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  1. I think this might be first time I've ever agreed with you. We have signed players who don't fit out system. And we never change our system so it's not clear to me what the plan for them was.
  2. Barry Ferguson? 😂
  3. Hately was proven at the top level though and his quality never know doubt. Garner has everything to prove. Just how he's a Preston level player until he proves otherwise
  4. Yes. We will never progress unless we persevere with the greater plan of installing a new brand of football in the fabric of The club. . It doesn't have to be Warburton at the top but the style must remain or all this restructure will have been for nothing. When it does come good it will be worth it. In 10 years kids should associate Rangers with slick passing football as of that's always been the way we play. Everything we are dok g behind the scenes can't be undone by impatience
  5. We have players out wide but they aren't wingers. They are afraid to lose the ball with a cross or dribble so cut it back and wait on the overlap. It works on occasion bit mostly it's predictable. We are playing to a formula, risk averse percentage stuff which lacks surprise or spontaneity. MOH is a victim of this. He played off the cuff for about 3 weeks when he joined. Ran at players, skint them for pace. Then he learned our patterns of play and the spontaneity went with it. We've effectively taken his strengths away from him. Windass looks to have something about him. Lets see if he's allowed to flourish or if he will be coached into taking the safe option.
  6. Then we will get the team out impatience deserves. If the club don't stick it out and persevere with the rebuild this will just go down as a few more wasted years to add to the Ally years. We can't rip it up and start again every time we hit a bad patch. Since when was instilling a whole new ethos going to take a year.
  7. We are supposed to have a club identity which runs through all teams. We have tailored our entire setup to this. Coaching, recruitment at all age groups. If we abandon Warburton and give a manager total control expect to see McParland gone, Mulholland gone and the whole thing fall to bits. If and when Warburton goes (and I hope it's years away) we will appoint a head coach with similar ideas. Rules out a lot of people. See Barcelona for what we are attempting to emulate (on a lower level obviously)
  8. No and we need to think long term. Warburton has our whole club playing the same way from top to bottom. If we do change the manager we will need to find another boss willing to play to a broadly similar style or it will have been for nothing. That won't be straightforward
  9. No bother Billy. Pull your scants up, leave the forum and don't return comrade.
  10. Or it could be that he's just gutted.
  11. Yes we are over coached and have no spontaneity. I've said this many times. Look at the way we get up the park then cut it back rather than commit. It's a fear of losing the ball trying something that isn't from the manual. We are playing the percentages all the time knstead of taking the game by the balls and hammering down the door.
  12. They have built that team over a number of years. Dembele is rumoured to be on 40k and will rightly be sold for 8 figures in a couple of years. We are miles behind in monetary terms and our playing assets aren't as saleable because we havent proved it at a decent level yet.
  13. If they did it would make the news at 6. We will see if this incident is widely reported but I hope so. Rivalry is one thing but mocking a disaster is a step beyond that.
  14. You should try the Rangers decor thread. UVF kitchen wall display. Hmmmm.
  15. Agree completely