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  1. Moral of the story is dont get that pished that you cant remember who fucked you. Fucking idiot and then has the cheek to go to the cops. Can we bring back mad Bettyblue? She was convinced of his guilt.
  2. Great idea, and Kai's as well.
  3. Horrendous news. I'm still at work and my gf messaged me about this. Gutted for everyone involved.
  4. Bit of a racist question but we've had loads, Mark Walters was the first high profile brother and we've had memorable ones like wee Rodney Wallace.
  5. I'd love to slate them for celebrating a draw like that but we would do the same. Maybe give King an idea of what will be needed to get this title back as they have spent big and well. Don't think he gives a fuck though tbh.
  6. I think some people will get tickets and some wont.
  7. Like an 8 year old always trying to get the last hit in. The type of cunt you'd love to punch. I do think he will come good though.
  8. Going to be a long season, lads. That tadger King better get his wallet out in January for that fucking defence.
  9. That's no way to speak to Willis but I agree.
  10. Agreed. It then came down to the risk factor. He's a gamble but is he worth it? They obv decided yes and it's backfired. Everyday's a school day and the gaffer is respected a lot more than that wee tramp ever will be so he's tainted himself with this wee episode.
  11. Just down the road from me, Manky bastards. I would never harass one of those cunts out for a meal with their family, that's where a line gets crossed.
  12. Looks like limited resources to me, Ben.
  13. You do see a lot more at the games tbf, like how a player is off the ball etc. I think this is reality hitting us unfortunately, the tims signings worked out a wee bit better than we had hoped for and King was talking out his arsehole with regards to investing in the team again. I said before the season started that I would accept not winning the league in our first season back, not in this manner though. I want to 'compete', we are stuttery as fuck right now but Paris wasn't built in a day.
  14. Absolutely not.
  15. You calling us gypsies? Cheeky bastard!!