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  1. Waghorn and McKay constantly cutting in from wide on to their stronger feet will never suit the crosses that Garner needs. Another questionable signing because you see what you get when scouting, yet we have different players and system than what he plays in. Looks an absolute waste of a fee for what we have paid.
  2. average at the rest of them, unfortunately
  3. 7 goals in 6 games in a shite league and the easiest opening four games you could hope to pick - we're not good enough.
  4. I said last week someone needs to take both MW and DW in to a room somewhere and tell them to wake the fuck up and that what is happening is unacceptable. I also said if Aberdeen and Hearts beat us he'll need to go....likewise, add a semi final in to the mix against them now. To have a negative goal difference after 6 games is atrocious and anyone that tries to butter it up about performance etc. is fucking delusional. We are spunking millions on this team and the running of the club and sit in the bottom half of the league. It's not good enough, we deserve so much better.
  5. Was just gonna post that! Tidy and shown more energy than Wallace has this season
  6. Just back in from about half way through first half, what have I missed?
  7. Shame about Windass, one of the few shining lights in the last couple of weeks. 'mon Rangers
  8. Then I stand corrected, doesn't make it any less of a shambles
  9. Just found out about this news......what a shambles! Quickly turning into an horrific couple of months for the club since the start often season, embarrassing doesn't come close. Everyone can speculate but they'll need to follow HR policy that affects all companies in the UK to avoid unfair dismissal claims against them. How sad that urs come to this.
  10. I think you're in as much touch of reality as MW is
  11. You only need to look at clips of the goals he scored before coming and loads were headers or shots from crosses in to the box, something we don't do enough and won't with McKay and Waghorn as our two wide players unless they swap sides. In saying that, with us having very little cash, still seems daft to me spending that amount of money on a 28 year old.
  12. People are calling for him to be sacked because he's failing. He's so blinkered he can't see the woods for the trees; it's becoming Mike Bassett-esque with his "4-4-fucking-2". After such an appalling show last weekend, 3 points and a reaction were paramount today but we've been served a nil-nil draw with Ross County. Anybody that says that's acceptable needs to tell the rest of us what they're taking because, by christ, we need something to dull the pain.