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  1. I doubt the politics of the European Union is where the OP was going with this thread 
  2. non-European means they don't come from a European country 
  3. Davie Mitchell - Australia  
  4. Scottish Cup Draw

    Was ours that warm a ball that it melted open? 
  5. Scottish Cup Draw

    deary me, what a farce
  6. BBC

    I heard the mainstream BBC news suggesting "Championship Rangers will be happy they held Premiership Kilmarnock to a goalless draw at Ibrox" 
  7. Scottish Cup Draw

    Home draw please
  8. you know fine well what I mean
  9. Very much a work in progress and what huge progress it's been. Different teams/seasons but the 2nd bottom team in the league above took 6 off us across two games less than a season ago. Was anyone impressed with Kilmarnock today?  Not at all. Few shrewd buys here and there and we will be just fine. However, I'd take defeat in the replay if it means we win the league. Promotion is paramount. 
  10. Sack The Manager

    Law had a poor couple of games on the lead up to this so made sense to drop him to the bench. Holt has been the massive loss for us in the last three games....someone who gets in to the box and beyond the front three. Lets hope he's fit to start now
  11. Possession Football

    It's refreshing for us to have so much of the ball, given some of the utter dross we had to put up with in the previous three seasons. Sometimes we just need to mix the play up a bit and put the foot through a shot at goal and stop trying to pass the ball in to the net. We do overplay it a bit at times but I'll take that all day long compared to previous seasons. I get what the so called pundits say about having the ball, cue the St. J game but we've tightened up a bit since then (lessons learnt?). We'll be just fine with a wee bit extra strengthening in the right places.