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  1. Not sure whether or not this is a popular thought (probably not?) - not been around for a while. But on the off chance the guy Googles himself or glances this way I'd like him to know there's at least one fan who'd really appreciate his help. Newcastle Utd is being run profitably in a much more competitive league (all right there's more money but by comparison to other clubs their business model is sound).
  2. I guess it's entirely possible for someone who has no family connections with one community or the other, to choose to support one and then change to the other - but I wouldn't really call that sort of person a Bluenose. Being a Bluenose is more than just supporting the team, in my opinion, because WATP, and for that, and many other reasons it's RTID for me, and the same goes for every True Blue I've ever known.
  3. Tonight was a great game, we looked hungry for the first time since we were demoted. I especially liked how, at 6-0 up, we we're still looking for goals, right up to the final whistle. This is by far the best we have played since last summer at least. Having said all that, I am slightly cringing at the reaction on here. It's one game vs Airdrie. One game in more than a full season. Two or three games after being *knocked out of the league cup in the very first round*. It was a good game, and a good win, I'm happy tonight - but I'm not getting carried away. Only a sustained series of similar performances (performances, not results) for weeks and months would really put my mind at rest about Ally (and even then question marks hang over his ability at a higher level, and that of his staff). Happy & cautiously optimistic, with perhaps pessimistic/realistic considerations.
  4. We should sign a Jamaican - that's a groovy flag.
  5. Tell me more about these sexy boys.
  6. Does this mean we own Queens Park now?
  7. Pretty gutted if I am honest.
  8. I have a good number of Asian friends, and have had for most of my life, and amongst my friends the only ones who would be insulted by the word "paki" are the ones of Indian descent.
  9. So I have heard, and honestly I would jump at the chance to have Neil - he would guide us back to the top with ease - not sure how well he would do when we got there, but I'd feel more confident in our progress with him at the helm.
  10. Also, the odds for the likes of Shrek, Ferguson, etc. should be WAAAAAAAAAAAY higher than 66/1. I'd give 100,000 to 1 odds on either of those two. I know Di Canio was a septic player, and there were controversies, but in all honesty I don't think he would be a terrible move for us - he's done well at the clubs he's managed so far.
  11. Laudrup could be good, if his brother is anything to go by, but another manager without prior managerial experience at Rangers? I just don't see it happening. It's too much of a risk, and Charlie boy doesn't seem like that much of a gambler to me.
  12. Big V - I will purchase one scarf. However I will also ask the rest of my RSC and may well add more to this - should I make a new post or edit this one when I find out the numbers?
  13. No. The shields are now at different levels on every panel - they should be each equidistant between the lines and identical in every panel. I can't explain what I mean properly, I will Photoshop it later so you see what I mean.
  14. I hope that the Nacho man one, if it wins, gets properly edited so that everything is centred and spaced correctly - at the moment the various shields are all at sea in terms of alignment.