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  1. I wonder if Adam Le Fondre might be linked. He's been made available for transfer by Cardiff and although he's spent the past couple of years bouncing around various clubs, not doing particularly well, he's got a pretty good goal scoring record over the majority of his career and we've already seen first hand how Warburton can reinvigorate a player and their career. If we are looking for something different upfront, maybe somebody who's more of a poacher, then he might be one who we look at.
  2. Doubt we could afford him. Villa paid six million for him a year ago.
  3. Yur dugs got tits.
  4. Don't know where this Gary Hopper thing that's been mentioned in this thread a couple of times seems to be coming from. Sheffield Wednesday paid about three million for him six months ago. We couldn't afford him.
  5. And it'll be a long time before any of them are again. We've always been spoiled with great keepers but in today's market players of simialr quality to guys like Woods, Goram and Klos are going for eight figure sums and unfortunately we probably won't ever be able to attract that level of player again for a long, long time.
  6. Delighted with this. Not a great player defensively but what he offers us going forward more than makes up for his shortcomings defensively. Whittaker was also balls defensively and nowhere near as good in an attacking sense and he managed to hold down a place in a successful Rangers side for nearly half a decade so I think Tav will do just fine.
  7. Is he even that good? Everybody seems to rave about him but I remember reading a blog written by a Bolton fan a few months ago that basically said he's a bit over rated.
  8. As for Dodoo I'm pretty excited at the idea of signing him. I think Warburton and co have shown they have a pretty decent eye for a player and getting a highly thought of prospect who can play all across the front brew from a Premiership team for a relatively small fee looks like really good business on paper.
  9. Unless it's directed at somebody who I don't like and I'm just trying to be a smug prick towards them or it's directed at somebody who I genuinely think is just a bit of an idiot it's not really something I tend to do because I get that opinions can change so quickly in football. If I started doing in an arrogant I was right and you were wrong sort of way I would quickly look like a fool because there's probably thousands of posts people could pull me up on. I'll be the first to admit that I'm pretty shit at predictions
  10. It was yeah. I wasn't slating you or saying you did it, I was just on a general rant about that sort of thing.
  11. Exactly. Nobody could have predicted what he has gone on to achieve and I'm sick of seeing all these tweets and posts from about 2012 being brought up on social media the whole time as if the people posting them now knew he would go on to be as successful as he has been. It's petty point scoring done with the benefit of hindsight.
  12. Is the guy who is calling Tav a prick not the same guy who was calling Wallace a weak link last season?
  13. We have Tavernier & Hodson. There's absolutely no chance we are signing another right back.
  14. I would have taken McKay a year ago but we have to be aiming for a higher calibre of player now.