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  1. We're heading out on Friday. Try and see all the games as well. Wifes bro stays out there. 
  2. The I Rover Bar shows them all mate even though its run by a Tim.  Its in LK Metro area BTW. 
  3. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    Hope that fekking clown Tom English is next on the list (whoever he writes his drivel for).
  4. Officials Stand by red card decision

    If the referee is standing by that moronic decision after seeing it himself on the box  then he should be hounded out of the game as should his sidekick who instigated it.
  5. The Scottish Sun.....more Lies

    "The Board should be tackling this​" They will. They will be identifying the singers for the police.
  6. Hullo Hullo, Who Were The Billy Boys.

    Good read .
  7. Spfl Board To Discuss Sectarian Chanting

    "There is also the assertion that "Billy Boys" is a sectarian phrase, believe it or not.​" Then we must be one step ahead of the vermin and sing " Rangers boys ". Between that and the line " Sing the Sash and Derrys Walls and the whole song is sanitised.
  8. The Billy Boys (Reprise)

    The solution really is quite simple and it should IMO be led by the current custodians of our club. Instead of putting out weak arse covering statements about assisting police enquiries, they should show some leadership and turn this whole issue on its head once and for all by advising the use of a sanitised version that absolutely no one can have any possible issue with. Something like this would do me fine - it's all about us and that's the way it should be, Hello, Hello we are the Rangers boys, Hello, Hello you'll know us by our noise, We'll sing The Sash and Derry's Walls, Surrender or you'll die, For we are the Glasgow Rangers boys. ​
  9. Stewart Kennedy played a blinder
  10. Captain

    Commanding centre half for me. One with pace, defensive qualities, the odd goal and who could put the boot in when necessary. Someone who we are severely lacking.
  11. So Who Is Your Favourite Player Now?

    To all those advocating Kiernan and Wilson. Capable centre backs will deal with speedy attackers and balls over the top any day and everyday - its their meat and drink. These two are found out time and again - its not rocket science. A defensive midfielder wont stop the long balls that are costing us goals week in week out. Foderingham is getting better and better especially having to ply behind those two bombscares. Holt is also worthy of a mention as is Waghorn but he deserves better than partners like Miller and the god awful Clark.
  12. Rob Kiernan

    Rob Kiernan is shite. There is a reason he has been at 12 different clubs and its not because he is a quality player.
  13. **** Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ****

    McLaren summed it up perfectly when he said the pitch is wider than the 18yard box. Too many tippy tappy passes through the middle. Too much indecision on a final ball and its easy defending for a team sitting in. Its all very well for Warbs philosophy to be attack attack attack - we'll score more than the opposition but when its not working we're easy meat for a counterattack.
  14. Oduwa & Zelalem

    Instead of getting on these young guys cases try looking at the lack of movement from the players in the box. They often had no choice but to lay it back.....and while we're at it Halliday, Holt and Wallace were all stinking too.
  15. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    There is far too much tippy tapping around the box because of lack of movement from those inside the box and our central defenders are far too fuckin slow.