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  1. WHAT?????????
  2. Go away Timmy!
  3. He wants to Shut the Fuck Up!
  4. Don't think I've ever read a bad article from you Dart! Sound as ever! Not so sure about his career though? Sunday Gherald?
  5. 2 chances of that happening - slim & none!
  6. NAW!!!!!!!
  7. Can't find this Dan? Any pointers?
  8. Always remember him doing that when big Tam studded it over the line in the '73 cup final! Classic!
  9. Bheasts all over the ref at the end moaning! Always cheated never defeated! It's ra sellik way!
  10. Al, I am interested as to why you think this? I hope your right btw, would like nothing more!
  11. Jonny Doyle & Tommy Burns! I remember a LC semi at Hampden and Doyle came out for a warm up pre match, he got the ball did a load of keeps ups ran up to the Rangers end and battered the ball into the net. We gave him pelters but it got worse as when the game kicked off he ran up to the Rangers end and scored early on blessing himself in front of us, Burns used to do that regularly as well! Good news was we beat them that night with a Jim Casey og in Extra time! I will take the same result tomorrow please?
  12. Ha Ha Ha! Brilliant!
  13. This is National BBC not the BBC Scotland pish where we have come to expect this nonsense! It is obvious there is an agenda there, when someone in their ranks can put something like that (insinuating we are a new club) on autocue (which would need to have been approved by an editor) to then go out on national television!! Maybe some people are ok with this but I am not and make no apologies for it!
  14. Irrelevant? When your national broadcaster has an agenda against your club? Suppose dignified silence is ok then?
  15. You should be!