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  1. As stated in that interview Barton said sending him home would leave him open to all sorts of speculation so I'm quite happy for him to defend himself. Warburton's often spoke of it taking time for the new players to gel. That doesn't excuse the likes of Halliday, Wallace , Kiernan, Mackay - none of whom have kicked a ball since the cup semi final. They know exactly what is expected and have been falling well short of expectations. So if Barton was getting it tight after having played just 5 fucking games, then he is also quite right to give some back, because quite frankly we have been utter shite despite what Warburton's been saying. I'm no big fan of Barton but he's been far from our worst.
  2. Looks like Bartons said what needed to be said at the training ground and Warburton doesn't like it.
  3. My mate was talking to one of the coppers on duty last Saturday and they were actually told to have a softly softly approach at the Girodome. You can bet the same methods won't be applied at ibrox.
  4. Played there before for part of a game or whole game I can't mind ? and was rank rotten. Same as left mid. Stinking there as well. Rightly exposed as a weak link against the beasts. Nice lad though.
  5. !'m seriously doubting it. Other teams have sussed our style of play because tactically we only use one. All good managers have the ability to adapt and so far there is no evidence of his ability to do that. Add to that his inability to know what a decent defender is and he is doomed to failure. I think also there is a lack of ambition from the board down. From Dave "lets share the titles " King to Mark "its only 3 points" Warburton. That's not what I want to be hearing. We are Rangers and we expect to win everything.
  6. I think the OP has got it wrong. Its not Rangers he should be finished with - its Scottish Football as a whole. Give other clubs NOTHING !!!
  7. Apart from the stinking defence that most sensible Rangers supporters have been complaining about since last season ( to think some of our fans were saying "all we need is a defensive midfielder" mind boggling) , one of our biggest problems is plain to see. Quite simply teams have sussed out Warburtons one dimensional system of play. Same old same old 433 or even the pathetic Do plan A better mantra. Falkirk sussed us out last season,latterly the Hiv's and most of the others gave us tough games. This season we've already dropped points to Hamilton, Kilmarnock and the Beasts. If Warburton doesn't start to change fomations and mix things up then we'll probably drop points to every team in this league. Playing guys that are off form or out of position as well also seems to be another of his traits. Wallace has been stinking all season and needs dropped, as has Mackay out wide (though I would like to see him partner someone through the middle in a 442 ). Won't hold my breath though as some others have said he wasn't for changing at Bretnford. If that is the case then he won't be here long either.
  8. Fuck sake you were doing alright until............................
  9. That interview was utterly fuckin embarrassing. Delusional and just the same old soundbites. Would have been far better if he'd just been honest and apologised for the utter shite we've just had to suffer.
  10. In which case Warburton needs to change formation to a 4-5-1 or 4-4-2. Whichever way you look at it though he is a luxury player we can't afford to carry.
  11. Whatever possessed Warburton to plat Krancjar against the beasts. He's as slow as fuck along with Barton.
  12. Young Raith Rovers loanee would probably be a better option.
  13. Won't win the league with that defence as it stands. Still time to get a decent CB in even if its one on loan though.
  14. But.....but.... a proper defensive midfielder will solve our defensive problems. Never mind a striker, if we have any money at all it should be spent on a CB that has pace and can defend.