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  1. Yep had the username for quite a few years now. I've been ripped off lol
  2. sum1 forward it onto me div
  3. thing is though he went off an could barely walk yet 20 minutes later hes sprinting around a pitch chasing an arguing with the referee.. he didnt look hurt then. arsehole. shame for lamps, cech, terry etc. but drogba is a cunt.
  4. SSN: "sas papac ruled out" "ferguson back in training, but not available this weekend" "mcmanus out of game with knee injury, celtic also without scott brown" thats all thats coming up the now mate.
  5. ive got the one from real madrid at hampden a few years back still in its original wrapping. i doubt its worth much but i never wanted to open it just
  6. didier drogba was at it. as he is in most matches. how often do you see drogba go down injured? hobbling? lying on the side of the pitch but still on the pitch so the play has to be stopped. drogba is the worst for it, an the fact that chelsea are such bad losers. on a note about the referees well thats just the way it goes. referees can play a stinker sometimes but these things happen. and on a final final note..... essien = awesome . his goal was awesome it reminded me of a famous man i use to love watching Tony Yeboah for Leeds United. absolutely superb goal!
  7. hope not or im out of money at the colin
  8. thanks for that but thought it was quite clear to mean that his 2 brothers always stop to talk aswell whenever there with him.
  9. i think hatton will win by KO around the 7th to 8th round.
  10. for those that have never met him before he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. hes always had the time to stop an have a chat whenever ive met him, an also his 2 brothers aswell. lovely guy an i support him every year at tournaments. dont care that hes a celtic fan tbh. plenty of my friends are and it makes no difference to me.
  11. ha i said that on page 1 if mculloch is fit it will be him. we all know it. smith plays him every time he is fit, then roughly around the 60-70th minute he will start hobbling an get taken off and probably bring on christian daily. its so infuriating.
  12. games over now. ill be happy at 4-0
  13. hemdani .... stranger things have happened
  14. alstone ill agree with you on that, many a time have i turned up at ibrox with `no chance` of getting a ticket to have gotten one everytime, dont get me wrong sometimes you can be sat next to some nutters an sometimes half-wits who duno what there saying but its all good banter an you get to see the game. go down an see what happens, if you get one good on ye, if you get two your doing amazing