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  1. It does matter/It matters a lot. I just hope the magic hat motivates the team at just the right time as we cannot afford any more slip ups towards the final/ We need to win convincingly against st mirren.Anyone who is not up to a treble should just chuck it.
  2. Attendance Today?

    phenomenal.We truly are the people.
  3. Friendship Trophy For The Old Firm

    No stuff like that is just gay. No true fan is going to be happy that his team has won a friendship cup and is hugging the opposing fans instead of a rousing girfuy.
  4. *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    no complanancy in this just do what we do best watp
  5. Our first game back in Europe

    I want us to get into europe so bad but we have another game to win before that happens. keep the heid.
  6. Scott Brown

    Hallidays contempt for the turncoat was oozing out of him
  7. hope they are choking on their cornflakes tpmorrow hahaha
  8. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    Fucking yassssssss
  9. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    Barry yassssss
  10. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    YT?C'mon rangers give us a winner
  11. Peterhead boss looking to make history

    His team will be up for it and have nothing to lose as they are expected to get trounced. Its really up to our players to treat it like a proper cup final and not just a training session. We dont want a repeat of raith rovers and a karaoke at the end of it.
  12. Ally included in celebrations?

    Ally was a great player but he had his chance to get us promoted to the spl and he failed as well as playing crap football. Mark warburton did it on his first season with a fraction of allys budget and played exciting football to watch too. This is Mark warburtons team and his parade and Ally should only be there as a fan and nothing else.
  13. What's the big idea ally

    Disappointed in Ally tbh his record in spending money on signings disqualifies him from commenting what we do or do not need to do. He is only giving the media food for negative stories about mark warburtons rangers team. Then again Ally has always had an eye for money for himself and to hell with rangers.Sunderland and his gardening leave proved that.