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  1. Nah just a bit of individual skill from Nico imo. But whatever game plan we have is now being allowed to be played with the 2 goal cushion!
  2. Looooovvvvveeeellllyyyy finish Andy Halliday!! 2-0
  3. Yeessss thank fuck 1-0 big niko
  4. It's open season on our players and fans it seems....
  5. And we could also sing "clap your hands if you love rangers" during the 12th minute? Sing over the top of them!!
  6. I don't know who it is but we need rid of the cunt pronto!! All these affairs should be kept in house!!
  7. I still back him. Let's be honest the press are desperate to trip him up and see him fail and he counters that by repeating what he said the week before to clarify his words. It's fucking tedious and I wouldn't know for sure but I would bet my last $ Brenda doesn't have to put up with shit like this week in week out, even after being pumped 7-0!
  8. To be fair mate not every single signing you make is going to work for various reasons. Imo kranjcar will come good but Celtic game was far too early for him. I'm with you with hill I completely don't get that signing. But kiernan for made had all the attributes to be a success but for whatever reason just can't cut it. But for those 3 you have good signings like windass holt tavernier etc.
  9. Yeah would have thought so mate, then again even though Barton has a blinder of a season last year maybe dyche was happy to get rid!!
  10. Why did our management sign this walloper?? What the fuck were they all thinking? Seems to be only Warburton getting stick for this, well Mcparland and weir should aren't without fault for this imo.
  11. Gutter rhag mate I can't stand it. Causes nothing but trouble for us!!
  12. Correct and it does my fucking head in!!
  13. The Scottish press are loving the fact that this thing has become something we're all talking about!! We're doing their job for them. Mountain out of a molehill
  14. But in saying that for me " it's an internal affair and it will be dealt with internally" is a suitable answer.
  15. Him and McKay need benched!! Nearly every attack down the left hand side comes to fuck all!! I'd honestly start hodson and MOH against Aberdeen. Playing McKay from the start is like being a man down atm.