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  1. I'm just waiting for Warbs to call now!
  2. Ray seems to have been battling this for some time. Surprosing of that generation its him and Kenny Sansom that seem to have the biggest issues to deal with. There were others it would have been less surprising to hear about. Apparently he's undergoing treatment at the Priory so hopefully he can fight whatever demons are inside him.
  3. Get Stevie MAY, David CLARKSON and Dean HAMMOND signed and we'll be better than top gear.
  4. You need to contact the club but there is a waiting list for disabled spaces as far as I am aware. We applied for a space for my late wife but didn't get one before she passed away. There are a very limited number actual disabled spaces with the extra space allowances but I believe they are very much at a premium.
  5. They missed out his other achievement as a goalkeeper. He didn't just play for Scottish giant killers. He fully deserves his place in the SFA Hall of Fame for his many achievements.
  6. Hes been told to find another club it wouldn't be a loan in the extremely unlikely event it happened.
  7. It wouldn't be the first time its happened. Timed nicely for our return to the top flight.
  8. This ones got a Fork 'andle. Now what size plugs?
  9. Four!
  10. I wondered how Barton Rovers had a friendly lined up against Annan and why it was in the Bears Den.
  11. Just giving my opinion on your opinion and the defence is being sorted, that was the point of my first reply to you. Hodson, Hill, Gilks, Barton and Rossiter will all be part of defensive improvements and another centre half to come. My point about Septic was that Kiernan showed that he could actually play against them for the most part. You talked of mediocrity when that was not what I was suggesting and, as it stands, Mark Warburtons is the only opinion that counts on a match day. You know that defending starts from the front so all were culpable for the problems at the end of last season. The defensive record over all last season has been highlighted (less than a goal a game in all competitions) so the let down was the complacency in the whole team rather than one aspect.
  12. That you cannot see what has happened since the SNP took power and made it a national police force is beyond delusion and the SNP introduced the law that was completely unnecessary. As for bigoted go take a flying fuck to yourself when you look at the bigots that line up against the club. Staunch in support of the Union (as a large majority), thats what sticks in yours, and Nicky Fishs craw. Your unwillingness to acknowledge the toxic atmosphere caused by the SNP is laughable but unsurprising as your leader is keen to blame everyone but her and her nasty bigoted and racist party.
  13. You talk about mediocrity and a club of our 'size' so I countered with a reality check that you seem keen to avoid. You suggest our defensive issues haven't been addressed yet we have dought in two defenders and two defensive midfielders with a stated aim of bringing in another centre half, they will play in the coming games and we will see which of those chosen yesterday remain in the starting line up for the first league game. I think that, once again, covers the 'topic in hand' like my initial response that you seemed incapable of understanding then went into a bizarre rant about mediocrity. You suggest we should be bringing in 'match fit' players yet its only the second game this season and there are few, if any, 'match fit' players available. Furthermore the players you want have to fit into the managers style of play and the clubs budget. If you think that's an easy job then you are even more deluded than you appear. There was an obvious complacency at the end of the season and there are improvements to be made but you imply that its as simple as bringing players in. Which players are available? How much will they cost? Are they of the standard required? Will they even want to play in Scotland? If you genuinely believe you can do the job better than Mark Warburton and Frank McParland then why don't you send your CV in to the club with all your coaching qualifications documented and ask to be given a chance to do the job?
  14. Its still pre-season there are few match fit players available at this point in time. Your post is utter garbage as usual. What 'size' do you, genuinely, think the club is outside Scotland? I guess you want us signing the Kantes and Pogbas of the football world? Realism isn't mediocrity its be the best you can be in the reality of your situation. Unfortunately Rangers are currently competing financially with upper League One and Lower Championship English Football League sides. The size of the clubs fan base and History only gets you so far. Do I want Rangers fighting for the Champions League Trophy rather than the Group stages and Europa League? Of course I do but thats noit a reality and we must deal with where we are first and foremost. Unless you have a couple of hundred million floating about we don't have the finances to be where the history and fan base of the club truly deserves. We can't go back to throwing cash around so have to build our way back. I believe the structures put in place recently have us on the right path and that there will be a stronger Rangers in the future with many many more trophies to come. And, as an aside, we conceded 46 goals in 50 competitive games last season!