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  1. goram v.hooijdonk or mcgregor v bremen

    That's the one I'm thinking of i must be getting mixed up.  That was an unbelievable save! 
  2. Kilmarnock fans - we know where their loyalties lie

    It's a football wind up mate lighten up. And I'd assume their loyalties lie with Kilmarnock. Anyway let's knock them out in the replay and that will shut them up 
  3. Sack The Manager

    Priorities for me are a top class centre forward, a top class midfielder who can play a through ball and a fast centre half.  I'd blow the budget in those three players down the spine of the team.   
  4. *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    I'd take ball off, drop Halliday back and get Holt on 
  5. goram v.hooijdonk or mcgregor v bremen

    Goram pulled off an unbelievable save against Holland in Euro 96
  6. Suggestions.

    Williams apparently training with Inverness. Makes sense as they are losing Tansey to Aberdeen. 
  7. Nicky Law potentially leaving

    Seems clear he won't be getting a new contract. Maybe this was our way of letting other clubs know that we are open to offers.  We must also have someone else lined up.  
  8. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    300k is a good price. Well done to Robertson or whoever is handling our negotiations 
  9. Liam Burt | Rangers Youngster

    I'm fairly sure Tom Miller during commentary that Burt has been awarded with a new contract. I'm not sure exactly what his situation is 
  10. Liam Burt

    Need to get the boy signed up on a longer deal.  Out of contract in the summer 
  11. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    I think there been a  bit of a low key build up to this one, hopefully the players are more fired up.  I think 2 or 3 nil tonight 
  12. Set pieces

    I think we are missing the point yes.  When we send our taller players up it forces someone to mark them. Usually the opposition centre backs which means they aren't marking Waggy etc.  We also provide more bodies to find with a pass, and since the opposition usually leave 1 up front we don't need to keep many back on the half way line marking.  Thirdly, we try to work angles for a cross where the defence isn't set up like they are for the corner itself. We take it short and look to drag the opposition out of position. If the cross does come they aren't set up neatly like at a corner. 
  13. Happy to sacrifice Zelalem/Law?

    Law will be gone next year. He lacks courage and he is on a fair wage. Sad to say I wrote him off the very moment when Vann Dyke shoved him over and strolled off with the ball as if Law were a wee boy. I was disgusted then and next season I think we would lose so much positivity if we watched our team pussy out of a game.   Not for me. I think we can do better 
  14. Suggestions.

    You think he is above our level for next season? This is the suggestion thread, only a suggestion.