant or catholic either or believing in an invisible cunt called God and having wars over him is insane to me .... how many actually go to church ? im voting SNP have always voted labour but I want change everyone has their own views and I PERSONALLY dont think the westminster system works for Scotland and if you think differently then thats your democratic right to do so but you can fuck right off if you think calling someone like me SNP taig and a traitor would make a slight bit of difference then you're a fud. politics, religion and football should be separate and thats how I see it