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  1. Niko kranjcar

  2. Khalid Aucho Trolled by the Kenyan press 😅
  3. Khalid Aucho

    Haha imagine after pages of mocking this was a proper story and he signed. In Frankie McParland we trust # signkhalidaucho
  4. Daniel Bentley

    Warbs tells the press what he wants them to hear. Hope we do get a keeper in, Wes needs the challenge.
  5. ***Rumours thread***

    Wouldn't be all that surprised if we did sign him. Hibs must be in the financial shitter carrying the squad they are for a 3rd season in the second tier. If we had a deal in place could they really afford to torpedo it? Warbs also doesn't seem like a man who cuts his nose off to spite his face. He's all business and if he likes the player I could see him push on with the move even if he doesn't like Hibs.
  6. Grant Hanley

    To be honest if we could afford his wage then 1.5m shouldn't be outwith our abilities for the most important position in the team. Not for Hanley necessarily but for a ready made leader at the back. I expect we will have to spend some money on a centre forward and a centre half to go with the value picks by McParland
  7. lee erwin

    I'm filing this one under pish
  8. Khalid Aucho

    Yeah I said that in my post. If he is good. Well done McParland if he can find a diamond in the obscurity of the Kenyan league
  9. ***Rumours thread***

    We won't have an abundance of 27 year olds, skillful, proven and in their prime available on a Bosman. Not affordable ones with 30 plus Championship appearances for a top end team last season. It's a no brainer if you can ignore the surrounding nonsense. An instant assets on and off the pitch if he performs to his abilities.
  10. Khalid Aucho

    Back on topic this is either nonsense or McParland is a football genius. Who honestly in our position would think to scout the Kenyan leagues. If he actually signs and is good McParland is even better than I imagined.
  11. Dominic Ball

    He has time on his side, and was already a contender for a regular spot at 20. I want to see experience as well but if he's not the only centre half we sign then I'd be quite happy with it.
  12. ***Rumours thread***

    This would be ideal for us. Experience, skill, close control, pace and a good age.
  13. Khalid Aucho

    Thread has gone way off topic. I honestly did play fives with him and everyone has hijacked what was a sensible thread. For those who are genuinely interested he's a cracking good bear, plays a bit like Hemdani with his positional sense but tackles like Rino. Used to enjoy a pint with him and watch old Davie Cooper videos on the Beetamax back in the day.
  14. Warbs agrees new deal

    Well deserved. Hopefully many more years of the Warbs, Weir, McParland combo to come. http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-news/rangers-boss-mark-warburton-set-8051258?
  15. Khalid Aucho

    Cracking guy, used to have a pint and play fives with him before he got signed and ditched his mates. Was famous around Mombasa for his love of the Gers and the bevvy. A genius but a flawed one.