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  1. TMB, you're a broken record mate. Let it go.
  2. Away back to reading about JFKs assassination, 9/11 and chemtrails mate.
  3. Fuck sake mate.
  4. Been really disappointed by him, expected him to stroll it up here. I wouldn't start him either but he will.
  5. You're quite literally defending the indefensible.
  6. He did. It was quite well known.
  7. Barton?! Wait, I forgot I said I'd focus on the positive...
  8. Because he's talked a big game and hasn't lived up to it.
  9. Aye mate I'm the depressing one here. It's like the Erskine Bridge with everyone ready to leap off.
  10. Thought I'd focus on the one positive. He was superb tonight - some FK and put in some great crosses. Yet everyone will still think he's our defensive weak link when he's our best by a mile.
  11. You can have more than one defensive midfielder. And Barton was often at the base with players running by him no bother which has happened every game this season.
  12. I didn't say it was good enough but I'm just tired of folk complaining as if we've lost our opening four games. We've definitely been shite so far but it's too early to be making any long-term judgements.
  13. I didn't say we could carry on like it but Jesus mate, there's 34 games to go.
  14. Are you? Some of our fans are so spoiled. I'm as annoyed as everyone else but if any of our other managers had done what MW did last season, they'd absolutely be allowed more than four league games. Even if we'd lost one of them, which we haven't.
  15. That first part is fucking nonsense.