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  1. She should be sacked for associating with ill Phil the sectarian blogger. Two cheeks of the same arse.
  2. This is the way to make a proper complaint. The Daily Retard will just blank any complaints about their bloggers masquerading as journos and continue to fan the flames of bigotry.
  3. Bernardo Espinosa

    Aye we can really compete with Spurs and Bournemouth in the transfer market.
  4. Rangers Fan Attacked At Haymarket Station

    Culprits have been identified thanks to witnesses and CCTV. Two hibs mutants just walked up to the guy who was just minding his own business waiting for his train north and laid into him. Just a mattter of time before the scum are caught hopefully.
  5. Scotland Tonight STV Now

    Utter delusion. This is why it is imperative that Petrie and O'Reagan are kept away from the investigation. They both have conflicts of interests. More pressure should be brought to bear for their suspensions from office.
  6. Rangers fans

    Totally agree. Prison is meant to be used as a last resort for people who are a danger to society. Its a great pity no one seems to pressure the judges on this. Well apart from the SNP who deem singing a song as being a danger to society.
  7. 'Wings Over Scotland' on the cup final chaos.

    The sad thing is, this is the halfwit who wrote the SNP bible for the refedumdum and they swallowed it hook line and sinker. It just shows you how gullible SNP voters are.
  8. Scottish Police General Secretary

    This particular secretary should stick to filing memos. Should be sacked for that incompetent interview.
  9. Rangers FC statement

    It was always going to be that way mate whether yesterday happened or not.
  10. Rangers FC statement

    Unsurprising mate. Remember how the Journos rallied together when Speirs was sacked ? Two cheeks of the same arse when they are called out.
  11. Rod Petrie

    That was my take on it too mate. Like they didn't want a runners up medal.
  12. Radio Jockland

    English, Speirs, Cosgrove and their media mates have been complicit in stoking the flames of bigotry for the past 4 years with their bias and outright lies.
  13. Reagan Apologieses to Rangers

    That is in no way an adequate apology. Resign now you incompetent buffoon !
  14. What Should Be The Proper Response From The Club?

    Beat me to it. Additionally I'd also call for a UEFA inquiry which would hopefully result in a Euro ban for the mutants.
  15. England V Scotland – A Tale Of Two Leagues

    Don't hold your breath lads !