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  1. Killie diddy having a go at Tav

    Another thread on the Killie diddy won't hurt.
  2. Killie diddy having a go at Tav

    The boy is obviously not the sharpest crayon in the pencil case. There doesnt have to be intent just 'excessive force' that is likely to result in injury. The fact his studs were up and the speed of the contact are exactly the criteria the ref is supposed to use.  The picture on Twitter would have no bearing on the appeal.   
  3. Possession Football

    So you should have been sent off twice ('my elbow caught him', aye right) and their midfielder once? Seems the first incident was 'I'll keep it at 11 a side' and you decided to start things up again without the necessary subtlety. I've managed to get my retaliation in when needed  and never been booked or sent off. Its easy if you know how.
  4. Buy My Fake Rangers Merchandise

    Too late someones already called FOCUS.  
  5. Terry butcher on sportscene

    There doesn't have to be intent, it was reckless and with excessive force,. That's why it was a red. Its less likely to have been a red back in the 80's and I don't think any of those commenting have any idea about modern football.  This is the actual interpretation: “Using excessive force” means that the player has far exceeded the necessary use of force and is in danger of injuring his opponent. • A player who uses excessive force must be sent off
  6. New scran

    Surely you mean liquidise!   
  7. Shame Kiernan came off today

    Which bit of Oirland is Rickmansworth in? I reckon he will turn out to be as Oirish as Cascarino.
  8. Possession Football

  9. Possession Football

    Players are generally pretty thick thats very true. Very very few really have a clue about much. There are a few notable exceptions but you obviously aren't one of them so best avoid the points that undermine your assertion. Theres a difference between intent and recklessness which appears beyond your comprehension. 
  10. Possession Football

    You obviously have no clue if thats the limit of your argument. You do realise that the best way to deliberately end a players career is to connect with his standing foot.
  11. Possession Football

    Played and refereed. Look at where his eyes are. Solely focused on the ball. As I said its a red card, its reckless but its not a deliberate attempt to injure Tav. Try to look at the slow motion closely, the ball is the target and not Tavs knee, he didn't care if he got Tav as well and should know better than to go for the ball with his studs. He so didn't 'give a fuck' about the ball that he made contact with it first!!! Are you sure you played football or are you just making things up to suit your view? If he was really trying to deliberately injure Tav he would have gone just over the ball then put his hands up to apologise. The bottom line is it was a red card and the right decision from the ref on advice from the linesman.
  12. Possession Football

    It was reckless but he was trying to play the ball and his eyes never shifted from the ball, a hatchet man would take a look at where Tav was so he could do a proper job on him. Certainly not a pre-meditated attempt to injure him as you are suggesting, more a not caring about anything but getting the ball. A red card all day long but likely not to have been when Smith and McCann were playing. Our main issue yesterday was a combination of Waggys loss of form and a decent goalkeeping performance. The save from Halliday was particularly impressive. Posession only gets you so far but better to have the ball than chase it.
  13. Bobby Madden

    The free kick he gave right on the edge near the end was a penalty, the contact started inside the box and he was close enough to spot it but gave it where the offence ended rather than began.
  14. What is the point in Rangers tv

    No you cant except as a delayed broadcast after midnight for saturday 3pm kick offs. Same rules apply to them. They have under 21 games live and anything no coered by licensing. MUTV is the same as RTV except its on satellite not internet only.
  15. Falkirk TV

    The 'commentator' sounds like he could be Falkirks very own 'TV'.