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  1. What players would you let go.

    I think they both lack a bit of pace which has caught them out on a few occasions given our style of play and they need to work on recovery and positioning in pre-season. I think a centre half/CDM with more pace/experience will be a priority, I don't think MW wants outfield players to be too specialised so versatility is going to be essential. On an unrelated note and seeing your location, you could do worse than pop along to Bedford Town to watch a game next season and partake of a drink in the Jock Wallace Suite before/after the game. Its definitely Bear friendly and they play in blue and white.
  2. Biggest Scottish Cup final

    Semi final play off will be the 10th and 13th of May. The final is still listed as the 19th and 22nd. The only change would be moving both legs of the final until after the SC final. If they get through then I expect them to place more importance on the play offs than the cup.
  3. You're bound to float so ducking stool then burnt at the stake. Theres a few would see that as a win/win.
  4. old firm at wembley? lol

    Battle?? Mouthy scouser gets what hes due and that was it. Hardly a 'battle'. The only battle would be getting the soap dodgers into the decontamination units before they were allowed in to Wembley.
  5. Current form

    Its not true we have lost 5 and drawn 5 all season. Its mathematically impossible. We havent had a great time in the league since we won the title but OP is ridiculous.
  6. Current form

    You're not very good at maths are you? Can you count to potato?
  7. Windass and Crooks goal stats

    Deano would score goals for fun. As long as Garth isnt picking the team. As for their offspring I believe they were much sought after by Arsenal amongst others.
  8. Windass and Crooks goal stats

    Which rejects are we signing? I'm confused.
  9. Daily Mail - £5m for transfers

    Dont mention tatties you know it will hurt their poor fragile feelings. How can you be so cruel, you'll be telling them they are widely available in the country they claim to come from next.
  10. livingstone to give us gaurd of honour

    David, I presume?
  11. Talksport

    Too POSH for us you'll find.
  12. Halliday's Mate...

  13. The Gallowgate

    How do you know they haven't. Not stereotyping people are you? I've 'marched' on Westminster twice and been involved in wind ups. You don't seem capable of grasping that people have both a sense of humour and an ability to 'do something worthwhile'. Maybe you should refrain from posting on a football forum and do something to benefit us all. Maybe its you with the narrow mind?
  14. Player's reactions

    He did in 2011. Only played friendlies for ROI.
  15. Player's reactions

    His gran is from N. Ireland too and he has a couple of caps. Yes.