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  1. This has been going on for years now! Every game no matter the importance if we win the opposition/press are having a go about something!
  2. Rabid wee cow Megan McFadden

     So? Did she get done or not?
  3. Rabid wee cow Megan McFadden

    So what actually happened to her then?
  4. Who Is Your Most Disliked Rangers Player Ever?

  5. Ramsdens Cup Final

    When is the final?
  6. Bdo Confident Of Victory If Appeal Goes Ahead

    Cried when the Mhanks beat Barcelona! With Joy!
  7. Highlights: Rangers 3-0 Hibs (U20S)

    Agreed! Needs to bulk up a wee bit though, natural finisher in there!
  8. Jonatan Johansson - Video

    Liked JJ! Good player scored some good goals but, will never forget the sitter missed in Munich! Unfortunately my lasting memory of him. We should have pumped them that night!
  9. 10 Biggest Unsung Heroes For Rangers

    I did like this but, Davie Robertson was a better left back than Arthur Numan if not as personable!
  10. Strait to comments! Sorry couldn't even read that shite! Set up by the OC! Don't give it hits!
  11. Next Signing 'very Close'

    The Scotsman has the most rabid bitter rancid bunch of Mhanks following anything to do with us so never read their comments! I got into an arguement with one of them about 4 years ago during the dark times and about 4 in the morning I rapt it up as I was going to end up in the jail as I had lost the plot but had roasted the fucker! DONT READ THE SCOTSMAN COMMENTS!
  12. Oduwa Skill - Video

    Totally agree mate spot on there! Just one thing - please change your user name it gies me the boak a wee bit?
  13. Restoration Project. Dugald And Ab Mackenzie.

    Good work mate! Great to see people investing time and effort into something like this which is really worthwhile considering what these guys gave to the club in the past!