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  1. Silence is deafening

    I'll be surprised if the SFA deal with the spoonburners harshly enough for anyone to notice that THEY were the aggressors in this debacle and that WE (Rangers FC and its support) are by and large the victims. That said, UEFA need not wait for any such investigation (independent or otherwise) to reach for the BAN hammer and throw that junkie shower of shite out of next season's Europa League given that the TV pictures show Junkie fans invading the pitch also show Junkie fans attacking Rangers FC players and staff. Fuck them.
  2. The Qatar royal family is a joint owner of the Shard in London Project Blue had used a type of finance that complied with Islamic law, which forbids lending money for interest. It used an arrangement called Ijara. "Under an Ijara arrangement a bank or other financial institution buys the asset that the customer wishes to acquire and then leases that asset to him," said Lord Justice Lewison in the judgement. "The rent is calculated in such a way that the bank will receive a return on its investment. The customer will also have an option to buy the asset. However, it is critical to appreciate that the bank will be the real owner of the asset for the term of the lease, and the customer will not." Qatar is now a large player when it comes to investments in London. It is a joint owner of the Shard, has a 20% stake in the owner of Heathrow airport and a significant stake in Barclays after helping the bank avoid a government bailout in 2008. There is no way on God's green earth HMRC would be allowed (yes 'allowed') to win this case. The City of London would go into meltdown as the Qatar family (and friends) started moving to pastures new. Rangers v HMRC is an entirely different level/matter.
  3. Club 1872Launch

    I certainly do. As stated, at the merest hint of COI the individual should walk away from the table.
  4. Club 1872Launch

    At the merest hint of a conflict of interest (coi) then said 'conflicted' individual needs to walk away from it. Smoke and fire usually rear their ugly heads.
  5. Another statement required

    That was Herr Hitler's take on things too. Funny that, eh?
  6. Another statement required

    It's like that other one they throw into the discussion every so know that one where the Irish are allegedly a "race"! You honest-to-God couldn't make them up.
  7. Another statement required

    BBC Scotland has already travelled down that route as in every discussion I've heard on their TV and Radio stations brings up the old chestnut of "sectarian singing"........The Billy Boys (which isn't actually sectarian in my eyes) started long after the spoonburners invaded the pitch and attacked our players and staff. It's called LIES & DEFLECTION....plain and simple.
  8. Get your videos deleted now.....

    They'd need a Court order to get hold of someone's phone to get view of such images........the chances of which are slimmer than a certain chicken-supper-loving ex-republican scum-bag......and even then, said images would have been deleted in plenty of time.
  9. 44 years ago today

    Back in those days we couldn't afford nursery....weans were left by the parents to fend for themselves. I took to stealing passports...hence my trip to Spain.
  10. Club 1872Launch

    I can't believe how long ago that was. It was a meant to herald (no broadsheet rag pun intended) a new' having an input.....a say in the club and how it was run....a voice to stand up to the biased anti-Rangers media.....and then.....thanks to some with THEIR interests at heart the whole thing went pear-shaped. Will history repeat itself? Time will tell.
  11. Club 1872Launch

    Tomorrow is promised to no-one. PS. Annie's (where many of the original RST meets took place) did a fine 3-courser with soup, fillet steak and chips (with mixed veg) and a rather tasty desert ensemble. Top that.
  12. Media Bias ?

    "There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know." (The above is a derivative of an oft used biblical quotation)
  13. Club 1872Launch

    Well done young sir. Are you going for a hat-trick next season? My point was (as one who was in there at the launch of the now discredited RST) the fans' groups love a good launch.........if not lunch. History tells me this won't be the last launch.
  14. Media Bias ?

    Surely you're the one having a laugh? How one-sided is the law when it comes to dealing with anything labelled 'sectarian'? Wee Burnie couldn't have made it clearer when on Saturday evening her first tweet as Fist Munster was to "congratulate" the Spoonburners on their cup took a strongly-worded statement from Rangers FC to get her in front of the microphone some many hours later. She knew what went on at Hampden but chose to ignore it. Fucking typical of these Nasty Nazi bastards.
  15. Club 1872Launch

    The fans' groups have had more "launches" than the Clyde did during its heyday.