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  1. Really excited about this- he's a really exciting player and even if he's just signed up for a year, it's worth it. Most of the blogs over here bust their load whenever he scores a goal or does something ridiculous so I'm thinking there will be a bit more coverage of Rangers
  2. He also played for Olney Rangers youth club when he lived in Maryland
  3. Would be a terrific signing- He was great for the US in the U-20 World Cup earlier this summer
  4. Can't believe I forgot about Weiss! I would say he would have to be considered one of the best
  5. MW has talked a lot about loan signings as being an important part of his recruitment philosophy, and we've already seen that with Oduwa and Ball coming in, and perhaps a few more in the next week or two. It got me thinking- who has been the most successful loan signing in Rangers history? I'm hesitant to include Steven Davis since he ended up signing permanently, more guys that came in for one or two years and then left. The more recent ones I could think of (Aaron, Bardsley/Martin, Amdy Faye, etc.) were hardly impact signings so perhaps I'm forgetting some?
  6. I don't think MW will go with somebody like Thompson in a game like this- think we're likely to see Law/Halliday/Holt in the midfield
  7. Plays in the 2nd division of the Austrian league
  8. Can't remember if it was a Cup game or what, but Walter brought him on as a striker for the last 10 minutes or so
  9. Great read! Things like this and increasing merchandise availability are essential in building the brand over here. Considering the number of US players Rangers have had its disappointing the club isn't more visible when tons of people I know are effing Fulham fans for the same reason!
  10. Dear god
  11. Indeed- my favorite player growing up and one of the big reasons I started supporting Rangers
  12. Bond, Jonathan Bond
  13. He's relatively young, no transfer fee, knows the club, has a built in relationship with Davie Weir, and knows the league well. Looks like a relatively low risk signing.
  14. Check out the article to the left - Van Dijk "best defender in Europe"
  15. I've rarely had problems with the picture quality. Maybe 3 or 4 times. Due to some glitch I didn't even have to pay for it for two seasons!