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  1. Pests!

    This is the first time I've ever been called a massive walloper. I feel honored!
  2. Pretty sure it was into the 400s, with about 387 of those pages filled with people asking if he could 'plane in Europe'
  3. I'm 5 hours behind you guys chief
  4. This thread is fucking epic Cheers for keeping me occupied at work on a Friday afternoon
  5. Ian Black, welcome to the Rangers!

    You have to admire a guy like him signing for the club under its present circumstances
  6. McFadden free agent

    I can't wait until McFadden retires so he's no longer linked with Rangers
  7. Maurice Edu

    Great move for him, kind of surprising actually!
  8. Donald Trump Considered Buying Us

    This And why anybody would want him at the helm mystifies me, he runs everything he owns into the ground- he's bankrupted casinos, how is that even possible?!?
  9. Is this why the yanks are in for us?

    I see this is for Fox Soccer Plus, which is the premium version of the regular channel so it's pretty hard to get unless you have the right cable provider with the 500 channel package or whatever I'm also pretty sure they've shown Old Firm matches on the main channel in the past?
  10. Craig Whyte advisor is a porn star

    WTF? And "Katwoman" is the best title they could come up with for a Batman spoof? Lame!
  11. American millionaire

    Lulz, who is this guy and why has he stolen my name?
  12. Timbers sign Designated Player Kris Boyd

    Very interested to see how this works out! It's actually hard for a guy to just show up to MLS and bang in 20 goals a season, Portland has a pretty anemic attack to
  13. Mervan

    Looked like a guy not afraid to run at defenders, something thats largely been missing from the side
  14. ***The Official Rangers v Hibernian Thread***

    Great win, certainly didn't expect that score line
  15. Zlatan Muslimovic on trial

    Can't say I'm disappointed it didn't work out