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  1. David Healy to sign by the weekend

    If True Then This Bear Will Give Him A Chance , As Stated better Than That Rat From HIV
  2. Old Trafford tickets

    Yes we got our yesterday 3 tickets .
  3. Transfer Window

    5pm in England and 12 midnight in Scotland I think
  4. How many in the travel club?

    Iam in the travel club but have never got my tickets from Rangers , if we got a team and got say 3/4 thousand tickets even though i have zero points could i apply to go. cheers
  5. Martin Bain

    I too take my hat of to the man and feel he is doing a great job now and second the poster who stated that if he's good enough for sir wattie then he's good enough for this bear too .
  6. Where are we (you) all from ?

    Born Glasgow South Side and have stayed just outside Dundee for 9 years , Monifieth Loyal Bus , C'mon the Teddy Bears , going to Manchester this weekend , first time since final , cant wait .
  7. Kevin Thomson

    Outstanding today , just play like that every week and you dshall be a future Gers captain , well done my son
  8. Ya Dancer

    Don't post very much but thats it and the cheating bar stewards got what they deserved today and well done the champions , No Surrender
  9. Are Hibs our biggest threat now ?

    Who cares , bring them all on , we r the people
  10. Still one of the biggest roasters on radio and would never trust a word he says ?
  11. Quality , just pure quality
  12. Steven Davis and Kris Boyd injury updates

    Had my hernia done the day of the Fiorentina away game and was up and bouncing around Manchester 2 weeks later , should never take 6 wks
  13. Steven Davis and Kris Boyd injury updates

    How the feck can boyd be out for 5 weeks , that wee rat is expected to be fit within 7/10 days ? Is one getting the best surgen possible and the other getting his done with a feckin black and decker
  14. Miller 2 match ban

    Listen that wee turd of a ref comes from a well known beast family , sending Miller off was all he could do to help out his team , but you wont find any of this in the Daily Rebel or Evening Tim
  15. Miller Sending Off

    Never a red card , never made contact and that big hammer thrower makes the most of it , but what do you expect from that ref , he is a well known beast as are his family