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  1. So proud of the team today. The fans were amazing as well! Always pleased to see those terrorists lose, even sweeter when it's us who beats them.
  2. Great result. Come on you Gers!
  3. By grace of God, we will
  4. This should be treated as an act of terrorism by the IRA. Hang the disgusting criminal bastards.
  5. The support were terrific. Much better second half of football. We may have lost the battle, but we will never lose the war. Pride of Scotland! No Surrender
  6. I think I'd prefer a 1:0 winner in the last minute where the ball didn't cross the line fully and three septic players were severely injured in the build up that ends their career but referee played on. COME ON RANGERS!
  7. A legend to the club would not be here just for the money. I Support Ally
  8. Fuck. This is bad. Absolutely gutted.
  9. Great result; great performance. COME ON YOU GERS!
  10. Although we're 9points behind we have to assume it 3 points as we must assume we will beat Hearts in our remaining two games against each other. Hearts v Rangers on May 15 could well be a 'winner wins the title' match. What a game that will be!
  11. I'd be shocked if Hearts keep up their current momentum... I'm not sure the stats, but I read somewhere they normally do worse in the latter of half seasons than the first half but I'm not sure how accurate that is. I think we will do it... if not though, we will go up in the play-offs. COME ON YOU GERS!
  12. Wow....
  13. Not worried as I cannot see Newcastle entering Europe any time soon - sure, they're doing pretty okay now, but as usual they will soon dip down to mid-table and stay there. But by the time it could pose a problem, I'm sure it won't be a problem and we would have thought ahead anyway.
  14. Ready. Let's do this!