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  1. Fuck off lads, tell me Man Citeh get a last minute winner???
  2. Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery. All the best Morgan.
  3. That's my signature move at the 5's that is.
  4. Wenger must be bored at Arsenal after 20 years??
  5. He looked at the culprit in a sectarian manner.
  6. Talking of Tims.....I think I've outed loads of them in this thread. It's a fuckin yellow ya bams!!
  7. True, but sad fact of office life mate! Pal??? You don't know me that well mate! I agree though, why they are so infatuated with watching us is hard to fathom. Only show in town? Ref saw it and took action, so I don't think so. Not sure if the video review panel can still review it if enough tims make a fuss.
  8. Asked by a Tim at my work if I thought it was a straight red. I said no, yellow was correct. Cue mass outrage. "Worst tackle ever" "shocked at you think it's a yellow....get your blue tinted specs off..." Blah blah blah. Told him to fuck off...seen much worse imo. Sorry if this was talked about in the match thread, can't be atsed to trawl through 50 pages to find out So, yellow or red?
  9. Can definitely see a player in there. Looked like he's very confident with the ball. Nice wee 'lob wedge' pass around one of the attacking players coming out of the box late on. Can see that he's nowhere near match fit yet though...but that will come soon enough!
  10. Nice one mate.....unbelievable quality.
  11. Agree that it is no Smith v Young. Jim McLean v's John Barnes wasn't a bad viewing either.
  12. The vision for his first two was outstanding. Has been the big problem so far...getting the right ball to him. Sadly we wont get as much time in front of goal that we did in that last half hour in bigger games, so we'll need that sharpness from him every time he gets a chance.
  13. Only saw the last 35 minutes or so, but would say that tonight should hopefully give him a big confidence boost? 3 great finishes. We've missed his goals this season, hopefully this is the proper start of his season.