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  1. Donated the £150 we collected off our members in the Stonefield Tavarn Blantyre yesterday, hope the wee man gets better Mark.
  2. C1872 is the board, they have had this nice wee idea since taking over, then they get there wee arse wiping patsys, who get rewarded, for pushing this to the masses, but like every other scheme, that has the smell of the RST in it, which is all c1872 is under a different name. Our club custodians will spend fuck all, apart from our cash, Paul Murrays famously said, he would not take a salary until we were back in the big league, wonder how much him and his cronies have rewarded themselves now, but heyho, the are 'Real Rangers Men'
  3. We havea very decent manager, with a footballing style most of us like, and then we have a lying fucking board, who promised the world to get into power, and have gave him virtually nothing, other than some season ticket money, now we are all getting steam rollered into joiningC1872, so we can fund these parasites who pretend to be ' Real Rangers men' , so yes we are struggling, but if the manager had some of the promised cash to buy decent players, we would be fine, so instead of us all constantly whinging after a bad result, lets put some prssure on that lying bastard King, and his little snivilling wank of a pal Murray, they are the real problem at Rangers.
  4. I went on BT Sport website, and registered a complaint regarding that kunt, had to watch my words, as they say any abusive language will be banned. so get on it folks, we got rid of Burley, lets go for this clown.
  5. This, a game for sleekit daves benifit
  6. Not everyone hangs on to this boards shite, if i want a top i will buy one, sleekit eyes can kid you on if you want about the deal, if he was any decent chairmain, he would have had this sorted, he got into his wee power trip using fannies to do his dirty work, calling ashley for everything ( and he is a cunt) then expects him to do whatever lying dave says, get a grip and wake up, this board are not much better than the previous cunts, except, they did not pretend to be died in the wool rangers fans, like these kunts king, murray, giggles
  7. Was at this, great doo, and well done to the Vanguard Bears doing things for rangers fans, while others snigger and snipe at them, and met some good bears at this event, hope for more
  8. Good old VB, fighting the good fight on behalf of bears, when some other so called fans, run bears down. keep up the good work VB
  9. Ive been lucky (freebies) to the Tennents and Thornton lounges, and the Argyle lounges and once in club Europe, thorton is the best, but most expensive, Tennets, now sponsers lounge i think was the bestt all round, great seats, really good food, buffet style so not to stuffy, fre bar before and after, plus pies, sarnies teas and coffees at half time., Argyle was good, at a table good food and drink, then into a wee booth above the Govan stand. club Europe, i was disappointed with, had been spoiled by the others, small room under the club deck, some tables, if you dont get one you were standing holding a plate and your drink, time i was in it was busy, and cramped, but its the cheapest and maybe better value, personally i would go for the Tennents or whatever its called now ( Legends lounge) i think. About £200 a head
  10. Stan, i hope you have got your own troops sorted with tickets?, ps you missed a good weekend in benidorm🇬🇧
  11. Most of us are in Benidorm, tell him to hang aboot, till monday when we get back😻
  12. Hope your no singin, your shite :-) and play some really old shit, leave it to the regulars who will do the party tunes
  13. Stevie smith gave me two tickets for fiorintina (uefa semi) via his uncle, what a night, as for stevie, guy has been jinxed by injuries and the one you wanted to Do well, model pro, goes home each nite to his wife and kid, always has, unlike some of the would be stars , who went for kebabs and nandos then pished, so i am glad he is doing better at killie.
  14. Im just waiting for the film, feck he will want to be the next Bond