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  1. Danny Graham

    Aye, Rossiter's ancient. Crooks and Windass should probably retire too.
  2. Eunan O'Kane

    Another midfielder
  3. Khalid Aucho

    Bit racist.
  4. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    Delighted with this, he's exactly what we need. Welcome Joey!
  5. Niko kranjcar

    Back page of the Daily Mail's saying he's "on the verge of an agreement" with us.
  6. Joey Barton.

    Mate, you can't spell salt.
  7. Joey Barton.

    One of the guys who's saying it is one of the ones who originally posted the rumour. I'd say he's more reliable than the rest of them.
  8. Joey Barton.

    Looks like it will be done tomorrow according to a few people on FF.
  9. Joey Barton.

    Kirk got Jardel 9 on the back of his NTL top.
  10. Joey Barton.

    You can see that it says "joins the Clarets" from the URL ya tadger.
  11. Joey Barton.

    "I was always signing ya wankers. Calm down"
  12. Joey Barton.

    Everyone's just getting it from that Irish Times article so I'd wait for something more concrete. Folk just need to calm down about it. Some amount of roasters on Twitter getting into a right state about it.
  13. Daily Record : Every Rangers Player Attacked

    Fair play to Steven McLean and Bobby Madden.
  14. Joey Barton.

    Joey Barton posting We are the people imagine predicting that a few months ago. What a time to be alive.
  15. Zelalem

    Shiels is a far bigger shitebag. Will never forget him hiding at Tannadice in the 3-0 game.