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  1. Big Jig

    That's just because his favourite wrestler is the Undertaker. On a serious note, Jig deserves a good reception and I'm sure he will get it, then the beating his team deserves I said it at the time, he didn't pick himself, that was my wee boy's first game and I had to explain why some fucking idiots were booing our own player.
  2. *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Dumbarton No Surrender flag on that clip
  3. *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Lovely time to get a goal, Miller is looking hungry, the benefits of a good bench.  
  4. RTV in the UK

    750mb cap on desktop for Hotspot free.
  5. RTV in the UK

    I'll check for you, mate, I'm sure they brought one in for the free one but if you try doing it the now, then installing it on your comp, I'm pretty certain they offer you a free trial of elite for 3 days. Allowing you to see the match tonight at least.
  6. RTV in the UK

    I just bought it, I'm using Hotspot Shield Elite, can't be arsed with pissy streams, and would rather the Gers got my money. Just get a decent VPN and don't log into Rangers TV unless it's switched on, it doesn't matter if your card details are UK based either, they just check your IP when you've logged in.
  7. So

    Alec Thompson is no Rangers hater.   lolz
  8. Killie cup tickets booking fee by seat

    Overloaded with reports of a tim on the rampage that needs banned, assuming it's the OP, lads? Or is it The Dude.
  9. What's up with the site?

    Site's went all Caitlyn Jenner on me. Nothing's been decided yet but I'm in talks with Follow Follow. 
  10. Would You Go?

    Glad someone appreciates me, Peter!
  11. Would You Go?

    BP9 would lay on a spread for the celt*c faithful.
  12. Sell Out Ibrox - Falkirk 30/01

    Get paid on Tuesday then I can look at this.
  13. John Gilligan On Rocksport Radio Tonight

    Probably not wanting to put much pressure on the gaffer but I expect 2nd place at least next year, would be good to leather them on our first season back but it is a project we're part of here and if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. We're in a better position than them with our rebuilding etc so it's only a matter of time.
  14. Blue Monday

    It's easy for you to say, you've moved on!
  15. Blue Monday

    I beg to differ, I've been in a rager all day, fuckall to do with the team though!