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  1. I'd agree with that if we were building for a future with a team full of boys but we are spending big wages and spent money on MOH last Jan and Garner in the summer that no other team outside "them" can do. Its unacceptable.
  2. Mate, that was shite. Got back in game for half time then completely outplayed by a team with a fraction of our budget. Spunking millions out the club per year to watch that crap?
  3. Good ball retention, 70% possession in first half
  4. For those on here that are still not really sure....we are pish!
  5. This is hard viewing, we're so poor it's frustrating as hell
  6. Mine has been fine mate
  7. Second best here...against a team with a fraction of our budget....not good enough.
  8. St. Kiddlyfiddly?
  9. No worries....not happy viewing just now though
  11. I'm watching it like this gypsy cunt
  12. Crooks is a giant!
  13. Seriously, does anyone care about what happened this day in 1963?