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  1. *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    He is on the bench.
  2. *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    Same team as against Raith. Wonder what's happened with Holt.
  3. Ah well, I suppose it's been a while....

    I didn't say they were making profits but at least they can sell their merchandise without it having too much of an adverse effect.
  4. Ah well, I suppose it's been a while....

    Anything's better than we have now though. Every other club seems to manage so I don't see why we can't.
  5. Ah well, I suppose it's been a while....

    Not anytime soon, no. But if we can get to the stage where we know every penny spent on club merch actually goes to the club then that would be a huge positive. Then we can start trying to grow and make it profitable.
  6. Ah well, I suppose it's been a while....

    No need for that. Any attempt at putting pressure on Ashley and SD should be supported after the numerous ways in which they have tried to fuck us over.  
  7. Ah well, I suppose it's been a while....

    It's already been successful in getting publicity. The Guardian have done a lot of good work this week exposing this fat bastard so keeping it in the press is a wise move.
  8. Chairman's Update

    Good stuff
  9. Kenny McLean - Suggestion.

    Don't think they'd sell to us and they paid a decent (well for them) fee for him so he wouldn't be cheap. Good player though.
  10. The Sports Direct Deal.

    That's fucking scandalous. 
  11. Gedi the good guy

    Nice to see he has good morrows.
  12. Will Vaulks

    Think he'd be a cracking signing. Might have to wait until the summer and hope Falkirk don't go up until they cash in.
  13. Jamie Vardy

    Pleasantly surprised by my post!
  14. Fraser Aird

  15. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    A Graham Spiers column published on heraldscotland in December made a claim about an un-named member of the six-strong board of Rangers. This presented a legal issue which had to be addressed and which was discussed at length, by all parties involved. The issue was whether we could defend in court a contentious statement and the advice given was that we could not. Finally, on clear legal advice, we were left with no option other than to apologise and seek to draw a line under the matter. After the apology was published we had to abide by it and the spirit in which it was published. Unfortunately that apology was then undermined and we had to take appropriate action. Our titles have a long history of supporting quality journalism and defending free speech and robust comment. This made all the more difficult the action we had to take. While one of our advertisers is on the board at Rangers that was never an issue and we shall continue to report and comment on the pressing issues of the day without fear or favour. Magnus Llewellin, Editor-in-Chief Herald & Times Group