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  1. My wee teddy bear

    I reckon this is a great idea!! Let's try help a young bear out!!
  2. Lee Wallace - New Captain

    Oooooffffttttt!!!! Some quality statements in this thread back in the day lol!! Well done Lee Wallace well deserved!!
  3. Congratulations Martyn Waghorn

    Well deserved!!
  4. Did Wes save it?

    I'll tell you something that savefor me isup there with goramssaveagainst van donkey
  5. Andy Halliday - 'Best day of my life'

    He's one of our own!! I wonder what Scott allens thoughts on the game were?
  6. Anyone got the goals

    Cheers lads, tell you what the pressure was on zelalem law and the rest of the lads well done to them!!👍🏻🇬🇧
  7. Anyone got the goals

    As title, not seen a single fucking second of this match because of the fucking internet at work! Could someone please please upload the goals and penalties!! Thank you in advance!!
  8. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    Cmon Wes and the lads let's be heroes!!🇬🇧👍🏻
  9. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    Please finish this rangers,,, see it out!!
  10. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    Cmon the teddie Bears, let's do them!!
  11. As title? I can't get a connection at work 😫
  12. Our defense just cannot clear their lines well!! Fucking heart attack material!!!
  13. Yaaassss 2-1 st mitten!!!
  14. So did I with a big cheer from the Bears!!!