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  1. Well to be fair mate I'm raging at the performance also but what he said just pushed ma buttons!!
  2. Sorry for even bringing this rodent up in the BD but has anyone else read the official BBC report of the killie match? For some unknown reason he describes killie digging deep whist rangers fans were singing songs. Here is a direct quote. "As Rangers pressed hard (and their supporters periodically screamed what is euphemistically called their 'songbook' - The Billy Boys and more were trotted out) Killie had to dig deep". Why is this relevant? Obviously another jhurno with selective hearing.
  3. Id honestly prefer him to be brutally honest and just say we were very poor and the performance doesn't befit the jersey and that changes will be made!
  4. I really hope crooks windass and wee holt are going to make a big difference!!
  5. No, although our management team don't seem to worry about it all that much by the looks of things!
  6. See when people just write noooo, fucksake or shit.... Can you please add a little more as its heart attack material thinking we've lost another goal ffs!! Cheers in advance👍🏻
  7. Cmon lads lets get a win now!!!
  8. Having trouble watching all of the game due to where I work but have we actually hit the target in the first half?
  9. Sorry I disagree mate, it's down to the manager! Do you think for a minute Dick advocaat for instance would suffer this shite? Players arses need booted by the manager when they're underperforming like this. Defensive faults need to be rectified by the manager, but are they being rectified because it does not look like it?
  10. Probably mate, but we'd just get booked or sent off for it!
  11. Aye 2-0 up against Dundee. Forrester and Miller!
  12. He's starting to do my fucking nut in mate!! " we trained well ,learned from last week and are in good shape" no we don't learn mark and are not in good shape at all!!
  13. Don't see the monster muncher scoring against Celtic like that do ye?
  14. Don't we train on a 3G pitch at Murray park sometimes? Players look like they have never played on one before!