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  1. Would like to see a change in formation but that won't happen.
  2. Agree with the rest but I think it's unfair to criticise Warburton for that because he did address it in the Summer. One player who plays that position is injured, one is coming back for a fairly long term injury and lacks fitness and one is suspended.
  3. I've been saying this to people too If we ultimately do get rid of Warburton and we are serious about stopping them from winning 10 in a row, we need to get a higher quality of manager and give him the budget needed to properly compete with them. Unfortunately that would take investment that I don't think is likely to happen which means we would probably end up appointing an average manager, signing average players, putting in average performances and getting average results and that in itself just leads to a revolving door policy that sees managers come and go every 18-24 months.
  4. A blank cheque for McInnes
  5. Very few managers with any sort of reputation are going to come here when we are expected to challenge celtic on a fraction of their budget. If Warburton does lose his job, I think the board will say the Warburton experiment failed, panic and resort to an experienced manager who knows the club and can get us well organised, make us hard to beat and will work within a fairly restricted budget without rocking the boat too much - and that's why I've said a few times that I think McLeish is a stick on to get the call. If it's not him it'll be some other budget option who's done well in the SPL and is ready to 'step up' like Tommy Wright or Robbie Neilson.
  6. It sounds mental to say it but I think one of the worst things that happened was beating celtic in April because the players have been resting on their laurels and coasting ever since. This isn't some lower legaue English club where a 'scalp' gives you legendary status forever and somebody needs to tell them that beating celtic once doesn't mean you've made it.
  7. I think all this stuff about needing time to adapt to the league is absolute rubbish tbh. Before we went to celtic park we played the worst four teams in the league FFS. Not going there with a full twelve points on the board was absolutely scandalous and it started a tailspin that we are struggling to get out of now.
  8. 4-4-2 with a diamond in midfield for me: Width still comes from the full backs, Rossiter holding in midfield, Halliday on the left hand side, Windass or Holt on the right, Forrester, McKay or Kranjcar as the number 10 and then two upfront.
  9. I would like to see a 4-4-2 with a diamond in midfield, but I don't think the formation will change.
  10. Warburton has spent a combined 2.3 million pounds on MOH & Garner in the past six months. Players who cost that amount should be able to hit the net regularly in Scottish football.
  11. Warburton hasn't been backed with the money needed to bring us to the level needed to compete with celtic, and it was ridiculous to do this whole "goingfor55" campaign when it was always going to take a minor miracle to do it, but that can't be used as an excuse for him failing to get the best of the players he has and using the budget that he did get wisely.
  12. What is the issue then? He signed the majority of the players, he sets the team up to constantly try and walk the ball into the net for 90 minutes every week and he coaches the same defence who are continuously so bad that they are basically giving every team we play a one goal head start every week. I really like how well spoken Warburton is but the guy is tanking as our manager.
  13. Plus £500,000 on MOH who he doesn't even seem to want to play
  14. Billy Davies
  15. Good possession doesn't win you games.