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  1. English League Bosmans

    He was released by Burnely and then talked about as a target on deadline day and Warburton said there was no interest. I doubt he's done well enough at Colchester for Warburton to revise his opinion and go for him now when he could have got him nine months ago.
  2. English League Bosmans

    If Sordell was going to sign for us it would have happened last Summer.
  3. Suggestions.

    I think Joe Garner would do really well for us. I'm not sure if we cluld afford him though. He's a really good all round striker and he's a beast in the air, which would give us another option that we've not really had this season. Even more so if Pringle comes in too and we have somebody who can deliver a cross the way he can.
  4. Ben Pringle

    Once you get past the top few clubs who have billionaire owners and head towards the middle of the Championship the English market becomes erratic as fuck because most clubs work to a strict budget and they simply have to wheel and deal to keep themselves as competitive as possible. Look at the transfers of Assombalonga, Grigg, Doyle & Washington. Four good League 1 strikers and in some cases they moved for fees as low as 1 million and and in Assombalonga's case as high as 5 million even though they were all scoring a similar number of goals and performing at a similar level in the same league. We will undoubtedly miss out on some players because we can't afford or won't pay the transfer fee and the wages (like we did with Diagoruaga) but Warburton knows the market inside out and I bet he knows fine well that there will be clubs who need to make difficult decisions and move players on for less than their market value to free up their wage bill and that's mainly the sort of signing I expect us to make.
  5. Ben Pringle

    What a fat mess
  6. Jason Cummings

    Didn't realise Tony Montana was a member on here....
  7. Graeme Dorrans **Rumour**

    He might be, but as TMB said, when was the last time he actually played well? He's got a huge reputation among our support on form he showed years ago and the fact he's a bear when he's been a glorified squad player for four odd years now. If we are going to spend the amount he would cost on a single player I'd rather it was on a younger player.
  8. Graeme Dorrans **Rumour**

    He'll be 29 by the time the season starts and he would be pretty expensive too so I can't see him being a target. Four or five years ago I would have been pretty excited at the prospect of this happening but now I am a bit meh at the prospect of it.
  9. Suggestions.

    At one point they were the top scorers in the football league this season so I think they must just be one of those gung-ho teams who concede a lot too and drop loads of points a result.
  10. Agreed. Look at the Allan carry on. That was a saga that dragged on all Summer and then Warburton went and picked up a player in Forrester who has proven himself to be as good as Allan is.
  11. Suggestions.

    Peterborough seem to have loads of players who have decent reputations - Nichols, Oztumer, Bostwick, Anderson (injured just now), Samuelson & they had Washington until January - but they never actually seem to achieve anything.
  12. One of the hosts on the SPL podcast i listen to is a Dundee fan and he was saying they are baffled he was nominated for player of the year and named in the team of the year because he's been nowhere near as good this season as people are making out.
  13. Suggestions.

    Home for lunch so watching it just now. A lot of very decent players on show. Fleetwood aren't up to much but Walsall are a really decent side to watch.
  14. Suggestions.

    How is Lalkovic playing? I think he would be a good fit in our system.
  15. What players would you let go.

    If we can replace those guys with players of a higher quality then we will be in a far better place.