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  1. So this kiddie-fiddler was allowed to attack me for two straight days with lies and yet, I get banned? Fuck you Gogzy. Give me the lifetime ban you pussy.
  2. I would say have a lie down to you but somehow, that don't seem right when an 8-year old boy is probably bearing the brunt of your manhood.
  3. Kiddy-Fucker plays the rich white man routine over there I am sure.
  4. Little boys if I had to bet...
  5. So are the two days worth of personal attacks that kiddy-fucker said about me.
  6. Coming from an Asian kiddy-fiddler, I won't lose any sleep. Question...are you more into the little boys or girls?
  7. You mean getting hijacked with your false accusations and lies? This is two days in a row with that whole "taig" line bullshit without any proof.
  8. Hell...the VB may even throw you an extra quid if you don't burn the chips....
  9. As stated before, a reference to the alleged tweet was on gersnet and on Twitter as well.
  10. Leverage??!???
  11. And what's crazy is that it didn't take simple financial transaction to confuse the hell out of him THIS time ....
  12. The loan repayment will not affect the profit/loss statement for Sports Direct and would not impact their earnings shortfall.
  13. Are you flip flopping again? You tell me in one post that I don't like Shane Nicholson because he and Chris Graham are pals and the next, you are saying that they aren't friends. For the record, as I said before, I don't have any issues with Shane Nicholson. When I was in Indiana, I offered to drive a few hours to Chicago to show him pictures of my trip to Ibrox so that maybe he could be this much closer to actually being in the seats. I don't hold it against him that he did not take me up on that offer.
  14. And yet, they don't call out a guy in Chicago writing about Rangers First who by all accounts, has never been to Ibrox.