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  1. I'm that staunch that I projectile vomit whenever I see a celt*c top and when offered a job I always ask if there's any celt*c fans employed there as my staunchness would be ruined if I had to be in the same room as one.
  2. Yea, at Rugby Park, mate.
  3. He tore them a new arsehole on numerous occasions as well which made for beautiful karma. Witnessed them calling big Marv a black bastard as well even though they had Bobo Balde and Didier Agathe on the park. The separatist schooling has a lot to answer for., scumbags.
  4. Hopefully he pulls out the squad with his recurring petted lip problem.
  5. This is now a Sashbash thread.
  6. It's a stupid phrase to use tbh unless their advertising campaign mocks fake tans or the Orange Order.
  7. Not content just to hang the fans at the cup final out to dry, but also the Android users. Get to fuck, King.
  8. We can't win. 2 seasons ago we said Ally should have been looking closer to home for signings as the tims managed to get Hooper and Juan Yama. Has the gaffer got any signings wrong so far? He has contacts and knows that league well, it's a better league than our top league. Would be utter stupidity not to take advantage of that knowledge.
  9. I'm aint surprised, mothafuckas.
  10. That's bollocks regarding getting into shit for boosting page numbers running competitions etc. You just cant include a call to action or price in your Facebook banner. It was clearly something else.
  11. Frustrating at times due to his inconsistency but when he was on form he was excellent. Will never forget his contribution to us winning the league on enemy territory.
  12. Aye, he was apparently at the game, he was talking out his arse. Even Sutton said in the first half that we were great to watch and I agree. That shit defence and loss of the goal affected our rhythm though. Early days though and I do believe we can win this league, if we plug that defence. As I said though, fantastic 3 points.
  13. It's because the warning signs are there, mate. We were warned well before the cup final and didnt take heed, is it going to take a thumping from the tims to sort things out. Fantastic 3 points but our luck will run out in this league defending like that.