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  1. I don't term it moaning because I don't agree with it, I term it moaning because that's exactly what it is. You are renowned for being the victor meldrew of the forum I would have no problems with Smith at all but it's a non starter. He is five years retired and isn't coming back and I don't think another Scottish based manager would be a significant improvement on what we have just now either. Warburton might not be the answer long term, I'm not sure he is, but I don't think this is the time to replace him. Also Stubbs. What a diddy. Delighted to see him sacked
  2. It's not an issue for me at all. I just think if you want to constantly moan about the management team and how they should be replaced all the time it means you probably have an opinion on who you think would do better so why not have some conviction and go out on a limb with a name of somebody who you think could do better rather than constantly skirt around it with cop out answers like "it's the boards decision not mine". Smith would undoubtedly make us better but he's not going to take the job on again and I don't think any of the other suspects who know the Scottish game like McLeish, McInnes, Wright or Neilson would solve our problems either. Every single one of those guys would be a sidewards step because they might improve the defence but their sides would have their own problems too and it wouldn't be long before people were moaning about that.
  3. So if you want rid of him so much who do you think would be a better manager for us at this moment in time? And for a change give us an actual name or a suggestion, don't come will all this "that's the boards decision not mine" nonsense.
  4. He's a moaning faced old cunt but he's a good manager at that level. I remember thinking I wouldn't have minded him getting our job when there was that spell in League 1 & The Championship when McCoist was toiling and he kept appearing at games.
  5. See people might not agree with me but I think SAF thought along those lines too, particularly in the 90's. Everybody remembers the game changers - Ronaldo, Giggs, Cantona, Scholes but guys like Bruce, Pallister, Butt, Phil Neville & O'Shea also played so many games for them despite not being big exciting names because they were honest, hard working players who got the job done and gave the base and platform for these more glamorous players to go and win them games. I think that's exactly the type of player Halliday is for us and that's why I think he's so valuable even if he's not the best footballer in the world.
  6. I always remember a question that was asked to Tim Vickery (British South American based journalist) on The World Football Phone In a few years ago and it was soembody asking which South American coaches he thought would be most appropriate for us and them. For them he said Marco Bielsa because the football was so attacking and all about entertaining and although I can't remember the name of the manager he said for us he said the reason he picked the person he did is that he always associated us with being a more organised and well drilled team defensively wity more of a reliance on a few really talented players who could change a game in an instant. That always stuck with me and I think it's because despite all the talented attacking players we have had, it's actually quite an accurate description.
  7. All the people who cry for Warburton to get sacked are asked this and that's always their response. It's such a cop out, especially when people are happy to give their opinions on basically everything else :lol:
  8. He's made his signings already and I can't see the money being there for him to buy anybody else in January so I doubt he will be spending any more money between now and May. We are in a battle to finish second this season, that was always the likely scenario regardless of how caught up in pre season hype people got, so unless it becomes clear that we won't be doing that I just don't see what sacking Warburton achieves. All it does is set us back further and create more upheaval and that's the last thing we need at the moment but I know you won't agree with that because you've pretty much had it in for Warburton since the day he walked into the club.
  9. So do we pay him and all his back room team off and write off all his players just because we haven't had as smooth a start to the season as people expected or thought we would have? There's a reason we have only had 15 managers in our history and that's because we have never really fallen into the knee jerk reaction approach where managers are sacked at the first sign of trouble and that's not something I want to see us doing now, especially when I'm not convinced that we could get somebody who could get much more out of these players. Unless results really do go to shit and it becomes clear we aren't finishing second then Warburton deserves the season and nothing anybody can say will change my mind on that.
  10. Winning the league was always a big ask when celtic are so far ahead of us in terms of squad cost and wages. There are plenty of managers who could take us to second in the SPFL (even though I think their results would be as inconsistent along the way too) but I think it would be very difficult for any manager to come in and sustain a realistic challenge to them with the squad we currently have. We should finish second, but it's going to be close and we aren't going to run away with that position either because there isn't that much of a gap between us and Hearts/Aberdeen. Unless the wheels well and truly come off and it becomes clear we won't finish second then Warburton should get until the season and if he finishes second he should get next season, with proper investment to build us a squad capable of challenging celtic, too.
  11. So if somebody fucks you over you should just overlook it because there was one time that they did you a solid?
  12. To me he just looks like your stereotypical lower league striker - works hard and is angry but ultimately lacks quality. He might come good yet, a lot of the goals he scored for Preston were good finishes, but based on what I've seen so far I think we've paid well over the odds for him and he's been a bit of a panic signing.
  13. Waghorn is obviously low on confidence at the moment but I still think that at this level he's capable of being a good supporting act to a better striker with more quality. It's just a shame that the striker we spent decent money on look like he's absolutely hopeless.
  14. Some save from Heaton there.