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  1. Rangers Radio

    Blumhoilann, Both of your facts are wrong.Tommy "killed" Rangerschat.You will have to ask Ian his reasons for leaving. As for the show,We try our best.
  2. Rangers Radio

    We are moving to a new site in the next few weeks.I will add a download facility.
  3. Rangers Radio
  4. Strong "Rumour"

    Members of RM.I am one of the "old guys" who run RangersRadio.I would like to clarify,there was no intent to mislead any RM readers.The post was due to go into the RangersRadio thread.To let people who normally listen to us know that we were having an unscheduled broadcast at 9pm.Unfortunately Chester and myself had a mix up in communication.It was totally my fault and I apologize for it appearing,as it has.I have the greatest respect for this platform and would never abuse the goodwill shown on here,for our little show. W.A.T.P FOX.
  5. Rangersradio - Call In Show

    Same crew, different vessel. BluenoseBrad.We hope to launch a new site after Xmas.If we don't pop our clogs before then.
  6. Rangersradio - Call In Show

    Thank you. GovanBlue for posting the link to the Mixlr site. The showreel archive for previous.shows is here. Big Thumbs up to all The RM Members who have supported us old codgers in the past.We hope you will do so in the future. If anyone wants to try a 1hour or 2hour show.Once a week or month.We will supply a Presenter.You invite your own guests or mates.Talk about any subject.As long as it it Rangers related All you need is a skype account (Free calls)and a headset.(you can get them for a little as £5 a set).All phone calls are at normal local rates. 0141 356 1972.( when on air) or Pm me here. If you need any help.
  7. Rangers Chat - Down

    The site is back up and running.Thanks for your patience.Show tonight starts at 7pm. for the Pre-match show and part 2 begins 15mins after the final whistle.
  8. Rangers Youth at Milk Cup Not the Highlights.Just the goals at around 9mins.30.
  9. Our first year back...

    There are only six players who have contracts beyond June 2015. Templeton and Clark ,Shiels,Wallace,Law and Bell.Only Nicky Clark has not played in the top league.Chris Boyd in my opinion will be given another year if he maintains his scoring form.If you add in Lewis Mcleod and the best of the youngsters.We have the basis of a decent squad. Not counting whoever we may still sign before August and two transfer windows to come.The outlook may not be as bleak as some may think for our return to the top.Three or four quality signings would see us in a stronger position than many foresee. It may have not been a pleasant journey,full of sparkling football and trophy laden but I thank all the players and the manager,Board and staff for getting us to where we are now. Most of whom will no longer be at the club,come 2015.Whether through good planning or by accident.We will arrive at our destination and be ready for the challenges ahead.This season will undoubtably be tough but with the best supporters in the world at it's back,this club will soon be back to it's rightful place at the top of Scottish football.W.A.T.P.
  10. Brilliant scarf,Nacho.Thanks for everything.
  11. Rangers Chat Live Phone In Link working Willis.
  12. 'Silk' scarf reservation thread - ADMIN PLEASE LOCK.

    I'll take one.Thank you Nacho.
  13. Live commentary on Rangerschat.
  14. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    Re-run of last night's show on now.Panel members Govan Blue,Ibrox Preacher,Ed.Larkiedeek and Gogzy.Discussing the team.
  15. Rangers Chat Live Phone In