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  1. Alan McGregor denies rape claims

    Innocent until proven guilty applies and that's the most important thing here. Let the police do their thing and I hope McGregor has the mental strength to keep performing well in goal.
  2. The broad Church of modern day Rangers fans

    No I refer to a retarded bigot like you as a bigot. Sir David Murray has told you and your ilk to fuck off back under the rock where you came from. TAFKAWVB has heeded the call and done the right thing, now it is time for you to do the same. You won't be missed.
  3. The broad Church of modern day Rangers fans

    Can't you read? I don't even believe in god, nevermind give credence to the rambling pope's claims The pope and all religion can slide into a pit of molten lava for all I care, I wouldn't miss it a jot.
  4. The Rhags, Whats the fans thoughts?

    Films have been made about worse individuals than Bobby Sands. Never watched any films with Nazis in them? Stalin? Ted Bundy? As for the media, the trashy tabloids are written by idiots for idiots, so if you don't want to read their sensationalist guff then go and buy a quality newspaper for some erudite objectivity (sometimes) or if you want to believe they are all out to get you go read some articles from paranoia.com. Your choice really.
  5. The broad Church of modern day Rangers fans

    You, when I was at the Rangers game? Am I right? I mean I know the weekends must be dull, what with Murray telling you thick bigots to sling your hook
  6. The broad Church of modern day Rangers fans

    I've posted my season ticket several times, a profile on here makes no difference at all. Retarded bigots like SOU1999 can't accept that though.
  7. The broad Church of modern day Rangers fans

    You are an absolute retard You don't even have a clue about photography or editing either so don't bother trying to have a stab in the dark at it you angry little man
  8. The broad Church of modern day Rangers fans

    I don't no
  9. Alan McGregor denies rape claims

    Some tart looking to score some cash and a page 3 gig no doubt. The law needs to start naming these boots if they are found to be talking shite. The law is always against the man in these cases and can ruin lives.
  10. The broad Church of modern day Rangers fans

    Let's see your season ticket, and what is that sig all about?
  11. Alan McGregor denies rape claims

    The same as Samras' conversion rate. Story sounds like some trollop out to make money. First call is always to Max Clifford or a tabloid, never to the police.
  12. The Football Years

    Your fat fizzer on that show makes no sense Cat Harvey.
  13. The Football Years

    Itv player maybe? Honestly skip 45 minutes and watch the last 15, the rest was tripe.
  14. The Football Years

    You can see Lennon is still gutted thinking back
  15. The Football Years

    The most coverage Rangers have had is missing two penalties