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  1. That's horrendous!
  2. You'll be glad you haven't met Boab on here then. Rarely posts but anytime he does he gets it tight as he boasted about getting a Bear thrown out of Ibrox for singing naughty songs.
  3. It's not like they went out and started fighing on the streets in Rangers name, it was inside the stadium and the club are well aware of the circumstances surrounding these guys and again if Hibs fans hadn't entered the field to attack our players then the Rangers supporters would have stayed in the stands. Some people can claim they were just looking for any excuse to fight but if that's the case why do we not invade the park more often? They shouldn't have taken the payment if they already knew who these lads were and as I said - the fans took to the field to defend their own, something the cowards in the boardroom would do well to learn.
  4. Arthur Daly Chopper dies his pubes ginger.
  5. Need to weed out this element of the support. The element who spend most of their wages following the club home and away. The type who want to pretect their players and vulnerable supporters. The bastards even sing songs loudly to inspire the team too. Guys like BP9 are the benchmark now.
  6. You a detective, mate?
  7. In general terms that is a throwaway comment, I'm not under any illusions that if the guy had a gun that he would use it- however was one of our fans no done because he held a knife up to a tv while Lhennon was on it? Fairs fair.
  8. With a bag of sweets and a cheeky smile, Larsson helps Rangers go the extra mile.
  9. The Louden tavern have retweeted a few lads selling Dundee tickets if any of you lads are on Twitter
  10. Indeed. It wouldn't exactly have had the opposition manager running for the tactics board when he seen Nicky Clark and Dean Shiels getting stripped to come on. Looking very good now.
  11. It's Mike Galloway.
  12. This is our reward, lads, for putting up with Black, Sandaza and Kevin Kyle. The Rangers are coming!!!!
  13. Rossiter looks calm, assured and he likes a tough tackle!!
  14. I've said it loads of times before, it's deliberate on his part. He claims it's because he holds a difference in opinion but it's the snidey, condescending way he says it. Constant trolling as he doesn't get enough attention in the house.
  15. Absolute scrotum of a guy. I can bet that if you were there you would have been knocking women and children out the way trying to get away from the Hivs fans.