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  1. For me, he plays and is the first midfielder on the team sheet. The other two (I'm guessing it will be 4-3-3) depend on who's fit and will play with Barton. Potentially, Rossiter would come on to replace him later on.
  2. Tom English is a grade one, attention seeking........
  3. He's high profile so is going to get stick no matter what he does. If you bring someone to the club like him, having been a standout in the team that won the Championship last year and was in the league team of the year, you play him where he plays. He's been moved about from position to position in the middle since he joined. if he's not playing well, you play Rossiter in that same position. 2 doesn't go in to 1. We were crying out for someone who could play a proper CDM position, it's a dirty role that should do the dirty work for the flair players. Our problem is we've lost any flair we had and that's not Barton's fault.
  4. Senderos is shite, I'm so fucking disappointed that Hill and him seem to be the selection the management have made to resolve our woeful defensive situation that's plagued us for half a season. I can feel the hope drain from me as every passing week goes by.
  5. A team that wouldn't have had 60%+ possession but had hunger and a desire to get the ball forward quickly and get goals
  6. He's being found out by his inability to tweak tactics accordingly. Repeated 4-3-3 has been well and truly found out and his stubbornness to change it is costing us dearly. Mike Bassett-esque, "How you playing this week Mark, 4-3 fucking 3"
  7. So much positivity about the club and moving in the right direction has a huge risk of the wheels coming off the track if they don't wake the fuck up and soon ! The lot of them.
  8. Honeymoon period over and needs to prove himself capable now. Taking the mhanks semi final out the equation, performances have been brutal for 6months and pretty lucky Hivs had a meltdown in March/April when we were stumbling over the line.
  9. The completely clueless wank stain Mutton saying our 2 CH's are dreadful is only confirming what most of us said 6-12months ago. Abysmal management not to have addressed that during the summer as #1 priority and now we might be presented with Senderos as the answer. Fuck me.
  10. Brutal team selection for all four league matches against shite teams. Not convinced he's the answer but MOH has played well all pre-season, has made impact coming on yet we still go with Miller and McKay who have been shite. Honeymoon period well and truly over now and questions over how we've enhanced the squad....Hill = shite, Dodoo = shite, chasing Senderos = shite, extended contract for Kiernan = shite, Forrester as your creative central midfielder when you play 2 CDM's = shite So fucking angry at the crap start to the season, easiest fixtures we could probably have got, summed up as defeats but shite Shite!
  11. free kick all day long, fucking hopeless prick of a ref, whistle happy fanny
  12. how does that work then?
  13. Kevin Sean Patrick Aiden Clancy
  14. Protection from yellow card and horrendous challenge, McKay and Miller lucky people
  15. Thats one of the worst challenges I've seen in a long long time....dreadful