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  1. Barrie McKay Interview

    THIS!!!!! God that was good mate. You said exactly what I was thinking and I never even had to post! Whoops....
  2. Jason Cummings

    Both. Nicky Clarke to sort out that hair, and Cummings to score the goals
  3. ****The Official Rangers v Alloa thread****

    How quick did the stands empty??
  4. ****The Official Rangers v Alloa thread****

    Alloa beat the spoon burners mind
  5. ****The Official Rangers v Alloa thread****

    FFS is it on already?? Thought it was a 3pm k.o. Come on Rangers......lets finish the season at home in style!!
  6. David Cooper Templeton

    Not fit to bear that middle name. (see what I did there).
  7. Jason Cummings

    This, for me. They'll never sell to us if we're in the same league. Probably still won't. His value would only double if they give him a new contract and get promoted. If not, he's away for nowt end of next season. I think they'd probably take £500k - £600k if they fail to get promoted.
  8. Weird feeling

    Meh! Just about sums it up for me.
  9. Fat Welsh fanny shat it

    Looks like he's been skelped with a wedge a few times
  10. McKay

    His 2 passes into Tav and Holt were truly world class....as for the goals....
  11. Fat Welsh fanny shat it

    No,it's Fartson but I have no idea what he shat.
  12. *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    Lets do this Rangers. Lets hump these cunts in the league one last time. Could be a very long time until they go up again. Intae them
  13. Arnold Peralta

    IMO it would be a better gesture being at Ibrox....full of bears, rather than half the stadium being full of spoon burners. First home game next season would be ideal. Thinking out loud....would getting her to unfurl the Championship flag be a step too far??