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  1. Whatever songs they sing they have never been a Catholic club. Its really quite simple to grasp. I would imagine that the ridiculous misconception had a lot to do with the animosity and the perceived link with their rivals.
  2. How many times does it need to be said that St. Domingos was a Methodist Church. Everton have never been a Catholic club! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Everton_F.C. Apart from Spurs there is no real faith based identity with English clubs and its never been that strong (although I know where the Man United thing comes from but thats post 1945). George Best and Norman Whiteside were definitely not scouted via the Catholic Church.
  3. All he needs to do is behave as he did last season when he appeared to have turned a corner. I imagne there is an amount of frustration at his own performances that have fuelled the current situation. He maybe underestimated the scale of the task he set when he signed up, you are right though, if he can get his head down and demonstrate the ability he has and an attitude that has eluded him thus far, then he should be welcomed back as he will be a real asset.
  4. It was a general comment on his career and you can't really argue with the assessment, I found it both amusing and insightful (a rare thing from Lawrenson). I think even Joey himself would see some truth in the comment. Its by no means 'taking the piss' out of Rangers'. I have called out those who really do want to stick the knife in but this was an entirely different thing to what you seem to be suggesting. I don't resent Joey at all, I think he has handled this situation poorly at some points but its entirely down to him and MW how things develop when he returns to Auchenhowie.
  5. How much were you expecting for custom wallpaper? A 3m x 2m is £175 which I tought was a lot less than the 2K+ quoted earlier.
  6. Mark Lawrenson on Football Focus on Joey: 'A promising career ruined by a niggling brain injury'.
  7. Try this: http://www.photowall.co.uk/photo-wallpaper/custom
  8. Only got a break at Norwich because his dad was running the youth team. A complete waste of oxygen and as for his 'impartiality' I'm surprised DJ didn't pick him up on his rant about Harry and the contrasting views on Gordon and þe Thumbs assaults on opposition players. His boy has just signed for my hometown team, maybe I'll run into the ringpiece and have a full and frank discussion with him I wonder how he'll enjoy being ambushed in the way DJ was.
  9. Heres a little clue.
  10. I'm more than familiar with the way the term is applied in football. Are you sure you are? Its rare that sine die is applied outside amateur football and, in those circumstances, it never means one month or one game.
  11. Its relevant in football a number of players have been banned sine die over the years. You should know the last professional player in Britain to have suffered the punishment.
  12. People are forgetting MW was at Leicester under Jock and he wasn't keen on his methods. I doubt Gullane Sands will feature in any of his training programmes.
  13. You are guilty of 'selective' shite to desparately attempt to prove your point. If you do a full meta analysis I have little doubt that the balance of positive to negative would end firmly in their favour. There is no parity as long as the same 'journalists' and editors infest the MSM and the club do nothing to challenge them other than mealy mouthed statements. They should be going after Jane Hamilton as a first step, she lied and lied to smear Rangers fans she should be sued for defamation (or the Scottish equivalent) along with the arsehole from the Police Federation (who should be removed from his position) for their fabrication. While the board and supporters with the same 'opinions' as you continue to ignore the obvious bias nothing will change.
  14. I've seen them at the same time outside Ibrox. BP9 doesnt have the thinning bouffant hair of PM! I disagree with BPs views but to compare him to PM is below the belt.
  15. I get the feeling he fancies playing in South America. Trialled at San Lorenzo but some local Argentine FA rule meant they weren't allowed to sign him.