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  1. OF course he knew, thats the worst part about the whole thing. Minty left us up shit creek, Whyte made sure we had no paddle.
  2. Just curious, but you think if he had written something about Allah or some shit the police would be involved? Also, that's a true statement. I would own these comments. Freedom of speech. This is what it's come to, not allowed to say anything about certain subjects without fear of being arrested. I wonder if it was the Gestapo who raided his house.
  3. I hope this teaches those fucking Luddites at the SPL a lesson. As much as they dont want to admit it, they need us. I will laugh heartily at any news which confirms my above statement. (Laughs heartily)
  4. Man is a fucking animal on the field. But I'd rather have him with us than against us.
  5. So this means what exactly? GOOD NEWS!!!!
  6. The way things have been recently, it's probably not good news.
  7. I sincerely hope he gets them, I haven't hit anyone in a while.
  8. Cos thats what we need, our team lying down and giving up. If its not us in Europe next year, I don't give a flying fuck who it is. Our players should be giving 100% at all times to win. To be honest, the actual football aspect is the only thing keeping my spirits up. I refuse to sacrifice that to stop any other team going into Europe.
  9. I'm very upset at all this. What a state we are in. I never thought it would go this far. Someone needs to bail us out. Quickly.
  10. I'm one o his harshest critics, but big Lee has been key so far. Giving their center backs a nightmare.
  11. Hard to deny Ally props for this, the man is Rangers to the bone. Willing to work for free during one of the hardest times in the clubs history, refusing to walk away, doing his best to keep our morale up. Good to have a true bear at the helm. I know at times this season we have been poor, but a lesser man (and manager) would have ran for the hills in this situation.
  12. Thought I would look in o this thread -- a year later :-)

    Good words mate. Many would agree.

  13. Any ideas when I can see highlights?
  14. Perhaps we're renaming the stadium, and Whyte has asked him for advice.