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  1. Try these shoes for size Mr Waddell

    Good piece, D'art. I'm amazed that nothing more serious happened, I mean one of the Hibs fans carrying a knife or something. The punishment has to take account of the 'what ifs'. We are punished as we may start a riot with songs etc.
  2. New strip. Out on Thursday

    I tried to go up earlier to ask but was threatened, spat on and called scum. Once I finally managed to make it past Joey Barton the folk in the shop wouldn't tell me anything.
  3. New strip. Out on Thursday

    The wee fella will want all 3 of these strips and will get them, regardless of that fat ride. He's still wanting the purple strip as well, he's no giving a fuck that it's going to be outdated, he just wants it so he has them all from last year
  4. English FA would have acted by now?

    I didn't realise they did football tops as well. I recommended that site to my burd and she loves it, cheap as fuck and good quality, only cunt is that it takes 4 weeks to arrive but you can't have everything.
  5. We have finally reached the twilight zone

    Just to put something to bed. People don't want posters banned due to a difference of opinion, au contraire you see disagreements all the time on here and people move on. There's a way of doing it though and Bluepeter9 is someone who rather than debates his point normally, he antagonises. He will come into a thread and throw a grenade like "Paranoid pish!!" or "The haters are out in force!!" That's not disagreeing, that's being a prick. The common misconception on here is posters with differing opinions are singled out but when you look at the posters you start to see that it's not actually the opinion- it's the way it's been put across. TravellingwillBEARy was very similar, he would breeze into a thread, insult the intelligence of everyone in it then have people saying that he was being picked on for being different, Lucyblue was another but to an outsider - it was their viewpoint they were being abused for. The Dude is also in that category but when pushed he is actually alright, at least he admits he does it to wind people up.
  6. We have finally reached the twilight zone

    Sometimes? It's like taking a black man to a KKK meeting watching him post on here.
  7. Demonstration

    That was the old BP9, he snapped at Hampden, but. At full time he ran onto the park, desperate to get at the Hibs fans! They didn't know he was running on to apologise for our goal and for making them wait so long on a trophy and just punched him. Rumour has it when he was lying on the ground receiving punches and kicks he was thanking them and saying most other Rangers fans would have tried to fight back by now..but not him, he was just there for the football.
  8. Demonstration

    Heard bluepeter9 was organising a march where we stop off at Hampden and the Daily Record headquarters in order to smash all their windaes and intimidate staff? Am I in the correct thread?
  9. New strips in more detail

    Neither, it goes to Mark Dingwall.
  10. Happy birthday Gazza

    He was something else. Privileged to witness him in a Rangers jersey.
  11. Stewart Robertson tells the truth in the Herald

    Indeed, I tried to get tickets for my 6 year old and I and the thought of him feeling threatened because of those stinking cunts boils my blood. The fans who went onto the park are heroes.
  12. Interestingly enough Murray Foote is a Dundee Utd fan. Went on a wee Facebook snooping trip yesterday, Alan Rennie also has Jack Irvine on his friends list.
  13. Stewart Robertson tells the truth in the Herald

    Let's hope he feels the same way if the SFA and Police investigations demonise our fans for coming onto the park. His interview yesterday was a wee bit too passive for my liking, I wasn't expecting a snarling dog but I felt he's opened a can of worms with saying he will deal with any of our fans caught up in that, or words to those effect. I don't think any Rangers fan ran onto the park looking for a fight or they would have been on the park before the Hibs fans were. None of these lads should be banned from Ibrox.
  14. lee erwin

    Wee dick thinks he's a ticket.
  15. lee erwin

    Where was he shouting it? I just picture him up the street, stamping his feet shouting "I want to sign for Rangers"