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  1. We need to be honest but we also need to be honest about one off cup games importance. If cup games were the be all and end all then hibs would be the second best team in the country by the amount of spl teams they have beat( Aberdeen included).We would be  even better because we have beaten them twice including a 6.2 pumping. But the best team in the country would be morton as they knocked out the last seasons champions celtic.
  2. Best Keeper Ever

    Goram! without a doubt.
  3. We were poor today but that was a massive win and the sign of a championship winning team. The fact that king billy won it on his debut is just fairy dust icing on the cake lol.  
  4. Amount of folk claiming Warburton will walk..

    fair does for your opinion but I think hibs are overhyped and overrated in this league. You only have to look at the goal difference between us and them. They sometimes win games luckiily at the last minute. We have steam rollered teams but sometimes dropped points when things went against us.We have never had to rely on luck though.We are truly the superior team in this league and it will show in the course of the season.
  5. Amount of folk claiming Warburton will walk..

    I thought hibs just brought in a short term loan player.Were we not getting hammered for that at the start of the season lol. And no I am not worried about antony stokes. One lucky strike does not make a summer.  
  6. Hallidays sending off

    one bbc site said it was for a bad foul and the other said it was for over celebrating a goal.No wonder the club has banned certain reporters. It seems one hand doesnt know what the other hand is doing on that joke of a broadcasting company. To think they used to be respected worldwide too.
  7. bitterness is oozing out of boyd...

    he just sounds bitter.  
  8. Amount of folk claiming Warburton will walk..

    Its just another load of tish tosh probably designed to try and destabiise rangers in the hope we dont win promotion. I find it all laughable that the other teams are that boring that the press cant find anything to write about them. It truely is all about the "gers".
  9. great result for us and the look on stubbs face at the end means he knows it too!
  10. Great result.Sends out a marker for us. rampant rangers!
  11. Well in Kenny. Let's hammer them now.