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  1. TBB

    Why isn't it ok to hate someone for their religion? Their religion is a joke, kiddy fiddling, aye alright, move em on to the next county for fresh meat. Oh it's ok Africa, condoms don't stop aids, don't use them. The head of their church is a bloody nazi ffs. If that's no enough reason to hate catholics....then I guess i'm just an angry h**....which is apparently just fine to sing to us....
  2. Edu - an American dream

    Haha that's about right actually. Anyway, I've seen him play quite a few times over here and he's definitely good enough to play for us, TFC are just awful and he doesn't fit in well with a team that can't play with him. Figure he'll come good in a year or so and be a steal for the price.
  3. Edu - an American dream

    Toronto is in Canada last time I checked.