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  1. I've set 3 hours aside tonight to either watch Shawshank Redemption or read this post.
  2. I'd imagine Watburton didn't mention it to give our rivals less time to predict and prepare for out line up and for us to assess the extent of the injury.
  3. We looked at the risk v reward and took a chance. Hopefully he's back soon because he is clearly a class act. This may free up the younger guys now that Barton and Niki won't be available. Big chance for Crooks and/or Rossiter to make an impact now they are both fit. I've seen out transfer policy being panned but we have some real potential there in Crooks, Windass and Rossiter and they will have to grow into the jersey a bit quicker now. Time to do the business
  4. This is where is start Windass instead of Waggy who's not on great form. Windass has the same power and directness and is well suited to the wide forward position.
  5. Laudrup, Gazza, McCoist Special mention to Albertz who is close to my list I'm 33
  6. I think he's made big improvements in his fitness since then and he makes us tick. Best player on the park last 2 games. Provided he's with 2 out of Halliday, Holt, Rossiter or Windass who will take on much of the running anyway I'd say Krancjar could be our match winner. I'd actually stick with Halliday, Holt and Nico in the middle and would use Windass as a wide forward instead of the off form Waggy
  7. Wes Tav Hill Wilson Wallace Holt Halliday Kranjcar Windass Miller Dodoo
  8. I predict a takeover when we are free of the legal cases
  9. I prefer fishing to domestic football. You should try it
  10. The JFH stuff is pathetic. I've read the so called allegations and in struggling to see what hes supposed to have done. Looks like he agreed in principle to be a speaker for at an event for a fee on his day off. When offered a player he's basically said if you find me a good one i might be interested in buying. Looks to me like they've lumped him in there because he's a big name and the Barnsley assistant isn't a big enough scalp.
  11. I think this might be first time I've ever agreed with you. We have signed players who don't fit out system. And we never change our system so it's not clear to me what the plan for them was.
  12. Barry Ferguson? 😂
  13. Hately was proven at the top level though and his quality never know doubt. Garner has everything to prove. Just how he's a Preston level player until he proves otherwise
  14. Yes. We will never progress unless we persevere with the greater plan of installing a new brand of football in the fabric of The club. . It doesn't have to be Warburton at the top but the style must remain or all this restructure will have been for nothing. When it does come good it will be worth it. In 10 years kids should associate Rangers with slick passing football as of that's always been the way we play. Everything we are dok g behind the scenes can't be undone by impatience
  15. We have players out wide but they aren't wingers. They are afraid to lose the ball with a cross or dribble so cut it back and wait on the overlap. It works on occasion bit mostly it's predictable. We are playing to a formula, risk averse percentage stuff which lacks surprise or spontaneity. MOH is a victim of this. He played off the cuff for about 3 weeks when he joined. Ran at players, skint them for pace. Then he learned our patterns of play and the spontaneity went with it. We've effectively taken his strengths away from him. Windass looks to have something about him. Lets see if he's allowed to flourish or if he will be coached into taking the safe option.