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  1. Prem teams

    Teams are forced to play on the break because we keep possession so well. We will need to sharpen up at the back but the signs are good for next year
  2. Jason Cummings

    Ask yourself this. Would you rather he was with them or us next season? He's a big game player and we only play big games. The kind of arrogant little shit that would love being aRangers player and be a cult hero IMHO
  3. John fleck

    If hisbattiude is good then the ability is there. Still young enough to develop, over 100 appearances down south, oneof their best players who was once tipped fot stardomand good technically. He's a typical Warbs signing.
  4. Have you any superstitions ?

    Mate if the Kronenbourg takes you down the road to machete it's probably time to give it up. The beer sausages probably aren't helping your violent tendencies either
  5. John Fleck - suggestion

    Fleck is a good player and if he wasn't an ex Ranger we'd be more receptive to the idea. He's racked up a lot of appearances in the English leagues, he's stood out for his team, still young, technically good and he was once tipped for the top. Oh and he's out of contract If I deleted Flecks name and inserted some obscure English kid we'd be all for it. I think Fleck is a no brainer if he passes the attitude test.
  6. Harry Forrester ruled out of Old Firm

    Mackay Miller Waggy Shiels on once Waggy has put us into an unassailable lead
  7. Rangers Ticket Office: Shambles

    That's pish poor. The club should be paying OT to get the centre open early tomorrow and sort out any fuck ups
  8. Saturdays without The Rangers

    Take up gambling mate, makes almost any shite football watchable
  9. Zelalem, the telegraph

    He is a class act. If he was a Scottish 18 year old Rangers own4ed youth with the sort of passing ability he has we'd be drooling. He will get stronger physically and could be a Xavi style player.
  10. Best Individual Performances In An Old Firm

    Did we not play two games almost back to back and Jonas Thern scored screamers in both? Or was is Albertz?
  11. Next seasons budget

    They have spent relatively little. You seemed to be implying they've spent a lot. Maybe I picked you up wrong
  12. Next seasons budget

    It's all relative to the league they play in and the wage bill in comparison to the big hitters in that league.
  13. Ticket Office Phone

    Tickets can be reprinted if sent to the wrong address but you might have a long wait
  14. Do we really want to make the same mistake the beast have?

    We build a team if players with particular strengths that suit our system. We can't buy a player who has it all because if he was available he'd be in the big leagues. We will have to find guys who are undervalued or who we can develop. McParland has a big job to keep our excellent strike rate up when we go for players for the next level.
  15. Wee Harry

    Cracking wee player. There's a fat guy itching to get out of him, but when he's fit he's class