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  1. Waghorn

    He's off the pace at the moment but I think Waghorn is better out wide than he is through the middle.
  2. Zelalem

    People have been slating him for months. I'd actually say the people who defend him are in a minority.
  3. Zelalem

    Played better than Halliday did today.
  4. Andy Halliday

    I like him but he had a stinker today.
  5. At least he's getting on the ball and trying to make things happen. Whats Hallday done to deserve to stay on for the second half?
  6. Playing us at Ibrox is a completely different situation to playing Dundee Utd at home. I think some people forget that we had as many days like this when we were a top flight side with multi million pound players as we did games where we came out and put three or four past the opposition with ease.
  7. Zelalem is frustrating but at least he's involved in the game.  Halliday has done absolutely nothing so far. I can barely remember the commentator mentioning his name at all.
  8. We are growing into the game now.
  9. Can't help but giggle whenever the commentator mentions Gary Dicker. I need to grow up.
  10. Get your own prediction pal
  11. Confident we will get the result today. Kilmarnock will make it scrappy but they aren't as good a side as St Johnstone are. 3-1 Rangers.