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  1. Barton hints he is Ibrox bound?

    I don't condone it.....but I understand it!
  2. kicked out of cup

    Will be a fine each. £100m for us, and £50 for Hivs.
  3. Daily Record : Every Rangers Player Attacked

    I expect anything in this article passing blame to Hibs to be redacted before going to print. Fair play to the ref and Bobby Madden though!
  4. Kenny Miller

    Completely agree with the OP. True class when it would have been so easy to go ballistic. Have to say though, I saw Waggy and SDoW shaking the Hibs players hands in the tunnel. Class obviously runs right through the club.
  5. Will it be the Motherwell Whitewash

    I was listening to the Gary Richardson (?) show on R5 live this morning. Raegan was interviewed for 5 minutes. I was dozing so only heard a wee snipet. The bit i heard was that he was embarrassed and it was shocking. Fans were injured as well as a female steward. No mention of Rangers players being attacked. So yes, it's Motherwell all over again. Swept under the carpet. Will need to listen again when it's online. Was interviewed at 9:40am for anyone else who wants to hear it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07c3wnj#play
  6. Shiels and Clark

    Clark can be summed up in one simple example from today. 92nd minute...ball at his feet, no player around him. Yet he somehow manages to stumble over the ball and it goes out for a throw.... from which they won a corner from which they won the game. Cunty cockspangle.
  7. How pish is Kiernan

    I honestly couldn't separate any of the defenders today. They were all as white as each other. No organisation or positional sense whatsoever. They made shitey St*kes look like fuckin Ronaldo. Baffling performance today. If that's their level then they can all fuck off.
  8. This is happening

    Och, it's ok because they waited 114 years to win the trophy.
  9. The Animosity Against Our Club

    ....is only really beginning. Believe me, this is the level of hatrid and fervor that has been brewing for the last 4 years. Motherwell and today are indications of what we might expect next season. I can see this being replicated at places like Shittodrie and Fir Park.
  10. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Sadly I am not able to watch the game today, but will be there in spirit. Hopefully it's a great game with the right outcome! Enjoy the game lads and lassies! LET'S DO THIS RANGERS!!!
  11. Benitez after McParland for Newcastle

    Is that Ant or Dec?
  12. Niko kranjcar

    Define Fucking Legend. Someone who's good at fucking.....???
  13. Arteta rumour?

    Well, to be fair you did say it was insignificant...and we would have won the league without it. Factually correct, yes, but only in hindsight.
  14. Home kit 16/17

    Nada & squatting again please!
  15. Arteta rumour?

    Aye, but the player didn't know that at the time. As far as he knew, we might have been behind at that stage. In his mind, that one kick could have been the league winner. So to say it was insignificant is doing him an injustice imo. Not saying this to you, as I think you are making the same point as me, but I think downplaying his penalty is a bit petty. That showed real bottle for someone who allegedly had none.