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  1. Hateley the CB?

    Yea, I have plenty thoughts.
  2. O'Halloran

    Would you like him if he was a Protestant, Gaz?
  3. Novo doing the rounds

    Not enough to pay £150 to enter the Louden, mate. That's my final answer.
  4. Novo doing the rounds

    1. Those prices are too high, I would never pay that to go into a pub. 2. You won't get much interest at that time. Better off at night with a fivers entry fee.. Greg has some explaining to do, maybe it's more expensive pies?
  5. Fine them and pay the fans ticket and bus money for the past 2 matches. Fairs fair.
  6. old firm at wembley? lol

    No chance. What I would love though, is to draw them later on in the Europa League. Imagine knocking them outta Europe
  7. Novo doing the rounds

    7:30pm, mate. That's what's on the Facebook invite anyway.
  8. Rangers Crest

    I love the classic ones, hence my avatar.
  9. Keech Jackson in talking shite shocker

    When King made these boasts he was shouted down on here, and rightly so, so if I'm supposed to attack him for showing common sense then it won't happen. I do expect him to get his cheque book out though in order to topple the manks, I'll give him a chance to do that.
  10. Ballot For Final

    The sooner they get a loyalty scheme in place the better. 1. CCCS 2. Loyalty scheme with points for home matches/away/cups and Europe. When there's no enough tickets and the CCCS have been satisfied then just take the fans with the most points and give them the tickets, they've earned it. Season ticket holders are automatically awarded points for all the home matches and away ones that they have been allocated. Either Rangers or your bus convener can keep track of your points tally, whichever is appropriate. When I was on my supporters bus both as a kid then as an old cunt they always worked like that. Won't take a ticket for Firhill or Rugby Park? You're no getting one for the piggery then. No-one ever complained back then and they wouldn't now, always been the fairest way to do it, drawing names out a hat is brutal. It's not ground breaking, just common fucking sense.
  11. The Man with the Magic Hat

    We also said we would be patient if we had a young squad, things were looking better behind the scenes and we started to scout players who would make us money when selling on again. Some people need to remember that not only has that been delivered, but 2 trophies the previous manager would have had to buy outright to get his hands on them are also heading for our trophy cabinet. Oh, and the small matter of beating celt*c while we're a division below them. If Mark Warburton complained of having sweaty balls, I would give them a wipe over with a sponge for him.
  12. The Man with the Magic Hat

    Great read, D'Art. I wouldn't be so sure with the patience part though after the hissy fits on Weds night
  13. HSV Supporter looking for Final Cup Tickets

    Learn your history, fucksake. I get the impression the OP is at the windup anyway, if not then it'syet another new poster signing up to look for big match tickets.
  14. U-17 call up for Burt

    Great news, hopefully he knocks them back.
  15. Barrie Mckay Steps Up

    Bringing up nothing for me.