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  1. Foderingham Tavernier Kiernan Hill Wallace Holt Halliday Windass Forrester Miller McKay
  2. I thought he was decent.
  3. Hill's definitely making a difference. Wilson and Kiernan both need a defender like that beside them.
  4. He should get a call-up soon. Holt's not too far away either.
  5. That wasn't hanging on for dear life. It was a bit nervy at times but we looked more likely to score than they didn't.
  6. Harsh as fuck.
  7. Happy with that overall. Our midfield was really good, won plenty of tackles and passed it about well. Hill should start every game and what a goal by Miller We were slightly fortunate they missed the two free headers though but we should have scored 6.
  8. I mind when I was looking forward to this game.
  9. O'Halloran not even on the bench.
  10. Complete riddy.
  11. Ian Cathro. Doubt he'd want to leave working with Benitez at Newcastle...
  12. 1.5m wouldn't be bad especially with 18 months left on his contract. However, we'd need to reinvest in a top quality goalscorer (well for this level) as the jury is still out on Garner.
  13. I don't think anyone's doing that though. From the information we have, I think we made the right call. We've made the wrong one on plenty of other occasions.
  14. He's done more than Barton.