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  1. Who had Jimmy Floyd Hasslebaink on their sweepstake?
  2. It's not but it's still not a good look. There's more in the article where he can clearly see what he's doing is against the rules though. Doing it so soon after becoming England manager is just fucking stupid.
  3. Think I'd genuinely start Miller ahead of Waghorn or Garner. Would back him more than them to take a chance.
  4. Really don't agree about his crossing. For the most part, I think it's excellent. The one he crossed in for Garner who missed from about 5 yards out in particular was superb.
  5. Good performance so far but we still need to be more clinical. Holt especially should have taken one of his chances.
  6. Fuck knows how that story got past their lawyers in the first place. Amateur.
  7. Very early days but this is our best partnership by a mile.
  8. He was at it against the Tarriers as well, complete riddy. Had a reputation for it at Preston as well. From what I remember, it was more the media asking him about it and it's always the commentators that mention how he was brought up on Copland Road.
  9. He wasn't perfect but some of his passing was great and he took his goal really well. I didn't see the rolling about so you may be correct - Garner's really bad for that as well. I just thought slagging him off for his press conference was ridiculously harsh tbh
  10. Foderingham Tavernier Wilson Hill Hodson Windass Halliday Holt O'Halloran Waghorn McKay
  11. Yep, utterly bizarre.
  12. Criticising him is fair enough but inventing reasons to do so is a bit strange.
  13. Then he'd have dicks like you criticising him for being a Rangers fan. It's strange how that's supposed to be a bad thing on a Rangers forum.
  14. Gets two assists and still gets slagged off, he can't win. And it's 2016, who gives a fuck what religion he is. He clearly didn't when he signed for us.