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  1. Who else has left early this morning ?

    On the bus
  2. Daniel Bentley

    Mate stays down that way and supports Southend and the Bears and he raves about this boy Feckin Immense was his exact words .
  3. Kiernan

    Outstanding today and Danny was also immense not one failure in the team 😯😯😯😯😯
  4. Kevin Mcdonald

    Just to clear one point up he is a big septic fan just like the rest of his family .
  5. MW on talk sport soon

    Colin Murray , always the same , never a good word said from him and constantly talking up that lot .
  6. Zelalem, the telegraph

    No where near good enough for us never mind Arsenal , great news as had a terrible feeling MW might try and extend his loan , has contributed zero to us this season and better promoting one of our own .
  7. Thursdays Ballot

    Just got a letter today just to clarify could I go in on Tuesday night and buy and collect or do you need to purchase it online
  8. Thursdays Ballot

    Feck me was just going to say the same just got a letter 2mins ago through the door saying I have a ticket , bizarre as check my account and e mail all day yesterday and nothing
  9. Got a good 3 weeks ahead of us

    Terrible thing to say but as working on sat ,Tue , and following Sunday and only had two days holidays I hope we win the league on Tuesday night as got that and Peterhead game of
  10. Press Conferences

    Absolutely smashed it big Lee , thought wee baz might get my vote for player of the year but , feck it after listening to that and the way he command's himself in every games it's got to be Lee for me , he is a legend .
  11. Naivety

    Why bring on Clark should have been Law and put MO up top
  12. Zelalem - where is he?

    Should never be near our team or bench , give his place to one of our own young player's , but saying that hope he recovers soon as still a Rangers player
  13. Most complete performance in years

    Outstanding , that's all 😁😁😁😁
  14. Alloa Game April

    Need to plan ahead because of shifts so does anyone think this game could be moved to lunchtime or Sunday and could we get the trophy that day if we have it in the bag or will it be left to the game following week. Cheers for any ideas
  15. Union Bears Banner

    Ska tastic , great display .