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  1. 6months ago, I thought Law was in a good run of form and was the only one of that bunch that had earned the potential for a renewed contract, didn't want any of the others renewed. In the latest 6months he's hardly featured so it's right he's been released. He couldn't get a game in a team that was playing in second gear for months so he isn't going to play in a strengthened, resurgent Rangers. As as for the others, thanks for the minimal impact you had at our club and let's release the others too. Not one deserves to be here next season.
  2. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    Welcome to the club Joey. spoke extremely well in his press conference.
  3. Jason Cummings

    I wouldn't give that club, their players or their fans the steam off my shite let alone money from our club or fans. Fuck them all and that means we should go nowhere near Cummings.
  4. Nicky Clark Released.

    Wish him all the best for his future and have no issues with us having taken a chance on him. However, his 4th and 5th touches were still trying to control his first three! We just need better than him.
  5. Rangers FC statement

    Outstanding statement that sums up how we're all feeling. The quickly issued statement yesterday was first out and then the club have waited to see the responses from others involved or in the media. The sheer lack of condemnation has wound us all up and the club have basically followed our thoughts that enough is enough. They can deny it all they want but the sleeping giant has arisen again and have shown everyone we are not going to be fucked with anymore. Well played all concerned. .
  6. Attitude and effort

    It's hard to be critical because we've come on so much in 12months.....remember the McCoist and McDowall in charge days! It's a joy to see us keep the ball so much rather than the big hoof up the park to a donkey up top. However, yesterday showed 60% possession doesn't win you games, we had 7 shots at goal and only 2 on target - they had >20 at goal and about 7/8 on target. It has to be a wake up call for the management that, yes, keep the ball and you make it difficult for your opponents but you need to be productive with it. I know teams set up fairly open against us in the first 10 or so games of the season but we also played with a far higher tempo and went hunting for goals. In the last 6 months we've been content to play in second gear and try and pass the ball in to the net (bar a few screamers and the mhanks game).
  7. Surely Hivs must have trophy taken away

    Weak statement shows nothing will be done but they deserve to keep the cup, well earned today....sadly
  8. SFA to make a statement

  9. SFA to make a statement
  10. Running on the park

    I get the running on the pitch to celebrate something you haven't won in a long time, we've done it ffs. However, you just cannot attack players or staff of your opposition and expect to get away with that unpunished. Throw the fucking book at them. Plenty cameras as well so through the courts as well please and send them to jail (albeit that will feel like a Hilton hotel to some of that scum). Huge punishment needs dished out here
  11. Kiernan

    Makes Cribari look like a £30m Gough
  12. Perspective

    Promotion was paramount so job done. Sore one today but we were second best and the fact that the terrorist scum had more chances alone than our whole team says it all. Tools downed for weeks / months that has not been acceptable. If we'd turned up at all we'd have won that game but desire came through for them - they're a very average team but we were absolutely pish today. A chance to enhance a playing budget that is sorely needed when you look at our shitey bench lost - you know what we need Mr King! Work to be done for us in working out how to break down teams or play against 3-5-2 but we'll not be worrying about that in the championship or getting humped in Europe by European cracks FC Neverheardofus. Plus, we will never ever be junkie, spoon-burning fucks.
  13. Who's to blame?....

    Sadly, I think we were all too aware this was how MW's teams play when he was brought in. Team downed tools for weeks now and his inability to kick arses, despite the sound bytes, is poor. We've lost goals from corners all season and its bitten us hard today - players attitudes of late has been accepted by management staff, I'm afraid they have to take the blame
  14. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Second best all day, no fucking heart at all....haven't kicked a ball since they beat the mhanks