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  1. Lee Rigby Benifit Match Southampton

  2. Stevie Smith

    Stevie smith gave me two tickets for fiorintina (uefa semi) via his uncle, what a night, as for stevie, guy has been jinxed by injuries and the one you wanted to Do well, model pro, goes home each nite to his wife and kid, always has, unlike some of the would be stars , who went for kebabs and nandos then pished, so i am glad he is doing better at killie.
  3. Dae You Know Who Ah Um?

    Im just waiting for the film, feck he will want to be the next Bond
  4. Dae You Know Who Ah Um?

    Im just waiting for the film, feck he will want to be the next Bond
  5. Rangers Odds V St Johnstone

    Mainstream bookies odds are pish, 32red are doing better odds each week, i had rangers to win 9-0 against livi on sat at 375-1 on 32red, went down to 300-1 on the day, and it was 50-1 at wullie hills, ladbrooks were worse
  6. Stonefield Tavern Welcomes The Larne Rangers Supporters

    I'll be there as usual 😄
  7. Stonefield Tavarn

    Then that will be you oot the game for five days, ya big poooof😄
  8. Stonefield Tavarn

    Well game was rather flat yesterday, but Teddies was bouncing when we came back from game, just got off our bus about 100 yards from pub door to ge greeted by ' Londonderry on the foyle' getting belted out, finished off a good nite, still hungover tho
  9. Stonefield Tavarn

    Stan don't try and defend yourself to this guy, he started off with an apology then back to a rant, I posted the thread to start with, in Blantyre there are to many taigs, lot more of us tho, but like most places getting swamp by bheasts, Here in sunny Tyre, we have a dedicated Rangers Supporters Bar, adorned with all the photos from yesteryear, so like minded fans can come and have a drink, watch every Rangers games on the Tvs and very decent prices, and today we have a loyalist DJ playing from 4pm, when most of the supporters buses will be back in the boozer. Ps, Blantyre over the years has had some of the best flute bands around, Richard Stewart Fb, Thomson memorial FB, David Livingstone FB, Etc, Left with only one now, but we as a small area have had more than most larger areas, Hence the ' Cultural Day ' today , 😀 all welcome
  10. Stonefield Tavarn

    IFew posts have been chopped, good, either read the post come along or not, do not leave some nonsense and pish, we are a rangrs boozer, with two supporters clubs buses leaving from the 'Tavarn' now we have a wee sash bash after the game against hivs, and get wee shite comments from pricks, really sad, and seems more like ££ on here, and straight from the keyboard of super thief Mark ( i have to be in control' Dingwall
  11. 10 Year Old Rangers Fan Missing In Inverness

    One post i was hoping for good news, and god it was, thank the lord
  12. Stonefield Tavarn

    As i stated in the original post, a doo for rangers fans, in a rangers bar, madamakunt or what ever his feckin name is, must have forgotten is ££ login, Stay away arsehole
  13. Stonefield Tavarn

    Any troops in the Blantyre/Burnbank/ Cambuslang even Rutherglen area tomoro after the game we have a 'Cultural singer'😄 on, all welcome So come down to Sunny Blantyre and round off your sunday after seeing The Rangers destroy the edinburgher junkies
  14. Good Start - Vb Article

    Paul Murray, said last year and made it into a fancy wee charter,mif they were elected to run rangers, one of those vows, would be no contracts for directors, or family of directors and total transparancy and engaging with fans. Now we have parks getting award a contract, which Bruces had and as far as i know did nothing wrong, Also Level 5 Media, now handle all our media/interviews etc, and who are the two directors, Mr James Traynor and Mr Paul Murray, so i take that and everything murray says as a total lie, He also says directors will not take a salary, i bet you that wee vow will have been waved as well.
  15. Players Fitted With Trackers

    If ally and mcdowall used them last year it would have been to find nandos