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  1. Aaron Mooy

    Does he?? How do you know this?
  2. I started a thread the other day saying PM should act on this gutter rag! And I was told this is not the time to pick fights with the board or we can't have a board member coming out making statements about a newspaper. What fucking chance do you have?? PM should do more imo, a lot more about this!
  3. New strips in more detail

    I'd buy all 3 of them if the fat parasite came to the party!!
  4. BAN the Daily Record

    I've said this for years! Simply put the DR is NO friend of our club or its supporters!! Fucking ban it,,, yesterday!
  5. Yep as in a stitch up! Well it's up to us not to let that happen!
  6. Aye exactly, if your doing no good in their eyes (like singing songs) they would use the videos as evidence. So where's the videos of the "mob rule" fans streaming and screaming out of Hampden pc plod? i smell shite!!
  7. Shaping Up For Next Season…

    His pre season should be all fitness and defending nothing else! For a RB there's not much of a defender in there atm
  8. Paul murray

    This is my point mate!! I'm directing my ire to those who hate out club and our fans... The Daily Record!! Not Paul Murray!!
  9. Paul murray

    Honestly not try to point score against anyone at all mate. My point is he has a friend/contact or soft spot for the DR shouldn't he be putting the pressure on for some equal and fair reporting? Not just tarring our general support with causing havoc on Saturday as they did over the weekend!!
  10. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    Welcome aboard Joey!! He's here for 55!!
  11. Paul murray

    Should we be expecting more of Mr Murray. For the record (no pun intended btw) I thank him and the board for turning the club around so just to state I don't dislike him or anything like that. But he obviously has connections or a soft spot for the daily record. So after the last few days coverage of our fans defending our players and staff then being tarred with the thug brush and naughty songs. I think Mr Murray step up and put the rag in its place. It's is NO friend of our club!
  12. Welcome to Scottish Football pt 2

    Fucking pronto mate! Everyone man and woman associated with rangers should shun this gutter rag!! I wouldn't wipe my arse with it!!
  13. Hibs Fan In Monumental Fuck Up After Cup Final

    Maybe he was being exuberant!!
  14. Today's Daily Rhebel

    I just read their link about Joey Barton and under the article it had several links to what happened on Saturday. So I looked on the link about the Hampden thugs and most of the pics in article show rangers fans on the attack. Now I know for a fact this was retaliation for what was happening to our players and staff at the time and goading from the hibs fans. Now on another link that's says something like Kieran Wallace and Halliday and staff were attacked and spat on by hibs fans, what do you think the pics in the article show? Fuck all that's what! All the pics in the article about rangers players being assaulted and abused are of hibs fans celebrating and the nearest relevant pic is a hibs fan in view of Kenny Miller not exactly doing anything tbh. Were the DR photographers camped in the rangers end all game? Did they pack away their cameras at the full time whistle and miss the attack on our players, funny how they managed to capture the rangers fans in retaliation though!! This is a fucking gutter rag and the club and all our fans should publicly snub it for good and they are NO friend of our club or its fans.
  15. kicked out of cup

    I was thinking if the SFA don't act accordingly with severe punishment for hibs (exactly what WOULD happen to us if shoe was on the other foot). Then maybe we should withdraw participation from the next years Scottish cup on the grounds that the SFA can't guarantee our players safety on the field of play? I wonder how the sponsors would take to that?