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  1. I told you my terms
  2. like clydebank in the war only one house was left undamaged.
  3. closely followed by a lovesick gelding called boss.
  4. oh this is nothing. tberes one accusing aj of stealing coffee out there somewhere.
  5. I think animals understand ka better than us humans personally.
  6. you should. I knew lady ibrox was a goer the other day but couldn't get to the bookies.
  7. oh streets shops the odd car that kind of thing. pretty localised in fairness. doubt it took long to sort out.
  8. so I'm told.
  9. no they should be ok.
  10. strangely the gunslinger walked pretty much everywhere in the books.
  11. bugger can't get to the bookies. as I won't be betting it I urge others to do so.
  12. nah your bill miller.
  13. he's a well known yahoo mate that's been banned numerous times before. don't engage him.
  14. the rule book is pretty vague.