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  1. We lacked directness and urgency but the manager doesn't trust MOH. I think we are too consricted playing to set patterns. Risk averse and predictable. MOH stared off skinning folk but has gone into his shell as he can't be himself
  2. Get Barton off for Kranjcar and Miller or MacKay off for O'Halloran. Pish, slow as fuck, no urgency. We haven't dominated possession, been so scrappy and look like an amateur team
  3. Garner to score a double
  4. Serioisly why do we have to out up with Sutton. The ref did see the penalty shout he just knew it was a shite claim
  5. Our defence is brutal but we also build play too slowly for much of the game. If we played with more purpose from the start and committed players instead of checking back and playing the 5 yard pass we be much more formidable. Sometimes I think we are over coached in the attacking aspects of our play and there are few elements of surprise. We play to set patterns and rarely deviate and take an attacking risk while it's the opposite at the defensive end where we appear to be gung go and wide open It's vital forbid that one or two of Forrester, McKay and Niko are fit and on form because they have do the unexpected. Less so McKay who I wish was off his leash a little more
  6. I'd go with MacKay Forrester and OHalloran and save old Miller's legs on that surface. Wouldn't let Waggy near it if he's fit bit the bench. I'd like to see Barton, Rossiter and Kranjcar in midfield which will be solid but with the added flair we missed last 2 games
  7. Doesn't seem anyone else is running with the Senderos medical story. If true let's hope he's registered to play tonight although with his injury record would you risk him on the plastic pitch? Can't see Waggy coming back tonight because of that surface either.
  8. Confirmed? McLaren mentioned a CB was in the stands
  9. Guy looks late 40s
  10. Looks like Georg can't spell his own name. He'd get on with with RMs Craig Feguson.
  11. Heads up lads. I've heard from a good source that Garner is in time on Friday for a medical
  12. Not Chris Eagles again. Cunt had his chance
  13. I just watched his compilation vid. Looks like a player who doesn't hesitate, has good instincts and is aggressive. No more fannying about waiting on the perfect goal if Joe Garner signs. Reminds me of Mark Hateley. Hatleley Lite. I hope we can get him off to a flyer and get his confidence back.
  14. Diesel0412 said:17 Minutes Ago Re: Joe Garner 900k plus add ons is what I am told
  15. I'd be tempted to put Rossiter at DM and push Barton on slightly. He comes too deep to collect the ball and it slows everything down.