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  1. 1 pager.
  3. This is the one that immediately springs to my mind
  4. Yes you're right. Maybe I should have made the post about ability not age. I'm not enthusiastic about them because imo, they're shite and we could do better.
  5. Can't say I am/was overly enthusiastic about either Senderos or Lescot tbh. Had hoped Warburton could have brought in someone a bit younger.
  6. What's the latest? Surely we should have news on a possible medical by now? I'm worried this isn't fappening now. No, that's not right...
  7. Thanks for the info OP, makes me a bit more relaxed about the transfer.
  8. Fucking hope we do these cunts just like we did in the cup last season. Get at them right from the off. Forrester is a must to start. Come on Rangers Intae them!!
  9. Even more Jeromes too right enough
  10. I tend to disagree having watched his performances of late. No doubting any defender would have struggled with Villa last season, but it was clear to me his best days were well behind him. He lost track of so many players it was unreal. Has lost a lot of pace too. He'd still be looking for what would be silly money up here. We've already signed Hill for experience. Would be better looking for someone younger imo.
  11. He's shite....hence why now without a club.
  12. WHIT?? Did any of you two watch Villa last season???
  13. Titts oot when the DR goes bust!
  14. Another cracker Jules!! Thank you!
  15. Great watch that! Thanks for sharing. It's hard listening to him say that he found the negative press/comments hard to take. It really felt like this decision had cost us the title, so what did he expect? Mind you, he did want to stay to the end of the season. I remember feeling hatred for him at the time. Of course, all that disappeared when we won the title, and I love the guy now. Always fights our corner when needed.