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  1. I'll be surprised if the SFA deal with the spoonburners harshly enough for anyone to notice that THEY were the aggressors in this debacle and that WE (Rangers FC and its support) are by and large the victims. That said, UEFA need not wait for any such investigation (independent or otherwise) to reach for the BAN hammer and throw that junkie shower of shite out of next season's Europa League given that the TV pictures show Junkie fans invading the pitch also show Junkie fans attacking Rangers FC players and staff. Fuck them.
  2. That was Herr Hitler's take on things too. Funny that, eh?
  3. It's like that other one they throw into the discussion every so know that one where the Irish are allegedly a "race"! You honest-to-God couldn't make them up.
  4. BBC Scotland has already travelled down that route as in every discussion I've heard on their TV and Radio stations brings up the old chestnut of "sectarian singing"........The Billy Boys (which isn't actually sectarian in my eyes) started long after the spoonburners invaded the pitch and attacked our players and staff. It's called LIES & DEFLECTION....plain and simple.
  5. They'd need a Court order to get hold of someone's phone to get view of such images........the chances of which are slimmer than a certain chicken-supper-loving ex-republican scum-bag......and even then, said images would have been deleted in plenty of time.
  6. Back in those days we couldn't afford nursery....weans were left by the parents to fend for themselves. I took to stealing passports...hence my trip to Spain.
  7. "There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know." (The above is a derivative of an oft used biblical quotation)
  8. Surely you're the one having a laugh? How one-sided is the law when it comes to dealing with anything labelled 'sectarian'? Wee Burnie couldn't have made it clearer when on Saturday evening her first tweet as Fist Munster was to "congratulate" the Spoonburners on their cup took a strongly-worded statement from Rangers FC to get her in front of the microphone some many hours later. She knew what went on at Hampden but chose to ignore it. Fucking typical of these Nasty Nazi bastards.
  9. During the 1930's when Hitler came to power in Germany he and his party demonised everyone who they considered non-Arian (in particularly the Jews) and not one nation stood up to them...........the rest is history. In years to come scholars may look back at these times in Scotland's history and draw parallels to the trials and tribulations the indigenous Presbyterian/Unionist/Rangers-supporting individual was faced with. It's a short vocal step from 'The Nazi Party' to 'The Scottish Nasty Party'. Bastards.
  10. Read the OP again bro.....he was "born and bred" in NZ.
  11. We didn't show up on the day (I was there, we just didn't perform), but rules are rules and if the Spoonburners fans broke the rules then the runner up gets the prize. In any sport you wish to name if the medal winner gets fucked out due to whatever infringement you care to mention the gold medal goes to the runner-up. It's called "a gift horse" and I for one wouldn't have a moments backward glance if we did get the chance.
  12. Living on the other side of the planet you'll maybe be unaware that Scotland 2016 is a Tarrier-run land filled to the brim with Rangers-hating politicians, legal system, media types and other pond-life. Fair play doesn't enter the conversation up here donnymac.
  13. I disagree completely. If Rangers were to be given the chance to get a second bite at the European cherry thanks to the Spoon-Burners being banned (and that won't happen) I would grab it with both hands. I see that opportunity as no different to Child Molesters FC in the bheast-end of Glasgow being given a reprieve in a CL qualifier due to a technicality on a players' registration recently (not that it helped them progress). Either way, the Junkie XI should be banned from representing the country and have financial penalties imposed on them immediately.
  14. 100%
  15. I jested about the dream Turnberry18 (it was actually Susan Boyle who was chasing me ). I am well and am somewhat surprised I was missed on many new faces (names) since I last visited this place....and the usual trolls are still here I see. Returning serve sir, I hope you are also in fine fettle and looking forward to 2016-17 and our journey back to the top.