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  1. If there was any truth in the Tavernier to Turkey story that's who I would have wanted us to go for as his replacement. They are always saying on the Terrace Podcast about how gung-ho he is and how he can just randomly pop up in the opposition box at random times and when he probably shouldn't so I think he could probably have been as close to a like for like replacement to Tav as we could have hoped for. Thankfully Tav is staying though
  2. He was as much of a bombscare as Kiernan was. They actually had similar Rangers careers in the sense that they both started off well but gradulally got worse the more they played.
  3. If any of our non Scottish players had been called up for an international squad there would have been a topic on it here and I doubt anybody would be saying its in the wrong place and should be moved. Personally speaking I only have a passing interest in the national team and I certainly wouldn't consider myself a supporter because I can't really relate to the Tartan Army at all and I would never attend a game but any Rangers player receiving an international call up is Rangers related and belongs in here.
  4. I can't wait to lock this thread.
  5. Pointless bump is pointless.
  6. Strachan shouldn't have stayed after the last qualifying campaign but because the SFA don't know what they are doing and the height of their managerial knowledge will be a list of all the Scottish managers they probably didn't think there was anybody who would be an 'improvement'. Personally I think they should have gone after Lagerback and I said that before Icelands showings at the Euros too.
  7. Wallace faces a battle to make it into the Scotland squad again. Robertson is a Premier League full back, Tierney is a media darling & Shinnie is primarily a left back but he's versatile enough to play other positions too. Its the one area where there is strength in depth.
  8. That's pretty much what I was saying above. There's loads of centre halves with potential down there - Nelson, Egan (who was mentioned above), that guy Tafazolli who you were on about that went to Peterborogh, Pierre who plays for Wycombe that was in the league two team of year, Baily Wright at Preston - I just don't think that's the sort of player we are in the market for. I think Warburton wants a player with more top flight experience in there.
  9. Yeah true enough. Agree on Hill, he was a really bad signing but I'm not sure he'll get too many minutes once we sign somebody else and he'll mainly be used to pass on his experience and go down coaching. I was hopeful we would sign a younger centre half from England who's considered an up and comer like Crooks or Windass, but I think it's clear from who we've been linked with that Warburon wants somebody with a bit more experience. I just hope we get the right player in because it's a key signing in terms of our title ambitions IMO.
  10. I think he would have been a decent signing but I think a lot of people rate him a lot more than his ability probably deserves. I'm not convinced that he's much better than Senderos is.
  11. Done deal yesterday and already a thread on it too.
  12. That's exactly what I think too
  13. Why is that his position, because he played there with Livingston when he was a teenager? Since he left them he's been a full back at Middlesborough and Blackpool, one of the two holding players in a 4-2-3-1 at Bradford and he's been a holding midfielder and centre midfielder since he came to us. To me, Halliday is a jack of all trades, but a master of none and I don't mean that as a negative at all.
  14. He's vital to the way we play and IMO our midfield has looked a lot worse since he went out the team. The manager wouldn't have given him a contract until 2020 six months ago if he was planning to sell him.
  15. I think he will feature less once our other players are fit again but it definitely looks like he's the one being singled out as the whipping boy at the moment.