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  1. Everton will probably go after a keeper in January. They've been linked with Pickford already IIRC.
  2. It'll be interesting to see how he does. I would think there will be a radical change in their style of play which I'm surprised at considering Levein is still there. You would have thought he would look for continuity.
  3. The fact it's a home game should help us but I'm not confident about today at all. They'll be well organised in defence and they will probably have Shinnie & Jack screening the back four which I think will make it hard for us to break them down and with McGinn & Hayes they can hurt us on the break.
  4. They only loaned him out because he asked to go home for personal reasons. It wasn't because he wasn't good enough.
  5. The problem with that is that players as good as Ferguson and McCall cost 10 million pound these days and we aren't spending that sort of money anytime soon.
  6. That's true enough but he's still not a great defender and it probably wouldn't take long for our supporters to start moaning about it. But for a compensation fee I would definetly take him. He's one of the few players in Scotland who I would take actually.
  7. I'm losing faith in Warburton and think a change is needed but all this piss taking and fun poking at him from our 'own' supporters is an absolute embarrassment. Some of the stuff I've seen posted about him over the past few days wouldn't look out of place in Kerrydale Street...
  8. Wouldn't be keen on Meireles at all tbh. He's probably be another big name but well past his prime player who will be short of fitness, off the pace and earning a high wage. We've been stung with that sort of signing too many times now for me to see it as a positive in any way.
  9. He'll be halfway through a three deal come January.
  10. Splitting petrol costs with Robbie Fowler & Alan Smith.
  11. I like Paterson, but he's a shite defender too. He's basically a more physical and aggressive version of Tav.
  12. Is he any good? Seems to have been a round a lot of clubs for his age but we are crying out for a real creative player in midfield and if he's a proper number 10 then it could really help us.
  13. Bluepeter9 be like...
  14. Even if the performances were decent football is a results driven business and with the exception of the first game against Hibs, we haven't got results in any of the games. It's simply not good enough.