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  1. So proud of the team today. The fans were amazing as well! Always pleased to see those terrorists lose, even sweeter when it's us who beats them.
  2. He's a vile little rat, may he burn in the hell fires... Hopefully after a career-ending injury.
  3. Brilliant result last night, So happy for Northern Ireland On Sunday I'm supporting Poland and I hope the republic get Holland in the play-off and get absolutely destroyed. Knowing it's hurting those terrorist scum bags in the south of Ireland that the "pub team" are through is extra sweet. COME ON POLAND!
  4. The England game yesterday was awful, I doubt England will even qualify for the quarter finals now. On the other hand, I think Scotland could win their group and probably play Wales in the quarter final.
  5. How many Scots would have taken being in the same position as the Netherlands this time last year
  6. All but confirmed that it will be a quiet summer for Scotland yet again... The land of no achievements never disappoints.
  7. So close, COME ON NORTHERN IRELAND Gutted the republic won.
  8. As much as I'd love for Scotland to not qualify, I hope they finish third
  9. Fantastic achievement for Northern Ireland... for a tiny nation with a semi-amateur football league and no world class players qualifying for a major tournament is incredible. Fingers crossed England, Wales and Northern Ireland will all be in France whilst the Republic and Scotland play on the playstation
  10. Come on Hamburg!
  11. Great result. Come on you Gers!
  12. By grace of God, we will
  13. This should be treated as an act of terrorism by the IRA. Hang the disgusting criminal bastards.
  14. The support were terrific. Much better second half of football. We may have lost the battle, but we will never lose the war. Pride of Scotland! No Surrender