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  1. Help Needed

    Don't mention "the war"........I did once but I think I got away with it.
  2. Night Before Christmas

    T'was the night before Christmas and all through the flat, Not a creature was stirring, not even the cat, The doctor came and shook his head, "It's not a pill or sweets", he said, "Perhaps the food you've given Gertie, was chopped up when your hands were dirty?"
  3. Rangers Fans Open Up Shop

    Question: Is Dave telling porkies regards money and it's availability thereof?
  4. Would You Have Him Back?

  5. Fans Groups

    Back in the day 'fans' groups' didn't exist......we were as one....a united support all backing the same team and fighting the common enemy. Then, somewhere down the line the chance to make money from fellow supporters appeared on the scene and it's been downhill ever since. There are more "fans' groups" than I've had hot dinners......and I'm a fat bastard. I was one of the founding members of the RST (a below #40 two-digit membership number as it happens) however that was quickly hijacked by someone (no names no pack drill) in the sentence above. A great idea ruined. As others have noted, The Vanguard Bears aren't in it for fame or fortune....they are there to defend our traditions and they do exactly what it says on their tin. They'll do for me.
  6. Forth Road Bridge Closed

    (With apologies to The Bard) The Forth, The Forth, the windswept Forth, Claims a worldwide appeal, But that was then...and this is now, It's a rotting pile of steel.
  7. Ibrox Stadium is a world-recognised Listed Building, a thing of beauty and a joy for ever. Meanwhile, on the other side of town Kiddie-Fiddler Palace is a 'listing' pile of shite and breeze-block and smelling like a burst WC. Nothing to see (build) here. Let's mend a few things and move along.
  8. Richard Wilson Knows F*** All.

    We should take it as a compliment that clubs in England (or elsewhere) are showing an interest in our manager. The only one taking an interest in our last manager is the charge-hand at his local boozer who wants to know when the bar tab is being cleared. MW will be going nowhere any time soon.
  9. Rangers 4 Dumbarton 0 - The Goals

    The Keystone Cops version?
  10. Sos Books

    Unless one of the big boys, i.e. Waterstones, WH Smith, ASDA, McColl's, offer shelf space for said book (and for a first time author that's a big ask) anyone selling it on the pavements around Ibrox Stadium will need to be in possession of a valid Street Traders Licence. A book is not a newspaper or indeed a weekly magazine and is not covered by the same legislation. And for the record................I'm a 'No Thanks'.
  11. Rangers Set To Introduce The Living Wage

    Is the racist homophobe still tweeting?
  12. Uefa Know The Scum Are Obsessed With Us.

    I watched the Europa league highlights last night and waited with bated breath to catch the bheasts and their Europa disappearing act. Better comedy than Laurel & Hardy in their prime. If Runny Diarrhoea thinks this is "progress" it is my fervent wish that they retain the Nordic dick (it rhymes) for another couple of seasons.
  13. £5M Loan To Be Repaid.

    And what of the protests?
  14. Whys The Agm Not At Ibrox This Year?

    Smoke dissipates quicker if the air temperature is warmer, so by holding the AGM inside, said smoke from his 'pals' would clear easier and would leave less of a scorch mark on the arse region. Fact.
  15. Agm Live Updates - 10Am

    I'm pretty sure the world of the on-the-street fanzine sellers morphed into the GIANT creature that is the on-line fans website? Or did I get that wrong?