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  1. The Sports Direct Deal.

     A further clause that forced the football club to pay Sports Direct £620,000 for closing down two former Rangers stores in Glasgow and Belfast Dearly deary me!  The sooner this "agreement" is ripped up the better!
  2. I honestly don't see what everyone else does just yet. I hope is a success but I think he has been poor so far. Early days though.
  3. *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Have we had a shot on target this half??
  4. Welcome to Rangers, Michael O'Halloran

    Welcome to the Gers MO'H!! 
  5. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    Yaaaasssss shit performance but what a way to win it!!
  6. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    Yaassss!!! King Billy scores a goal King Billy scores a goal!!!!!
  7. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    Danny Wilson is shambolic! Sdow needs to do one on one training with him as his "defending" is costing us! Get corners whipped in to pressure their defense and get the one touch passing going!
  8. Craig Levein Tells The Truth

    Watching this makes me smile,,, a lot girfuy!!
  9. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    Is this game going ahead with the bad weather back home lads/ladies? 
  10. Very true mate!! Maybe Mr Warburton should release a statement saying the press should reassess their own journalism processes.👍🏻😄
  11. Officials Stand by red card decision

    When you spell it out like this it's clear there's only one team who's on the receiving end of the terrible decisions.  I agree we should seek a meeting with the authorities as sporting integrity surely demands it? 
  12. Good news!! Go for the jugular now, hit SD for damages, destroy the gagging order and sue SD for the next 7 years of lost income due to SD's onerous contract terms!! Judge is fighting our corner👍🏻🇬🇧
  13. The Scottish Sun.....more Lies

    I mean the sun lads not the op and other posters lol!!
  14. The Scottish Sun.....more Lies

    Get these cunts banned too!!
  15. cheers, thanks for the info!!