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  1. MoH

    I agree they are not similar type players but they have a similarity in how shite they are.
  2. MoH

    Nicky Clark MK 2.
  3. ****Official Livingston v Rangers thread****

    Shades of Ally's coaching tonight. Fucking woeful.
  4. Zelalem v Alloa

    He's a good player and no doubt in a couple of years he will be a great player. We've got him too early and the benefit will all be Arsenals. Would like to see nextseasons loans a bit more experienced.
  5. Disgrace

    Unless you're Murderwell fans of course
  6. Tin hat......... Referee

    Have to agree. Not his usual pishy self.
  7. Rob Kiernan

    I thought Kiernan was exceptional in the first half and I say that not being his biggest fan. Wilson too had a great game.
  8. Sportscene

    So fuckin what boner. Seem to remember a Roy Aitken stolen throw in that led to a beast goal many moons ago. Karma's a bitch.
  9. The media U-Turn

    There can be no media U-turn. They are what they are, Verminous scum. Never forgiven. Never forgotten.
  10. Player Ratings

    We had players today who were good, great and exceptional, but as a team we were all 10's, and at the end of the day that is what matters.
  11. Would you wear green

    No offense taken bud. Can't stand green and hate hoops - it is what it is. Whether its a fashion choice where hoops tend to make you look fatteror down to a hatred ofanything beastlyin the subconscious I don't know, but the wife bought me a red,white and blue hooped polo years backand its never been worn. Don't think I've missed out on anything.
  12. Would you wear green

    Same same . Green isn't even considered in our house. Khaki or olive drab things don't count. Don't eat the green jelly babies either. To take it further I don't even buy hooped tops of any colour.
  13. Davie Weir.

    Said it before Kiernan and Wilson are woeful together. Need an experienced top class CH for next season and a real CF not fuckin Clark.
  14. Subs @ 60

    Its a good tactic to keep the momentum going. Yesterday Forrester was knackered and Barry had been battered all game.
  15. *****The Official Rangers vs Raith Rovers thread*****

    Has he even touched the ball ? Would love him to have a great game but How long do we have to feckin wait !